Creed III (2023) Movie Ending Explained – The Rocky spin-off has received a trilogy film, which completely isolated the titular character from ‘The Italian Stallion’ Rocky Balboa. The third Creed film featured numerous boxing references and had an element of truth to it. This may have permitted audiences familiar with the boxing universe to digest certain unfamiliar occurrences. Creed III treated audiences with appearances from the boxing world. Names like Canelo Alvarez, Jose Benavidez, Jessica McCaskill, and Tony Bellew graced the screen in the franchise’s third installment.

Likening boxing to chess, and references to Don King and the Rocky films, also added to the film’s value.

Creed III (2023) Movie: Plot & Synopsis

Creed III focuses on a retired Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), who has hung up the gloves almost three years prior to the events of the movie. The world’s heavyweight champion retired at the top of the mountain and became a family man and a businessman.

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He transitioned into fight promotion with Creed Athletics and gave the next generation of champions a platform. Being away from the ring has seen Creed spend time with his wife Bianca Taylor (Tessa Thompson) and daughter Amara (Mila Davis- Kent). It was all going well until an individual from his childhood emerged.

That man, Damian Anderson (Jonathan Majors), asked for a title shot in his debut. Eventually, he got one by crook, which showed audiences that he was playing Adonis. It was because he wanted to live the life he felt was stolen from him. Watching Adonis Creed rise and thrive had pained the incarcerated Anderson.

This saw Creed end his retirement and return to the squared circle to face his past and show that he still got it.

Creed III (2023) Movie: Ending Explained

Boxing logic was suspended as Adonis Creed simply announced his comeback in Stephen A. Smith’s show. Then, he secured a title shot thanks to ‘Diamond’ Damian Anderson calling in to goad him. They then had a bout for the unified undisputed heavyweight titles that went to the final round.

What moniker was given to Damian Anderson vs. Adonis Creed?

The makers stuck to classic boxing lore in Creed III and noticed that classic bouts had monikers to help them stand out. Hence, they billed this reel battle between Adonis and Damian with the moniker ‘The Battle of Los Angeles.’

Why was the title bout branded ‘The Battle of Los Angeles’?

For two reasons, Adonis Creed vs. ‘Diamond’ Damian Anderson was billed as ‘The Battle of Los Angeles.’ First, both pugilists resided in the city and were billed from two different locations in the ‘City of Angels.’ Second, the bout unfolded at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

What did Duke ask Adonis Creed to do in the final round?

Adonis’ strategy was to box, get points, and allow Damian Anderson to wear himself out. Anderson, however, seemed game and kept at it for 11 rounds. The strategy resulted in him being in with a shot if the fight went to a decision. So, at the final break between rounds, ‘Duke’ asked Creed not to box for the final three minutes.

Creed III Ending

‘Duke’ urged the challenger to fight, be ferocious, and be Adonis Creed. This was to ensure that Creed looked active, capitalized on a potentially fatigued opponent, and planted a seed of doubt in the champion’s mind.

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Who won the fight between ‘Diamond’ Damian Anderson and Adonis Creed?

Adonis Creed won the fight against ‘Diamond’ Damian Anderson via a round 12 knockout. This saw him clinch the heavyweight titles.

How did Adonis Creed beat Anderson?

The commentators said the title bout was all even after the penultimate round. He followed his coach’s advice in the final round and turned the contest into a barn burner. Anderson fought dirty, but Adonis turned up the intensity and backed his opponent onto the ropes. He didn’t relent and followed up two headshots with a clean right to the cheek. Creed capped it off with a thunderous uppercut that propelled the champion a few inches off the canvas and left him sprawled out on the mat.

Was there any animosity between Adonis Creed and Damian after the final bell?

After being knocked out, Damian managed to get back to his feet. He stared at Adonis and nodded before turning and heading through the ropes. His face did not have a look of fury or disgust, nor did he spit at his conqueror. All things considered, there was no animosity between the two men who left it all out there in the ring.

Did Adonis and Damian let bygones be bygones?

Adonis went to meet Damian in his private locker room. He sat near the locker adjacent to where his opponent was seated. After a few seconds of silence, Damian admitted that Creed had picked up some moves from elsewhere.

This broke the ice and prompted Creed to apologize for running away from the liquor shop altercation in 2002. He also regretted the fact that he never reached out to Damian, who had spent almost two decades within walls.

Anderson brushed it aside by saying they were kids at that time, seemingly burying the hatchet. He then acknowledged Creed as the champ and told him to go to his family and the media. It was a marked change from revenge to respect. Hence, one can assume that Adonis Creed and ‘Diamond’ Damian Anderson let bygones be bygones.

Did Adonis Creed retire for good? Is there scope for Creed IV?

After playfully sparring with his daughter, Adonis Creed put the belt on his shoulder and left the Dodger Stadium. The camera did not show him leaving his gloves in the ring. Furthermore, there was no mention of Adonis calling time on his career after regaining the World Championships.

At least at the end of Creed III, Adonis Creed hasn’t retired. There could even be a feud for a fourth film, with Felix turning on his promoter and accusing him of using Damian as a stepping stone for his own re-ascent to the top. It would be a mirror of the Rocky V storyline’s theme that saw Rocky Balboa fight his student.

What did you make of the third Creed film?

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