It has been two weeks since Alex Garland’s” Civil War” was released, and the movie has already become the second-biggest film in indie outfit A24’s history. Despite its divisive theme that divided the audience into two factions of red and blue, the film is doing greatly well at the domestic box office. The dystopian action movie passed the $50 million mark on its third Friday, surpassing Uncut Gems. Now, Garland’s latest film has secured the number two spot on the list of A24’s highest-grossing films.

While Civil War ranks second, Everything Everywhere All at Once, the studio’s top-grossing film of all time, remains number one. A couple of years ago, the film grossed $77 million in the domestic market and also won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Alex Garland’s latest film ‘Civil War’ Overtakes other A24 films

Despite being based on a fictional story, Alex Garland’s Civil War became a topic of controversy because of its divisive subject matter. However, this worked in the favor of the film, as it garnered movie-goers to explore the film’s theme. Civil War added $1.9 million this Friday, taking its running domestic total to $51 million in just 15 days. The film is set in a near future America that has been divided by a civil war. We follow a group of war journalists on a cross-country journey to Washington, D.C., where they intend to cover the capture of the dictatorial President. The film starred  Wagner Moura, Cailee Spaeny, Stephen McKinley Henderson, and Jesse Plemons. The involvement of this star power also played a crucial role in the film’s success.

The current domestic grossing of the movie has put it ahead of memorable A24 movies such as Lady Bird and Talk to Me (both with $48 million), Hereditary ($44 million), The Iron Claw ($35 million), Moonlight, and Midsommar (both with $27 million), and Garland’s own Ex Machina, which concluded its domestic run with $25 million.

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Considering its rapid earnings at the box office, it is expected that the Civil War may eventually overtake Everything Everywhere All at Once, as it’s doing really well on Premium-Large Format and IMAX screens.

With Civil War Garland’s two movies are on A24’s list of top 10 films as the film has made around $70 million worldwide. However, the global numbers aren’t exact because A24 sold distribution rights to other companies for different regions. Still, with $70 million, it’s likely among the top 5 highest-grossing A24 films globally.

Civil War is running successfully at the theaters.

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