With Episode 6, Dark Matter is finally traveling into the psychological weight that the multiverse drops on you. The deadweight of finding your place and not finding your place in the world plays heavily into the themes of the latest episode, with both the Jasons struggling to come to terms with the imperfection of their lives. Both Amanda and Daniela play key jumping points in both the narratives, with the toll of trying to blend into their new roles comes crashing down on the Jasons. It would be interesting to witness where the show pivots from this point out, considering there are only three more episodes left in the season now.

In the following article, we will take a look at Dark Matter Episode 6 in detail. Please be aware of spoilers

Dark Matter Episode 6 “Superposition” Recap: 

Based on the other Jason’s suggestions, the real Daniela has taken up painting. The other Jason ensures her that she should leave the gallery now and do her art full time. He even shows her his account balance, giving her proof that things will work out for them. Daniela is a little confused like she has been since the other Jason arrived, but decides to keep to herself for the time being. However, when the other Jason takes Charlie out for his skating date and ends up feeding him ice cream that causes his allergies to flare up, she starts doubting things. 

Daniela, after the little mishap, starts doubting more things about the other Jason; for instance, he flosses, dresses up neatly, and has needle marks on his arms (the marks are, of course, from taking the drug so many times to jump universes). She shares all this with her close friend Blair (the real one and not the one we met in the last episode), who suggests that Daniela should follow him secretly and find out where he goes out at night. 

Jason and Amanda get stuck in a loop of wrong Universes

On the other hand, the real Jason and Amanda are slowly slipping into the cyclic nature of visiting universes by building up every single element of Jason’s world in their head. For instance, Jason writes down details of the bar near his home and visits multiple universes with very small changes to the bar or the winery across the street. Slowly, things start getting frustrating because no matter how hard Jason tries, he is unable to completely build his own world in his head.

When they get tired of it all, they decide to rent a room in a motel in one of the worlds and take proper rest for once. That night, Jason and Amanda go out for a meal and end up dancing and getting drunk. It almost feels like they are going to sleep with each other, but Jason forces himself out of this temporary trance because he loves Daniela. 

The other, Jason, who feels like things are slipping away from him, also seeks out Amanda in the real Jason’s world and has a session with her as she is a therapist in his world, too. It appears that the other Jason had been seeking perfection in his life, which is why he decided to take over the life of the real Jason, thinking that living with Daniela would make things better. However, in spite of the power that he holds over verse jumping, he is still human, and he will make mistakes. During the therapy session, the other Jason randomly decides that he will fix things with Daniela after she got upset about the situation with Charlie by making a big romantic gesture. 

A big romantic gesture goes wrong for the other Jason

Dark Matter Episode 6 Ending Explained
Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Connelly in “Dark Matter,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

However, even his big romantic gesture, which apparently involves putting Daniela’s half-finished painting up in her own gallery showing without her permission, completely backfires. She gets more upset because she has just got back to painting, and what the other Jason did was beyond wrong because he did it without seeking her permission, humiliating her. She asks him to drive her home, and when she walks out of the car in front of the home, he drives away. So, Daniela decides to follow him.

When she does, she lands at the storage unit that the real Jason used for his experiments and projects. There, she finds an empty ampule that she takes to the real Ryan, expecting that he could test it and let her know what drug it is and what her completely changed husband is up to now. 

Dark Matter Episode 6 “Superposition” Ending, Explained: 

On the other hand, Amanda and Jason have been drifting away from each other, too, after having initially bonded with each other. Since they are also low on ampules, the threat that Amanda would be left worldless if Jason is able to get to his world also looms large. So, the two of them mutually decide to head out separately in the new world that they get to instead of seeking it out together. The new world isn’t Jason’s either – here, Daniela owns a gallery but is a blonde. 

Similarly, Amanda, who had either been dead, with a different job or alone in the other worlds, has a family with a husband and a child. Both these instance leaves a huge impact on their psyche because it makes them rethink what they are currently doing and how it is only loading up their trauma tenfold. Frustrated, Amanda tells Jason that he needs to go deeper than just Daniela’s outward appearance in order to get to his world. This irritates him, and he goes out, creeping up on the Daniela of this world, having a good time with her husband. Since he is out during the night, Amanda gets worried that he will leave her behind and gets really upset with him when he returns. Jason realizes that the other Jason must have done the same with him, and it makes him feel angry when Amanda suggests that they are all doing this in vain and it’s about time they started thinking of what they should do next. 

How will the real Jason return to his world?

The other Jason, is also feeling that the Daniela of Jason’s world is not cutting it out for him. This basically brings me to the conclusion of why this is possibly the better episode of the show thus far. The episode dives into the vulnerable nature of being human., We pouce upon any chance to fix our lives, but no matter how hard and fast we try, we also come back to square one with something else enveloping us. So what do we do when that happens? Do we kill the problem? I mean, that’s exactly what the other Jason does during the ending of Dark Matter Episode 6

When Ryan shows up on his doorstep about how he got to the drug before him, the other Jason decides to take him to the box and show him what it does. Ryan is amused to get to the quantum state and to a world that looks like a more serene version of Chicago. However, he doesn’t know that this is not the Jason he knows. So, the other Jason, who now knows that Daniela is onto his truth, decides to leave the real Ryan in this universe, closing the door on him. 

When he returns to the real Jason’s world, he meets up with Leighton’s men and seals the Box shut. How will the real Jason return to his world now? How will he get to his family? What will happen to Amanda? Will the real Jason and Amanda decide to choose a random world and live in it together now that they don’t have enough ampules left? There are so many interesting places the show can go from here, and I can’t wait to find out. 

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