The Boys (Season 3) Episodes 1, 2 & 3: Recap And Ending Explained: The Boys (2019-ongoing) is based on the comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson and has been developed by Eric Kripke. Just like the comics, it satirizes the superhero sub-genre, while commenting on classism, racism, sexism, and the myriad of complications that continue to plague the United States of America and the world as well. The central focus of Season 2 was the rise of neo-Nazism, personified by Stormfront (Aya Cash), which culminated in a brutal clash, leading to Stormfront’s brutal maiming and the death of Butcher’s (Karl Urban) wife, Becca (Shantel VanSanten).

Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) managed to keep Homelander (Antony Starr) at bay by threatening with the video where he sent innocent passengers of a plane to die. Butcher put Homelander and Becca’s son, Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) under Grace Mallory’s (Laila Robins) protection. Starlight (Erin Moriarty) returned to The Seven. Hughie (Jack Quaid) joined Victoria Neuman’s (Claudia Doumit) company to take on Supes (that’s what superheroes are called in The Boys) in the “right way”, instead of “the Butcher way”, unaware of the fact that Neuman herself is a viciously dangerous Supe.

Major spoilers ahead for The Boys Season 3

The Boys Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1, titled Payback, opens with the movie (set within The Boys’ universe), Dawn of the Seven, where Homelander confronts Stormfront (played by Charlize Theron) for devastating the city. They bicker about breaking up and Stormfront’s obsession with the Third Reich and how Homelander can’t stop her alone. That’s when the rest of The Seven arrive on the scene, i.e. Starlight, Queen Maeve, Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell), and A-Train (Jessie T. Usher). As they start fighting (in the movie within the show), we see Homelander begrudgingly watching it in a theater along with The Seven, Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) and the general audience.

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At the press conference of Dawn of the Seven, Homelander is hounded by questions about his relationship with Stormfront. He gives the same answer to everyone, i.e. he is just like everyone else and just like everyone else, he made a mistake. Adam Bourke (P.J. Byrne) talks about resuscitating the film, which he thought wouldn’t get made to Stormfront’s Nazi turn, thanks to the fan petition #ReleaseTheBourkeCut. Yes, it’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut for Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021). Hughie and Starlight are going strong and publicly appearing as a couple, although Hughie is quickly made to feel unimportant in comparison to Starlight by the press.

Stan talks to the press and announces that Vought is now working in tandem with Neuman’s so that they don’t have another oversight. It seems that Neuman and Hughie have become buddies over the course of the one year. He’s still unaware of her powers. But a man in the crowd calling Neuman by the name of Nadia ticks him off a bit. The focus then shifts to A-Train who is apparently still recovering from a weak heart and has been advised not to run again. Nevertheless, he promises that “the big race” is coming soon. Seeing things go sideways for A-Train, Ashley (Colby Minifie) rescues him and he moves on to bully Hughie.

Ashley is then seen having some weird form of angry sex with Bourke. Hughie catches them on their way out. As he washes his hands, Butcher arrives to talk about his new mission. He’s apparently continuing his crusade against the Supes, along with Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) and Frenchie (Tomer Capone), and under Hughie and Neuman’s supervision. After some hesitance, Hughie gives Butcher the green light and requests him to not resort to any kind of violence and Butcher promises to give him the expense reports the following day. The scene then shifts to Termite’s (Brett Geddes) party, which is infiltrated by Kimiko and Frenchie (who is documenting everything with a hidden camera), while Butcher oversees it remotely.

Things go pretty normally as Frenchie scouts the room and Kimiko imagines herself singing the 1931 number “Dream A Little Dream of Me”, until Termite shrinks himself and enters his boyfriend’s dick (yes, literally) after snorting a lot of cocaine. That also goes as well as you’d expect. Termite sneezes while he is inside his boyfriend and grows back; thereby tearing the man in half. Shocked and horrified, Termite screams and that catches Frenchie’s attention. He barges into the room to see a bloody Termite and a man with his guts spilled all over the room. Fearing that Frenchie is going to out him, Termite tries to kill him. Kimiko tries to help but Termite overpowers him too. When Termite tries to enter Frenchie (with the intention of bursting his skull, I suppose), Butcher traps him in a bag of cocaine.

