In The Worst of Evil (Season 1), episodes 6 and 7, we see Jun-mo quarrel with the police multiple times. The narrative intensifies with Jun-mo’s calculated actions, pushing the boundaries to keep the illicit deals afloat. The power dynamics within Gi-cheul’s organization come into sharp focus, with Jun-mo maneuvering to secure a prominent role. The episode’s climax delivers a mix of emotional and suspenseful moments, including a memorial organized by Gi-cheul for Eui-jeong’s mother.

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The Worst of Evil (Season 1), Episodes 6 Recap:

The episode begins with the Chinese dealer Hae-ryeon calling Gi-cheul, asking if he will meet her. He promises to meet her and finishes his conversation with Eui-jeong. He tells Eui-jeong that he had left without saying anything during their childhood as he didn’t want to disappoint her. We see a flashback to when they were young, and it was Gi-cheul’s dream to own businesses and marry Eui-jeong. He reminds her of that promise. Gi-cheul meets with Hae-ryeon while Jun-mo waits for him, Hae-ryeon’s bodyguard. Gi-cheul offered to deal with Korea directly and would pay extra. Hae-ryeon does not answer and leaves. Gi-cheul gets a call from Japan (Oyama), who tells him he is in Korea and asks him to meet him at a hotel the next day. Jun-mo meets with Chang-sik and Do-hyung to inform them about the meeting.

They give him a listening device to keep so they can listen in on the conversations. They assume it’s a three-way drug deal and hope to catch them. Jun-mo asks them to catch the guys with any evidence they get this time, as he wants his wife to stop hanging out with Gi-cheul. Manager Cho’s lackeys visit the police station and inform Officer Min-goo about Manager Cho’s missing. Oyama permits one man to join Gi-cheul as his bodyguard, and he chooses Seung-ho. As they were leaving, they were stopped by Min-goo and his partner, Detective Go, asking them about who the Yankees were. Gi-cheul is annoyed, and Min-goo warns him they will see each other more. Gi-cheul asks his other men to wait outside the hotel. Min-goo and his partner follow Gi-cheul to the hotel and wait. Chang-sik’s team is staked out throughout and outside the hotel. Some are disguised as hotel staff.

A guard is waiting outside the room and is patting down everyone. Jun-mo is getting worried as he may be caught with a bug. The guard starts patting Jun-mo, and he is extra meticulous with him. Do-hyung realizes the danger and asks the team inside to ring the fire alarm. Jun-mo takes the opportunity and goes to check on what is going on. At first, he tells Do-hyung that he would have to remove the device but decides to put it in the cigarette box. He comes back and informs them that it was a false alarm. The bodyguards were separated inside the room, and the others spoke about the deal. Oyama and Gi-cheul blamed each other for the police getting a whiff of their business. Oyama challenges Gi-cheul to go down and stand like he is making a drug deal, and if nothing happens, he will continue the deal. Gi-cheul and Jun-mo leave. Meanwhile, Oyama calls Kanemoto and asks Hae-ryeon to talk to him. Kanemoto explains that he would like to continue the business without Gi-cheul. He was requesting her to supply the products to different Korean carriers. She takes time to decide.

Meanwhile, Gi-cheul and Jun-mo decide to go inside the hotel, but they don’t realize Min-goo and his partner are following them. Gi-cheul enters the room, and Jun-mo waits outside with the Chinese bodyguard. He sees Min-goo come in that direction and asks the Chinese bodyguard to safeguard the others in the room, and he fights the cop. He manages to escape and joins Gi-cheul. Hae-ryeon notices blood on Jun-mo’s back in the room and tells him that he should have left the cop inside. Jun-mo explains that the cops would have found a way to blame something on them, and her passport was forged. Hae-ryeon is impressed. Hae-ryeon informs Gi-cheul what the Japanese have proposed, and Gi-cheul promises to pay double the amount while the Chinese bodyguard heals Jun-mo’s wounds. Hae-ryeon explains that it wasn’t about the money, but he had to do something to regain her trust. She calls Oyama and asks for more time to think about it. Oyama calls Gi-cheul and tells them that irrespective of her decision, they had to put the deal on hold as the police were now involved.

Hearing this, Jun-mo is annoyed. Meanwhile, Jungbae notices Do-hyung and looks at his car suspiciously. Min-goo is persistent and goes to the men’s club looking for Gi-cheul. The men don’t cooperate, and he starts beating them and ruins the office. Jungbae informs Gi-cheul about the situation, and Jun-mo offers to solve the issue as he causes trouble. Gi-cheul stops him saying he wouldn’t let him go to prison. Jun-mo tells him that he would resolve this matter, and in exchange, he had to let him join in on the deal with Japan and China.

