Dark Matter has taken things up a notch with episode 7. After a psychologically rendered episode 6, the newest one makes all the characters take some really tough decisions, allowing them to dive deep into their insecurities, needs, and wishes. While the Amanda and Jason arc is far more interesting than Jason 2 and his need to settle in on the imperfections of his life, the way the episode takes you to an unexpected ending in Dark Matter Episode 7 is truly something.

That said, I feel the last two episodes have sort of abandoned Daniela’s arc for more Jason-centric drama. While I do feel she is an essential part of the puzzle and will see her calling somehow, for now, her character feels somehow amiss.

In the following article, we will take a look at everything that happens in Dark Matter Episode 7 in detail. Please be aware of spoilers.

Dark Matter Episode 7 “In the Fires of Dead Stars” Recap: 

The new episode finds Detective Jamie Mason (Kate Eastman), who we briefly met in the initial episodes, on Jason and Daniela’s doorstep, asking about Ryan. Since Jason 2 removed him from the equation by taking him to a different universe and leaving him there from the fear of getting caught, he has now been missing. Both Daniela and Jason were the last people to have seen him, so Detective Mason enquires about their interactions. While Daniela says Ryan looked fine, Jason 2 lies and says that he was drinking a lot and seemed really low about something. Of course, he is trying to save his ass here, but the way lies spit out of him blows my mind. 

After Mason leaves, Daniela decides to talk to Jason 2 directly about the ampule. He doesn’t lie to her (I mean, he does, but you get the drift) and tells her about his experiments with superposition. When he tells Daniela that she should have confronted him about it instead of going to Ryan, she asks him to stop using the drug.

Jason and Amanda get to a ‘perfect world,’ but is it enough? 

On the other hand, Jason and Amanda, who have only a couple of ampules left, are in the corridor, with Amanda taking the call for which world they would go to this time. She believes that if they do not go away from their relentless pursuit, the habitual nature of the drug will affect their brain chemistry completely. So, when they arrive in this world that Amanda has manifested, the show and their minds become frothy for a while. This world is technologically advanced but not in favor of environmental depletion.

The world is more empathetic, with people wishing others well and living lives full of joy. So, Amanda and Jason have another one of their dates where both of them get decked up. This is where Amanda proposes that the two of them stay in this world because it is easy to forge an identity with their counterparts in this world and live a life of happiness. The question leads Jason to dismay because, on the one hand, he wants to get back to Daniela, but on the other, he is also slowly losing hope of getting home. Amanda’s proposal seems to be the only one that feels sane right now but he instead chooses heartbreak. Amanda is adamant that he takes the leftover ampules for his journey, but he sneakily drops two of them in her purse just in case and leaves. 

Dark Matter Episode 7: Recap & Ending Explained
Joel Edgerton and Alice Braga in “Dark Matter,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

With only three ampules left, Jason struggles to keep up. The frustration of losing everything, including his only companion, Amanda, on the journey, sets in. The show provides some kind of catharsis to his depressed personality, though. In one of the worlds that he visits, his son Max (that is Charlie’s twin brother) is alive. He is able to briefly talk to him, and this provides him with some form of closure when it comes to processing his son’s death. 

On the other hand, Jason 2 goes to another one of his therapy sessions to unload how he feels about Daniela going behind his back, making him feel like he should pack up and leave. His therapist (the Amanda of this world) suggests that maybe these ideas in his mind are about running away from who he truly is instead of accepting the imperfections of his life. This triggers him to a point where he gaslights the Amanda of this world for being an imperfect person who latches onto anyone and anything that she can fix. 

Jason 2’s insecurities are now getting the better of him, especially when Detective Mason comes back to his doorstep to dig into Ryan’s whereabouts. Just to keep himself away from any more trouble and to not jeopardize the location of the Box that the detective will be tracking next (thanks to Ryan’s cellphone signal),  he even goes ahead and breaks the seal of the box to use it again. What he does is go to a random universe where Ryan is this drunk failure who would do anything to have a lavish life. He makes him get drunk to his heart’s content, takes him along with him to the box and to the real Jason’s world, carefully planting him back in Ryan’s home. 

Dark Matter Episode 7 “In the Fires of Dead Stars” Ending Explained: 

Which Jason is that at the end of the episode?

The real Jason, down to his last ampule, gives it his all by manifesting the real feelings of why he fell in love with Daniela and married her. It turns out his last try is the only one that is needed (thanks in large part to Jason 2 breaking the sealed Box) as he returns back to his world. Just to make sure that he is in the right world, he goes to his local bar, where the owner finally recognizes him. So, he swiftly rushes towards home, goes to his back entrance, and looks at his wife and child from a distance.

Just then, Jason 2 enters and tells Daniela that Ryan had called him earlier, and he tracked him down from a place far-far away, drunk out of his mind. This gives Daniela a sign of relief, but we can sense that her doubts are still pretty clear out in the open. Jason, on the other hand, realizes that he can’t just show up at his own home without having the energy and tools to fight Jason 2 if necessary.

The ending of Dark Matter Episode 7 finds Jason walking into a local shop to buy a handgun. When the receptionist doesn’t agree to give him a gun without a license, he instead buys pepper spray and a knife and then leaves. However, that’s when something truly unexpected happens.

As soon as he leaves, he walks back in, asking for a handgun again. Now, everyone, including the receptionist and us, is confused as to why he would return asking for the exact same thing again. However, this is not Jason because his finger has a brace. Also, this isn’t Jason 2 because the one that entered the shop sort of dresses like the real Jason and also has the same empathic way of talking with always being on the lookout expecting something bad can happen anytime. 

The final sequence sees Jason 3 get out of the store onto the street, frantically searching for the person who looks like him and had entered the store just before he did. While Jason is nowhere to be found, this makes things even more interesting.

How is it possible for another Jason (Jason 3) to appear here, trying to get the same thing that Jason wants? I am assuming that this could be a Jason from a parallel reality who has been wronged by Jason 2 as well. Seeing how Amanda mentioned that the Amanda of the empathetic world went missing 2 years ago and the world was technologically advanced, it’s possible that the Jason of that world had discovered superposition and verse-jumping way before him. 

It’s also possible that since Jason had been overdosing on the drug, it created a parallel fraction that broke his reality into two. At this point, we can only make these speculations as we wait for Dark Matter Episode 8 with batted breaths. 

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