The following day, Hughie and Starlight wake up to go about their day (after having some morning sex). Hughie gets a call from his dad (Simon Pegg) about giving Hughie’s number to a relative because they are a huge fan of Starlight and so that he can set up a meeting with them. At the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs (FBSA), Hughie is somewhat of a hero because he helped bring down Stormfront and he’s dating Starlight. While Neuman and Hughie have lunch, it’s slyly revealed that Robert Singer (Jim Beaver) is now running for President. They bet over the fact that Butcher has messed up the Termite operation. Later, Hughie notices the man who keeps identifying Neuman as Nadia and asks security to escort him out. The man says to tell Neuman that Tony (Kyle Mac) came to visit her and she’ll understand.

Butcher meets with Ryan, who is living in a heavily guarded cottage with Mallory. They share some step-father-step-son time. On his way out, Mallory reveals that Marvin/Mother’s Mile (Laz Alonso) has stepped away from the Supe-killing business. Mallory says that Butcher can do the same and spend more quality time with Ryan. Butcher declines as he thinks he’s going to ruin Ryan. Homelander gets ready for an interview with Cameron Coleman (Matthew Edison) and runs into Deep (Chace Crawford), who’s there to promote his book, along with his wife Cassandra (Katy Breier). Homelander gets angry about the fact that Deep got a slot with Coleman before him and expresses it in a way that Deep apologizes for it. He even says that he didn’t write the book on him, Shia LaBeouf’s ghostwriter did. Homelander then goes on air and gives the same spiel about how he fumbled over his romance with Stormfront.

MM attends his daughter’s Supe-themed birthday party with Janine (Liyou Abere) dressed as Starlight. Monique (Frances Turner) has divorced MM and is now in a relationship with Todd (Matthew Gorman). At the Vought HQ, Singer and Edgar talk about V24, a version of Compound V that gives its user superpowers, but only for 24 hours. Edgar wants the Department of Defense to buy it and give it to American soldiers so that they can have an edge over their enemies. Singer advises against it because that sounds like a recipe for disaster. Edgar ominously shuts the doors of the Seven’s office and surprisingly agrees to what Singer is saying.

Edgar even says that he wants to move out of the Supe business because he doesn’t want to permanently babysit the Supes. He says that Singer should be grateful that V24 will turn his soldiers into temporary Supes only. Singer says that it’ll be difficult to market it in the Congress because Compound V (or anything coming out of Vought) has now become synonymous with Nazism because of Stormfront). Edgar says that he still has a few strings in Congress that he can pull at. And we cut to Neuman (thereby subtly hinting at Edgar’s connection with Neuman). She informs Hughie that Termite can’t be brought in because he has been sent to rehab after Butcher put him in a bag of cocaine.

Neuman tells Hughie to be satisfied about the fact that they’ve managed to bring down Supe collateral significantly. But when Hughie tells the same to Butcher, he doesn’t take that very well and Hughie and Butcher have a massive tiff over it. Butcher rewatches the airplane crash video to, maybe, revitalize his urge to keep going after Supes. At Vought International, Stan Edgar announces that Starlight is now going to be co-Captain of the Seven. Starlight says she doesn’t want to because she knows how unhinged Homelander is. Stan sends Homelander out of the room and convinces Starlight to take the position he’s offering because it’ll allow her to build the Seven the way she wants to.

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Starlight, who is now the star of a reality show called American Hero, in which her ex-flame Supersonic (Miles Gaston Villanueva) is participating as a contestant, is seen deciding its finalists. Hughie’s jealousy acts up and he tries to assert the fact that he’s Starlight’s boyfriend in front of Supersonic. In Starlight’s vanity van, Starlight breaks the news about her position to Hughie and Hughie is understandably taken aback by it. Especially after hearing the reason behind Starlight’s eagerness to take on that role. Hughie makes a backhanded comment about all of it being a ruse for Starlight to bring in her “boyfriend” Supersonic into the Seven. That angers Starlight. Hughie tries to apologize but it doesn’t work.

After a photo-op with Starlight, Homelander runs into A-Train and fat shames him for “eating his feelings”. When A-Train says “f**k you” under his breath while walking away from Homelander, he hears it and almost crushes A-Train’s skull until he apologizes. Maeve notices all this and texts someone to meet with her (which is later revealed to be Butcher, thereby establishing that she’s Butcher’s inside source). That’s followed by one of the messed up scenes in which Homelander gets masturbated by a maimed but recuperating (if you can call that recuperation at all) Stormfront while he laments about not being respected enough. When Stormfront starts talking about the Fourth Reich, Homelander loses his boner and leaves Stormfront to her misery, again.
Maeve gives Butcher the details of Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles), claiming that there’s a weapon out there that killed him. Butcher realizes that Maeve is insinuating that if there’s something that has or could’ve killed Soldier Boy, it can be used to kill Homelander (because they’ve matching superpower levels). Maeve notes that Payback (the top Supe team before the Seven) teammates Crimson Countess (Laurie Holden) was Soldier Boy’s girlfriend and Gunpowder (Sean Patrick Flanery) and that’s who Butcher should go after. Then Maeve hands some V24 to Butcher, in case he needs a little extra kick before interrogating Crimson Countess and Gunpowder. Butcher almost dumps the V24 but he has to shelve that plan when Homelander pays him a visit.