The Worst of Evil (Season 1), Episodes 7 Recap:

The Worst of Evil Season 1 Episode 7
A still from The Worst of Evil Season 1 Episode 6

The episode begins with Jun-mo turning himself to the police and Gi-cheul worried and wondering how they could help to get Jun-mo out. At the police station, Jun-mo purposely instigates Min-goo, making him beat Jun-mo till he bleeds. Chang-sik shows up at the station while Min-goo is assaulting Jun-mo. He is angry and asks the higher-ups how they will handle the situation. They promise to disciple Min-goo. Jun-mo is released, and Jong-ryul picks him up and gives him food. He asks Jun-mo why Gi-cheul asked him to join the meeting instead of him. Jun-mo makes an excuse saying his father was a junkie and he knew about the situation better. Jong-ryul asks him what the meeting was about, and he tells him he knew only that there was an issue with the dealers and the Chinese may drop the deal.

Jun-mo also suggests that Gi-cheul should reward Jong-ryul the most. At the office, Jungbae asks Gi-cheul if it wasn’t hard to believe that Jun-mo got away so quickly from the police station. Gi-cheul is annoyed with the implications Jungbae is making. Jun-mo suggests that he should be the one to deal with the Chinese as Hae-ryeon liked him. Jong-ryul asks to be the one to deal with the Japanese and Chinese, but Hee-sung wants to discuss the matter when Jungbae is around. Gi-cheul gets a call from Eui-jeong asking to meet him. Jun-mo meets with Chang-sik and Do-hyung and updates them about the situation. They ask Jun-mo to find a way to keep the deal going. Jun-mo agrees to deal with it, and they need to eliminate Jungbae as he does not trust Jun-mo. Eui-jeong meets Gi-cheul and offers to help if he is bothered by something. Gi-cheul, in return, asks if she had helped Jun-mo.

Gi-cheul meets his mother that night and enjoys a meal with her. He convinces her to attend the church again. Hae-ryeon’s bodyguard visits Tae-mo’s club and gets Gangnam crystal. The following day, Jun-mo offers to take Hae-ryeon on a tour. During the tour, Jun-mo asks her if they have visited a particular place to check if they were being tailed, and she is impressed to know that he is brilliant. Jungbae calls Gi-cheul’s informant behind Gi-cheul’s back to do a background check on Jun-mo and Eui-jeong and see if they ever lived in Wonju and were neighbors. The informant calls Gi-cheul and tells him what happened, and Gi-cheul asks him to keep the details a secret. Hae-ryeon takes Jun-mo for a meal and flirts with him. Jun-mo asks to trust them, and she brings in good quality meth.

She tells him that instead of sending the drugs to Japan, Gi-cheul was stashing away some in Korea. She tells him that she can’t trust Gi-cheul. Jun-mo asks her to trust him, and he would be the carrier. She asks if she intends to betray Gi-cheul, but he tells her he would do everything only with Gi-cheul’s permission. The police arrest Jungbae and ask about drugs being sold at Tae-ho’s club. He does not answer them. They leave him in the station, raid the club, and arrest everyone doing and selling drugs. They ask Jungbae to leave. At the office, Gi-cheul questions how he got away so quickly. Jungbae is hurt that he is being suspected. At the same time, one of the junkies enters the room and accuses Jungbae of ratting him out.

Gi-cheul speaks to Jungbae in private and asks him the truth. Jungbae tells him he never would lie to him, and Gi-cheul loses his patience. Gi-cheul shows his documents to prove that he had lied to him, stashed drugs, and made money. He asks him to get away from the city and out of sight. Jungbae is hurt and asks why he never questioned Jun-mo, but he suspects him. Gi-cheul tells him he can do whatever he wants but never lie. Jungbae tells him that he was blinded and that one day, he would realize how wrong she was.

The Worst of Evil (Season 1), Episode 7 Ending, Explained:

What seeds of doubt did Jun-mo plant in Gi-cheul’s mind?

Jun-mo enters the room to cheer him up, and Hae-ryeon calls and asks him to meet with Jun-mo and take him on a date. Jun-mo promises not to disappoint him and convince the Chinese to keep the deal going. Jungbae is leaving the building, and Jong-ryul enters the elevator and insults him. They have a brutal fight, and Jungbae is on the floor bleeding. Gi-cheul organizes a memorial for Eui-jeong’s mother at the church with the help of his mother. After the memorial service, Gi-cheul overhears the women talking about a boy named Chung-dae. He starts to get suspicious about Eui-jeong and Jun-mo’s relationship. He calls his informant and asks him to find out about what Jungbae had asked. He keeps Eui-jeong with him for an hour until he gets the information.

Meanwhile, the police learned that the informant was looking for details about Eui-jeong and Jun-mo. Jun-mo rushes and tries to stop the informant. In that chaos, the informant falls from a building, and Jun-mo takes the document away. Eui-jeong tells Gi-cheul that she has to leave but will see him soon. Gi-cheul tries to call the informant, but he doesn’t receive it. Jun-mo has successfully put a seed of doubt on Jungbae and won Gi-cheul’s trust, but that does not last long. He is trying to handle business with the Chinese, but they are flirty, and this could be an issue later if Eui-jeong finds out. There can be something more than flirting that may take place that Jun-mo cannot get away from. Once Gi-cheul discovers his informant is dead, his suspicion might rise, and Jun-mo might be on a watch.

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