Ditch the fairy godmother and the glass slipper! In Louisa Warren’s twisted take on Cinderella, “Cinderella’s Curse,” our heroine gets no happily ever after. This Cinderella faces a relentless barrage of mockery – from her cruel stepmother to the arrogant prince. But unlike the fairytale, this Cinderella isn’t content to suffer in silence. She will get her revenge, but how? Let’s delve into the plot to find out.

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Cinderella’s Curse (2024) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis:

“Cinderella’s Curse” opens with a woman being tied up against a wooden thumb. She is begging for the life of her husband, who seems pretty disoriented as his mind is being controlled by some supernatural entity. Later, a diary is thrown out of nowhere. The man starts going through its pages while the woman begs him not to look at it. As the man starts looking at the pages, some creatures appear around him. Suddenly, the man sees his wife as an eyeless being who is threatening him to kill just like she had killed his children.

It is an illusion, but the man sees the tied woman as a threat and kills her in an instant. Later, he finds the body of his daughter in the woods. It, too, talks to him about having no eyes at all. When the man is filled with fear, a faceless woman comes and separates his head from his neck with bare hands. Later, we are introduced to Cinderella. She is spending her days in tremendous torture by her stepmother and step sisters. However, she is carrying on because she is told that her father has gone into town and will return soon.

How does Cinderella Get the Invitation to the Ball?

One day, when a servant in the castle, Anja, twists her ankle, Cinderella sneaks into her stepmother’s room to take some medicine so that Anja can be healed quickly. Meanwhile, the Prince has arrived to find his Princess among the two women of the castle. However, he likes Cinderella more, so he catches her hand while she is escaping from her stepmother’s room. Later, one of the stepsisters watches the Prince talking to Cinderella. Since she and the Prince are already quite close, this makes her very jealous. The Prince, however, asks the stepmother to bring Cinderella to the Ball.

How does Cinderella Possess the Cursed Diary?

Later, when the stepmother learns that Cinderella has stolen the medicine vial to help Anja, she tortures Anja. Later, the older stepsister almost destroys her whole face with a piece of iron. The stepmother then calls Cinderella to put an end to Anja’s misery. Cinderella is shocked to see Anja in such a condition where she herself is begging Cinderella to kill her. Cinderella does not know what to do. But since there is so much pressure and the horror of the situation becomes unbearable, she eventually kills Anja.

Later, she goes to bury Anja’s dead body. There, she finds the cursed diary hidden underneath the soil. She opens the diary and finds different pictures showing some visions from the future where she is covered in blood, killing everyone who ever behaved badly with her. After that, Cinderella starts seeing different creatures, along with Anja’s dead body, on the dinner table. She fears that something bad will happen as she runs back to her room, leaving the stepmother wondering about what might have happened to her.

How does Cinderella Go to the Ball?

Later that night, the younger stepsister enters Cinderella’s room and tells her that the Prince will eventually choose her as his princess. When Cinderella is busy being happy with this news, she steals her personal diary, where she writes everything. The following day, the older stepmother wakes her up and gives her a dress to wear for the Ball.

Cinderella’s Curse (2024) Movie
A still from “Cinderella’s Curse” (2024)

However, when Cinderella comes down with the dress and the shoe her father left for her before going, the stepmother asks her to stay inside the castle as she will tell the Prince that since Anja is not well, she has to stay and do the chores of the house. Cinderella is very angry as she expects to go to the Ball and asks about Anja’s son Moritz. The stepmother slaps on her face, ignoring the question altogether.

Later, we see Moritz being tortured as well inside the castle. Soon after, Cinderella opens the cursed diary, and the faceless lady talks to her, saying that she is granted three wishes. Once she fulfills all of her wishes, Cinderella will have to join her. Cinderella makes her two wishes to get to the Ball and tells the faceless lady that she will keep the third wish for later. Soon, Cinderella is turned magically into a beautiful woman as a carriage takes her to the Ball.

Cinderella’s Curse (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

What does Cinderella do with Her Third Wish?

Seeing Cinderella at the party, the stepmother and the stepsisters are very shocked. The stepmother comes and threatens her to leave the party immediately. However, Cinderella does not listen to her. Instead, she goes to the Prince and expresses her feelings for him. Later, all of a sudden, the Prince humiliates her in front of everyone, saying that he will never love a ‘whore’ like her.

The Prince starts reading out Cinderella’s personal diary, which is brought to him by her younger stepsister, where she has described her feelings for the Prince. But Cinderella never knew that the Prince was only flirting with her. However, that has happened, and the stepsisters create chaos so much that the people present start hitting Cinderella like a thief caught in broad daylight.

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Cinderella finds herself naked as they have torn her clothes into pieces. Then, in her deepest sorrow, she summons the faceless lady and whispers revenge as her third wish. The chronicle of merciless killing begins as, one by one, Cinderella kills everyone, including her stepsisters, the Prince, and lastly, the stepmother. Cinderella even thinks of letting the stepmother go, but when she confesses to killing her father, Cinderella kills her.

Later, the faceless lady asks Cinderella to join her as all of her wishes have been fulfilled. But, surprisingly, Cinderella kills the faceless lady and takes her position. She has been following others’ orders for a very long time. Now, when she feels the joy of dominating others, she declines to have the faceless lady as someone who will cage her in any way. So, Cinderella decides to kill her in order to be free forever and ever after.


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The Cast of Cinderella’s Curse (2024) Movie: Kelly Rian Sanson, Chrissie Wunna, Lauren Budd
Cinderella’s Curse (2024) Movie Genre: Horror | Runtime: 1h 19m
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