Butcher and Homelander proceed to have a tense conversation about Ryan’s whereabouts. After talking about their current predicaments and how Vought wants to keep things the same, Homelander arrives at the topic of a duel to the death. Winner takes all. That piques Butcher’s interest and he agrees to do so. MM reveals that he hasn’t given up on the anti-Supe business as he is secretly keeping tabs about what’s going on, including the search for Soldier Boy. After work, Hughie notices Tony following Neuman. Assuming that Neuman is the one in danger, Hughie goes after them. He sees Tony confronting Neuman. Neuman says that she isn’t Nadia anymore. Tony asks if Neuman can use her influence to highlight a project called Red River. Then she tries to kill Neuman and makes a mess of it. She calls someone to clean things up. Hughie, horrified, finally realizes who he has been working with.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

Titled The Only Man in the Sky, Episode 2 opens with a trailer for Deep’s movie that’s hilariously called Not Without My Dolphin: The Movie. Homelander announces his birthday party that’ll be broadcast across all of Vought’s channels (which is a commentary on how companies that own a lot of TV channels spread their propaganda, which is ironic because Amazon, the producers of The Boys, does the same). Butcher contemplates taking V24. He has an imaginary conversation with Homelander who dares him to do it. He then hears the voice of Hughie but sees a boy who seems like Lenny, i.e. Butcher’s dead brother. As Butcher injects himself with V24, the dream breaks and he wakes up to a video call from Ryan. Due to Butcher’s sleeplessness, the call goes bumpily but Butcher assures Ryan that he’s always looking out for him.

We meet Stormfront again. Homelander tries to get a birthday wish out of her but she refuses to utter a word. It seems that she doesn’t do it intentionally but because her brain is functioning slowly. But it can be intentional as well. Hughie spills the details about Neuman being Nadia and the Red River case to Starlight. Apparently Red River is a subsidiary of Vought and that’s where Neuman/Nadia grew up. Hughie regrets the fact that he never saw it coming and wonders how much Butcher is going to torture him if Hughie gives this info to him. Starlight tells Hughie to not do anything drastic until she comes back from the rehearsal of Homelander’s birthday bash.

The Boys Season 3

At the rehearsal, Starlight and Supersonic have a little heart-to-heart about how the superhero business functions and how they shouldn’t be afraid to be themselves. Starlight tries to get out of there quickly by doing her part but Homelander barges in and tries to make her perform in a humiliating way. Butcher pays MM a visit and tries to re-recruit him for this new mission by bringing up MM’s traumatizing past with Soldier Boy (yes, Soldier Boy killed MM’s whole family). Butcher informs him that Kimiko and Frenchie are going after Crimson Countess and he himself is going after Gunpowder. MM refuses, initially, but then reveals all the investigation he has been doing. As Butcher leaves, MM starts laying out all the information he has on Soldier Boy.

Kimiko and Frenchie arrive at Voughtland (a mockery of theme parks made by fascist organizations) to look for Crimson Countess. While Frenchie is disgusted by it all, Kimiko is fascinated because she and Kenji (Abraham Lim) never got to have joy rides and food stalls during their childhood days. Frenchie promises that they’ll do all that after they’re done catching Crimson Countess. They watch a Soldier Boy propaganda film followed by a singing performance by Countess. They follow her into her green room and interrogate her in an attempt to know more about Soldier Boy. After thwarting Frenchie and Kimiko, Countess makes a run for it. On her way out, she blows up a Homelander mascot (yes, it has a human in it) to bits, traumatizing all the children at Voughtland.

