Class of ’09 Episode 7: The previous episode of ‘Class of ’09’ finally showed Tayo Michaels questioning the system he swore by. His batchmates kept making him see the other side of this supposedly just legal system. It was arresting people out of mere suspicion.

Because of his possible change of heart, Tayo also let Murphy leave with the surveillance footage from the church where the shooting occurred. Unfortunately, while driving back, Murphy’s car system gets hacked. He also ends up getting repeatedly shot by the Feds.

Now the penultimate episode of Class of ’09 shows Tayo taking further steps to assess his stance on the A.I. system. Besides, it also gives a peek into the past of this Quantico batch. We see the early developments that led them to become who they are.

*Spoilers Ahead*

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Class of ’09 Episode 7 Recap:

Episode 7: Orders Night

The episode begins with an event from 2009. The class had gathered at the end of their training with one final test left. It was supposed to determine whether they will be FBI agents or not. In that test, the trainees were going to be pepper-sprayed. It was to assess if they are capable of handling such a tricky situation on the ground.

Ashley Poet (Kate Mara) volunteered to go first. Since she had no prior understanding of how to tackle it, she started off on a shaky note. But she quickly battled the opponents and aced it. Tayo Michaels (Brian Tyree Henry) decided to go right after her, while wondering why this test is at the end of their training.

Before appearing for the ordeal, Tayo made Gabriel (Jon Jon Briones) accept that it is a submission test – to check if they will submit to whatever is asked of them in the future. Gabriel said he acknowledges Tayo’s interpretation. Through that, we get a look into the early signs of Tayo’s anger toward the existing system and his reluctance to blindly follow orders from an authority figure.

Later, after the end of their training, the class was invited to know their placement details. Drew (Brooke Smith) told the trainees to come to the stage to tell the place where they would like to work at and the one they think they will be posted at. After that, they will know the actual result. Lennix (Brian J Smith) said he wanted to go to Washington, D.C., and thinks he is going there. His guess was spot on.

Then, Poet walked up on the stage and remained modest as always. She shared no details of her desire but got placed in San Diego. After she learned that, Lennix told her that he actually wanted to be in San Diego. But his father cared about his political career and, thus, got him a position in D.C.

When Tayo went to the stage, he stated he would like to go to Boston and thinks he will be placed in Los Angeles. But the result infuriated him. He did not want to go to Billings in Montana. Gabriel later told Tayo that he made this decision considering Tayo’s lack of conformism to authority figures. In Billings, Tayo will be answerable to no superior. Tayo felt bad because it would mean he would not be able to be with Vivienne anymore.

Meanwhile, Poet told Hour that Lennix wanted to go to San Diego. She saw it as Lennix wanting to be with her more than his career but being forced into his by his father. Hour, who knew about their break-up, revealed that Lennix has already started dating an analyst. Did she want Poet to move on from Lennix? Perhaps.

Anyhow, Drew met Poet afterwards and revealed that Poet will not be going to San Diego but is supposed to be an undercover agent. As Drew deduced, Poet was ready for that job.

In 2025, we go through the initial phase of the A.I. backed system for the FBI. Tayo lets Poet handle a tricky scenario of a truck driver who was linked to serial killings as per the collected data. Hour (Sepideh Moafi) objects to letting Poet enter the dangerous man’s house. But Tayo is confident since he had seen Poet being ready to go first for any challenge.

Class of '09 Episode 7
A still from Class of ’09 Episode 7

Poet knocks on James Row’s house to find him in a wheelchair. She enters the house. He reveals that Feds and agents earlier came for questioning but found nothing suspicious. One agent also felt bad that he suspected James considering his state.

Nevertheless, Poet questions everything she finds in and around his house. She eventually asks James to show her his truck. While he walks her toward it, Tayo alerts her to not let herself submit as the man’s next target. He had already sent teams to arrest the man.

Poet still confidently enters the truck while James reaches the driver’s seat. She notices the seat is placed at a considerable height and connects the dots. The victims were dropped down from a height. So, she alludes to James being the perpetrator.

James quickly realizes that Poet has figured out the riddle. So, he picks up a tool to attack her with. She also tries to get a hold of her gun. By that time, he brings his seat next to her and approaches to choke her to death. Tayo overhears her struggle and asks her to close her eyes. It helps her get rescued from his grip. Within moments, the Feds arrive at the scene.

Hour, who notices all these developments from Tayo’s office, questions the system’s competence. She is worried that the A.I. is putting people in danger and is not being held responsible for such actions. However, Tayo keeps justifying the system and believes it will keep improving itself. He also advocates its importance to his superiors. Furthermore, he proposes to use their skills to catch white-collar criminals from Wall Street.

Soon after, Tayo walks into a bank’s office space with his associates to arrest them. The top employees and their lawyers argue that Tayo is not qualified to make any claims against them. They say they are more comfortable with a financial expert.

However, Tayo points out how these people have been profusely benefitting from their earnings while the lower financial classes remain ridden with conflicts. These arrests push Tayo to go against more influential people, including corrupt politicians. In a series of events, we see Poet moving into a 2-bedroom condo with Hour. It happens to be the same place where Amos met Poet and got shot by the Feds.

On the other hand, a masked intruder enters Tayo’s house late at night to attack him. Tayo gets into a violent fight with this person in his bathroom that ends with repeated stabs on his body. The Feds soon arrive at his house to arrest this person. But we do not get to see who is under that mask. Is it someone who does not like Tayo’s A.I. integration into the system?

Class of ’09 Episode 7 Ending, Explained:

In 2034, the class of ’09 attends Murphy’s funeral after his tragic death by gunshot. Tayo arrives there and openly shares his discontent with the A.I.-based system. He returns home to take a suitcase out from his locker. He pulls out a device and goes to the HQ to shut down the system. Warren, to whom he pitched the system’s merits a decade ago, tries to stop him. But Tayo goes ahead with the process anyway. In the end, he is considered a suspect by the authorities.

News gets out that Tayo is fired from his position as the FBI head. He goes to a diner to stay away from the public eye. He knows that this diner will provide him with the needed personal space. Vivienne meets him there, who had moved out of their house a while ago.

While Tayo feels remorseful for his relentless pursuit, Vivienne consoles him. She wants to give their relationship another chance. Meanwhile, Lennix wants to do the same with Poet. He awkwardly proposes to her, and she seems to be on board with it. While these agents try to focus on their personal lives, Warren takes over the charge of the system.

Let us wait for the series finale to learn how the creators try to conclude the effect of A.I. integration in legal systems.

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