Class of ’09 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Previously, ‘Class of ’09’ explored the increasing apprehension regarding A.I. interference in FBI operations. The 2009 batchmates decide to take a step together against this system that is arresting people just out of suspicion of a crime. Besides those future events, the class grappled with the complex history of the Bureau. We also learnt where Tayo met Vivienne and why they might have fallen for each other. At the end of the episode, the class decided to make Tayo contemplate the risks in the system he stands in support of.

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Class of ’09 Episode 6 Recap:

Episode 6: Hogan’s Alley

In the past, the batchmates of 2009 are all geared up for a mock test. Tayo Michaels (Brian Tyree Henry) was supposed to join Poet (Kate Mara). Before that, he suddenly asks her whether she ever feels lonely. While trying to pass the time, he touches upon the aspect of how they both are lonely for different reasons. 

The writing keeps hinting at Michaels’s dissatisfaction with the existing system that burdens him with worries while others do not necessarily have to suffer from them. Anyhow, the class soon undertakes their test to understand how they assess the situation of a bank robbery. Professional actors are asked to play civilians and kidnappers in that scenario. 

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Unfortunately, their team effort remains unremarkable since four civilians get caught in the crossfire. The class also ends up killing two agents and a baby. While Poet gets upset since a participating actor grabbed her in an inappropriate manner, Gabriel (Jon Jon Briones) says that it is part of getting them acquainted with unfriendly situations on the field. Again, a hint at how these aspects are often side-lined for the aspect of the greater good.

The class later attempt another mock test in a cinema hall. They are supposed to take out two men who have kidnapped innocent civilians and kept them hostage. The class is told that no previous batch of Quantico had succeeded in finishing that mission. The class receives the hall’s blueprint and the history of these two men. 

Based on what they read, Poet figures the two men are lovers. They decide to let Tayo enter the hall while the other trainees patiently wait outside. Luckily, Tayo manages to stop the situation from getting any worse. The counsellors congratulate the class for maturely handling the situation and for knowing the best course of action, which in that case, was taking no action. 

Lennix (Brian J Smith) keeps shooting his shot at Poet. She is concerned about how that will affect her future at the bureau. Hour suggests she should ask Lennix to make a choice between his career and being with her if he truly is in love with her. Their marriage should not affect their professional ambitions. Unfortunately, Lennix wanted everything and it resulted in them getting distant at the time.

A few years later, they meet as agents. Hour has just divorced her husband. While drinking wine with Poet, she comes out to her as gay. She says how she constantly pursued the truth otherwise but kept this truth to herself, out of fear of her parents’ judgements. She also reveals that she had been in love with Poet. In that vulnerable moment, Poet approaches to kiss Hour. But she backs out soon after and apologizes to Hour. 

In the present, Amos Garcia (Raul Castillo) invites Michaels to see his code and the way it makes the available data adapt accordingly. He thinks the virtual world will soon be far more revealing of the true motives and nature of human beings and map the real world better than humans. 

Amos wishes to use it to predict a person’s possible actions even before they take a step. This is instantaneous and supposedly unbiased. While Hour went only halfway i.e., her ambition to create a library of all the available data, Amos used the technology and took it a step further. 

Michaels takes Amos to meet his senior officer to propose implementing this new data-driven system. They claim that no human judgement will be used from thereon and that the technology itself will lead people to suspects. While Hour’s database was just a hint of its capability, the technology they introduced will encompass things like online activities of civilians leading to a suspect. 

A still from Class of 09 Episode 6.
A still from Class of 09 Episode 6.

The issue is that it goes against the basis of investigations – everyone is innocent until proven guilty. From Amos’s system, everyone will be considered a suspect. Michaels believes that it goes against how the institutions coded these things until then. To his surprise, he gets a green flag from his senior. Michaels is aware that this may just be because this person wants to see him eventually fail. 

Back at home, Vivienne (Rosalind Eleazar) is upset about Tayo’s relentless obsession with work. She is concerned about what will satisfy him to stop his endless pursuit. He is already the highest-ranking officer in the history of the bureau. Tayo, however, wants to continue pursuing the path since things are finally going his way. In the office, Hour walks into Tayo’s office without an appointment. She is concerned that it will again put them in a single authority’s control. But he is certain about proceeding with it.

In the future, Poet and her batchmates go to meet Senator Spenser. They share their conclusion – the system is not out of control but they aren’t sure that it is in Michaels’ control either. On the other hand, Michaels gets agitated because of what happened in the church. He discusses the merit of attacking a minister and seems genuinely unsure about its reliability. His associates do not believe that the technology is at fault while Tayo probably does. 

Class of ’09 Episode 6 Ending Explained:

Poet and the Class of ’09 decide to get the surveillance footage from the church to prove that the system was not in anyone’s control. To shut it down, Murphy agrees to steal the footage. Unfortunately, Tayo Michaels arrives there but surprisingly, he lets Murphy make a copy and leave. 

While driving back with that footage, Murphy’s car’s system suddenly gets hacked. Since his car goes beyond the speed limit, the feds ask him to stop his car. He cannot do so because he is not in charge of the car’s software but then, the car suddenly stops. Murphy tries to come out of it and falls down. 

The police shoot Murphy several times before he can say anything in his defence. He tries to tell them that he is a cop and that he did not do it voluntarily. But it proves to be futile. After his death, a screen shows a message – ‘Threat to life averted’. 

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