Hughie has another brutal realization about how he has fumbled the Neuman situation and how he is very weak. This leads to him breaking a jar and cutting up his hand. He calls Starlight but Supersonic picks up the phone. That aggravates Hughie some more. Starlight, who is stuck with Homelander, rehearsing his birthday bash, protests Homelander’s demand to sing for him. Homelander keeps persuading. Starlight keeps protesting. Stan Edgar steps in and tells Homelander that if Starlight doesn’t want to sing, she doesn’t need to sing. Homelander threatens to walk away from the whole thing. Stan reminds him that this whole thing is a PR exercise to boost Homelander’s ratings. So, if he walks away, he’ll be doing everyone a favor. Supersonic commends Starlight’s grit.

A-Train meets with Ashley and her assistant Also Ashley (Sabrina Saudin), and yes, that’s what she’s credited as. The three of them, along with Seth (Malcolm Barrett), start talking about A-Train’s re-branding since he isn’t running anymore. A-Train says that he wants to focus on the “strong Black man” aspect of his persona and build his brand around it. Seth reluctantly starts the presentation while Ashley nervously takes it all in. A-Train to Africa: The Docuseries and an interactive experience for Gen-Z called The Middle Passage is thrown into the mix. When A-Train starts talking about changing his suit to represent his culture, Ashley stops the meeting and asks him to reconvene this pitch later. Seth gives A-Train the lowdown that Ashley actually hated it all and A-Train brushes it off with a transphobic comment aimed at Seth.

Hughie pays Red River a visit and finds out that it’s a special school for kids with superpowers. Fearing that he has been identified as a member of FBSA, he fakes his impotence and says that he’s there to adopt a Supe child. When the caretaker/teacher shows him his potential options, Hughie extracts the files on Neuman, how she killed her parents, and that she’s Stan Edgar’s adopted daughter. We cut to Stan Edgar in Neuman’s house, reading a story to Neuman’s daughter and then comforting Neuman for her mishap in the alleyway with Tony.

Butcher attends a gun show, which is where Gunpowder is and filled with White people with their kids. A side-note: in light of recent events in the USA, Netflix issued a disclaimer in front of Stranger Things Season 4 because it had images of dead kids. So, you know that this scene is bound to cause some ripples. Okay, back to the episode. Butcher corners Gunpowder in the bathroom and tries to get him to talk about Soldier Boy. But before the conversation can go any further, it’s interrupted by a guy entering the bathroom. When Butcher goes back to his car in the parking lot, Gunpowder tries to kill him. Butcher triggers all the alarms in the cars, confounding Gunpowder, and hides.

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Homelander arrives to save a girl who is about to throw herself off a building. Ashley and Also Ashley manage things on the ground to make sure the cameras get everything and hence helps with Homelander’s ratings. Homelander reluctantly tells the girl to not do what she’s about to do. While all this is going on, the news of Stormfront’s alleged death by suicide breaks. Homelander notices that on the big screen behind the building he’s on. The first reaction he has is how dare she do something like that on his birthday. That’s how self-centered Homelander is. He starts talking about Paganism, the charade around his birthday, and then compares himself to Jesus as well. He says that it’s unfair that Stormfront, a god, dies and a human being like the girl gets saved by him because she’s in his annual rescue quota. So, he tells her to jump. The girl says she doesn’t want to. And as Ashley gets details about how Stormfront killed herself, Homelander sends the girl hurtling down the building and into the pavement.

MM finishes laying out all the information about Soldier Boy. He is also taking medication for his anxiety. When Janine notifies him that the food is burning, he handles the situation by violently breaking the smoke alarm, thereby traumatizing his daughter. He tries apologizing but Janine is evidently too scared of him. But she eventually hugs him and brings him to tears. Neuman corners Hughie for his leave of absence and takes note of his injured hand. Starlight rescues him from that situation by saying that it’s a result of her fight with him and even stages a fake verbal fight to sell the bluff. That makes Neuman uncomfortable enough to leave the couple. That gives Hughie the opportunity to show Starlight the truth behind Neuman. Hughie vents about how things never seem to go right for him as he feels betrayed by Neuman’s reality. MM drops Janine at Monique’s and tells her the truth about going after Supes with Butcher.

Kimiko and Frenchie talk about going for adventure rides while Stormfront supporters march on the streets with tiki torches (reflecting the Charlottesville White supremacy march). Kimiko laments about how her childhood was ruined by the experimentation and how she in turn has now ruined the childhoods of the kids at Voughtland. Frenchie tries to comfort her as we cut to Butcher patching up the gunshot wound on his leg. In an attempt to calm himself down, Butcher watches the Lego animation video made by Ryan and gets emotional as he realizes it’s all based on a call from Becca. He calls up Hughie to check on him and as he starts talking about walking away from everything, Hughie reveals the situation with Neuman. Butcher reverts back to his original form.

