City on Fire (Series Finale), Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Through its prior episodes, ‘City on Fire’ established itself as a needlessly convoluted narrative. It opened up several narrative threads that tried to comment on the rage against the system. Amory emerged as a threat motivated by greed to reach the top of the pyramid. On the other hand, Nicky became so obsessed with making an impact that he forgot what he was fighting against. 

These delusions take centre stage in the series finale to give a fairly pleasing ending. The story tries to tie the loose ends and give a positive farewell. It shows new relationships getting established while the older ones get destroyed. 

*Spoilers ahead*

City on Fire (Series Finale) Episode 8 Recap:

Episode 8: In The Dark

The series finale of ‘City on Fire’ begins right after where the seventh episode ended. Charlie (Wyatt Oleff) jumps from a floor of Amory’s (John Cameron Mitchell) office building to reach the bomb. Luckily, he jumps right next to it and does not die. However, the bomb’s timer reveals that just half a minute is left before the bomb explodes. 

Sewer Girl, aka Loraine (Alexandra Doke) and Detective Parsa (Omid Abtahi) make the best effort to help Charlie turn it off. Loraine suddenly remembers that the blue wire is a decoy while the yellow one is the one that they need to cut off. Charlie does so, but the timer does not stop. Still, the bomb does not go off and he manages to save the building from crashing down.

Afterwards, Detective Parsa questions Loraine and Charlie about their connection with the bomb. Detective McFadden calls Parsa to inform him that the lights are off in the majority of the city. Charlie gets worried about what that means to the hospital Sam (Chase Sui Wonders) is in. He still cooperates with the detective to share details from the night of the shooting.

Charlie reveals that he reached the park to find Sam already shot. He panicked, wondering if she would survive or not. Right after, he ran away after throwing away his soiled pants. Since Parsa assumed that Amory is behind the shooting, he asks if Charlie saw Amory there. That’s when Loraine decides to reveal the truth. 

Who shot Sam in Central Park?

Detective Parsa shares that they have proof of Nicky (Max Milner) working with Amory. Hearing that, Loraine agrees to share the truth but fears how that would impact her relationship with Charlie. She does not want Charlie to be in the same room when she tells it since it would malign her image in his eyes. He still decides to stay there to hear it.

Loraine reveals that she was in the park that night. She knew about Sam’s whereabouts from Charlie, who told that he was worried about Sam. So, Loraine and Sol (Alexander Pineiro) went there. At the time, Sam was sitting on a bench next to the park. She walked back after hearing a sound. 

Sam found Loraine and Sol there. Loraine questioned Sam about she was trying to betray Nicky’s plan by ratting them out. From the way she spoke, Sol realised that Loraine is jealous of Sam getting close to Nicky. He believed they were together and felt betrayed. 

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In that moment of confusion, Loraine could not think straight. She went ahead to shoot at Sam – for speaking against the band. Loraine missed that shot. But then, Sol took the gun and shot Sam himself. 

Why did Sam call Keith to meet before she got shot?

Sam had called Keith (Ashely Zukerman) to meet so that she could alert him about the band’s destructive plans. She saw him as a responsible, older person, who could help her through the mess she was caught up in.

Loraine informs Detective Parsa and Charlie that Keith was Sam’s boyfriend. She agrees with Parsa’s deduction that Keith was a bagman, related to someone influential, and gave money to keep their band’s operation afloat.

Why did Sewer Girl want to commit suicide? 

Sewer Girl, aka Loraine felt terrible that Sam is battling for her life because of her actions. She thought she can never return to a normal life after that. That’s why she decided to risk her life.

In the past, she had also tried to stop Sam from taking their cash to help the victim of a fire incident. Instead of speaking against Sam, Nicky supported her decision to help the family of that casualty with relief. It planted the seed of Loraine’s jealousy against Sam. 

By the time the Bomb is supposed to explode, Nicky, Sol, and their other bandmate drive somewhere away from the city. They hear the radio news about the shutdown. While Nicky thinks it is a result of their actions, Sol is doubtful since there is no news about the bomb explosion. They soon realise that the bomb did not explode and that they could not fulfil the mission they risked their lives for. 

Sol and Nicky get out of the car and start arguing about why they even decided to do it. Sol finally questions Nicky’s authority and his plans. Nicky says Sol was nothing until he took Sol under his wings. Their argument soon ends with Sol revealing that he shot Sam in Central Park. 

While these things happen, Amory leaves his house after his bodyguard stabs William (Nico Tortorella). Mercer (Xavier Clyde) and Bill Sr. (Geoff Pierson) try to relieve William’s pain by the time an ambulance arrives. But it becomes even more difficult since the city is in a major shutdown. 

It also results in adding another stress to Regan’s (Jemima Kirke) life, whose kids are nowhere to be found. So, after her call with Keith, she decides to go search for them with him. Unfortunately, they cannot find them even until the evening. 

Regan returns to their old home with Keith and receives a call. Will (Chaise Torio) speaks from the other side, who is in Regan’s apartment with Cate (Evangeline Decker). Regan learns that Will had decided to take a subway train ride. But since that went out of order during the shutdown, he walked all the way to the house. At last, Regan and Keith feel good that their kids are safe. This tragedy brings them closer by the end of the day. 

City on Fire (Series Finale) Episode 8 Ending Explained:

Does Sam regain consciousness at the end?

Joe Yeung (Michael Tow) realises that the lights are off and rushes to the hospital, worried about Sam. Because of the traffic jam, he cannot reach there in his car. So instead, he decides to walk all the way to the hospital. Over there, the nurse tries her best to provide Sam with oxygen. She wants Sam to stay alive at least until Joe arrives. 

Once Joe walks into the hospital room, he takes charge of helping his daughter. Soon after, Charlie reaches there with his foster mother and runs up to Sam’s room. Sam, who was fighting for her life, had regained consciousness. Charlie meets her and is happy to know that she is alive. Apparently, William came into her visions and advised her to not give up on her life.

Meanwhile, Detective McFadden reaches Amory’s house to arrest him. Instead, she finds William fighting for his life. Since the ambulance shows no sign of reaching the house, she decides to help Mercer and Bill Sr. take William out themselves. In the hospital, she learns that Sam has regained consciousness and tells Detective Parsa about it. 

Why does Detective Parsa tell Loraine about his 9/11 experience?

Detective Parsa tells that to Loraine to relieve her stress. While her bandmates are AWOL, he wants her to not give up on the thought of rebuilding her life. He recalls being on duty during the 9/11 tragedy. Because of being brown-skinned, he was attacked by a stranger. It resulted in him being ridden to a wheelchair. He still fought for claiming his position in the system. Parsa tells this story, hoping it will inspire Loraine to not lose faith in herself.

Who adopted Regan’s baby?

William and Bill reunite and become closer by the end. They decide to find Amory once he recovers from the injury. On the other hand, Regan decides to learn who adopted her baby. She opens the document to discover that the baby was adopted by David and Ramona Weisbarger. So, in its already serendipitous ending, ‘City of Fire’ makes another addition – Charlie is Regan’s son. 

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