We briefly see Homelander lying on Stormfront’s deathbed, running his hand through the blood stain on the sheets. And then we go to the parking lot where a Suped-up Butcher (yes, he has taken the V24) beats the living hell out of Gunpowder. Butcher keeps punching Gunpowder until he says that the fact that Soldier Boy is dead is a lie. Butcher asks about his whereabouts and Gunpowder says he only knows that he didn’t die. Gunpowder even says that the CIA knows about Soldier Boy because Payback was working with the CIA. Then Gunpowder delivers the ultimate kicker by revealing that the case officer was Grace Mallory. Knowing that he has extracted every bit of information from Gunpowder, Butcher punches him until his skull cracks open. Then he shoots lasers out of his eyes, slicing open Gunpowder, Gunpowder’s car and everything around him.

Finally, we tune into Homelander’s birthday bash, where Supersonic finishes performing his dance number. A-Train arrives in his new, African-themed suit, which sends Ashley into a frenzy. He introduces Homelander (who fat shames him again) and Starlight. As Starlight starts talking about her new campaign to help the homeless and how Homelander has donated to it, Homelander goes off-script after an audience member says, “Homelander, your Nazi died”. He says he isn’t like everyone else and that he is a God among mortals. When Ashley orders to go to a commercial, Homelander threatens her to not do so. The episode cuts to various people watching the show and the most frightening one out of them is Todd grinning and feeling empowered by this speech about masculinity. Homelander ends the rant by changing his iconic line from “You all are the real heroes” to “I am the real hero”.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

Titled Barbary Coast, Episode 3 with a flashback where a young Starlight is preparing for her performance at the Little Miss Hero Pageant. She complains to Donna (Ann Cusack) about her pain and why she doesn’t want to perform. Donna says that pain is weakness leaving the body and makes Starlight repeat that. After finishing her “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears routine, Starlight starts waving to the crowd and then to her mother. Then she slowly takes her right hand behind her back, curling her fingers into a fist in order to tolerate the pain she’s feeling. Cut to present day, and we Starlight furiously look at the footage of Homelander complaining about cancel culture and how he’s the real hero. She sees Ashley running across the room and asks how she’s going to handle it but she doesn’t listen and keeps running.

The BOYS Season 3 Official Trailer

Ashley eventually walks in on a naked Homelander watching his birthday rant. Ashley reports that his ratings have gone up because people (largely White men) are loving his speech. That gives Homelander a boner and he gets even more excited when Ashley tells him that he and Starlight’s cumulative rating has reached 98, which is even more than Soldier Boy’s. At the new headquarters, Butcher seems to be reeling from the after-effects of V24, while MM gets to cleaning his table and talking about the history of the building they’re in. Hughie enters the room in his iconic jacket, thereby completing the team again. Butcher starts pulling Hughie’s leg about the whole Neuman situation. Butcher plans to pay Mallory a visit, who has relocated to another place with Ryan. Frenchie gets a distressing call from Cherie (Jordana Lajoie). And Hughie gets his hand broken by Kimiko in order to have a genuine reason for not going to the office.

Back on the sets of American Hero, Starlight gets bombarded with information about who she should choose as the winner of the show and which diversity card is going to improve Vought’s image. It’s a brilliant scene that comments on the performative nature of on-screen diversity and the way it shows how corporates draw the line at Muslim representation is a little too real. When Ashley says that Starlight can say whatever she wants to say but ultimately it has to be approved by Homelander. Starlight says that she is co-Captain now and according to Edgar, she gets final say about the last two slots in the Seven and Ashley can run that by Homelander. Frenchie meets a distraught Cherie and he gives her a new passport and some money. Cherie reveals she is in a difficult situation because she went back to work with Nina (Katia Winter). She tells Frenchie to come away with him but Frenchie refuses.

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MM, Butcher, Hughie and Kimiko arrive at Mallory’s new location. Ryan hugs Butcher and rightly senses that something is wrong with him (the V24 is still in Butcher’s blood). Mallory says that so far she is doing a decent job of keeping Homelander off of Ryan’s scent but Butcher and his group showing up can upend that exercise. Butcher ominously says that he wouldn’t have come if the chat could’ve been a phone call. Starlight advises Supersonic to not say “yes” to becoming a part of the Seven because the further he is from Homelander, the safer he is. A-Train gets a visit from his brother Nathan (Christian Keyes) who asks him about his heart. After learning that he’s not taking more Compound V, Nathan invites A-Train back to his crib. Over a game of Connect Four, Ryan and Kimiko talk about their hatred for their prayers and how they wish they never had it.

Mallory starts talking about Neuman being the head of the FBSA because she said so but now she wants to know the plan on how to eliminate her because she knows everything about her operation. Butcher says that they will talk about it only after Mallory spills the details on her trip to Nicaragua. Mallory denies the allegation. Butcher threatens Mallory and she starts talking about Nicaragua. She says that she was there to head Operation Charlie, i.e. Ronald Reagan’s pet project to fight the Russians. It was funded by selling arms to Iran and trafficking cocaine into the USA. MM realizes that Mallory is a major factor behind the crack epidemic in the USA and asks her to tell the truth about that too. Mallory says that they were ordered to sell crack cocaine in minority (read: Black) neighborhoods while staying out of White ones.

Then Mallory starts talking about the emergence of Payback and a young Stan Edgar (Justin Davis does a brilliant Giancarlo Esposito impression without making it feel like an impression). Edgar explains how it’s a trial run for the USA DOD’s efforts to merge the army with Supes and to see how it goes. Mallory advises against it as the members of Payback are going to give away their position to the enemy with their antics. When Mallory says she isn’t going to allow that, Stan pulls out a document to prove that the merger is official. An unmasked Black Noir is seen arguing with Stan about never wearing the mask. Mallory has a very misogynistic run in with Soldier Boy. That’s when the camp gets attacked. Butcher stops the narration because he has to go puke the V24 out of his system.

Homelander and Ashley corners Starlight for her American Hero choice and throws a twist by saying that he wants to bring Deep back into The Seven. Starlight is taken aback by this and protests against this decision. Starlight advises everyone to leave the room and she threatens to release the airplane video into the world if Homelander goes ahead with Deep’s return. Homelander pulls what the kids like to call an UNO reverse by telling Starlight to release the video. Because, if she does it, he is going to be free in ways Starlight can’t imagine. He says he is going to go on a rampage, which will include the death of everyone Starlight loves, especially Hughie, and then dismantle everything that keeps society functioning. He says that he wants to be loved but if Starlight takes that away from him, he’s okay with being feared. When he realizes that Starlight isn’t going to do anything, he says that she has no leverage and as Homelander, he can really do whatever the f**k he wants.

Deep and Cassandra have sex and Deep gets distracted by a seductive octopus (it’s his thing). Butcher starts to regain normalcy but Ryan still senses that something is wrong with him. Hughie and Starlight talk about Homelander’s threat and that she thinks Hughie was right about not taking the co-Captain position because it has clearly destabilized the already unstable Homelander. But now Hughie tells Starlight to stay where she is so that they can have an insider in the Seven to buy the group some time while they go looking for the weapon that can kill Homelander. Starlight is surprised by Hughie’s opinion and by the fact that he’s back with Butcher. However, she realizes that Hughie needs all the help he can get to take down Homelander and agrees to keep being co-Captain of The Seven.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 3 Ending Explained

Back at Nathan’s place, A-Train learns about the racist attacks by Blue Hawk (Nick Wechsler) and Nathan asks him to use his influence for the community. Frenchie gets kidnapped by Nina’s men. Mallory resumes her story about the attack from the Russians on the US camp and we see how Payback messed up the defense by killing those on the side of the US because they couldn’t distinguish between allies and enemies. A bomb knocked out Mallory and when she regained consciousness, she found Noir’s skull split open, and Crimson Countess crying about the Russians kidnapping Soldier Boy. Mallory reveals that this was the reason why she took on the mission to make Vought pay because they weren’t held accountable for the mess in Nicaragua. MM feels betrayed that Mallory kept this fact hidden despite knowing his history with Soldier Boy.

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Butcher feels even more betrayed because she’s the one who recruited him for this Supe-killing business, with the promise of putting Homelander’s head on a plate, and never uttered a word about something that would kill Homelander. Mallory says that it probably won’t work on Homelander. Butcher says that there’s a chance it may work on Homelander. Mallory says that that’s worse because Butcher is going to use that to kill every Supe in existence until no one is left. Butcher says that’s a good thing because then Ryan won’t have to run from one safehouse to another and that Becca would have still been alive. When Butcher says he’s never going to forgive Mallory, Mallory says that Butcher is lying that he’s doing all this for Becca and Ryan. She says he’s doing this for himself and to vent his hatred and that he is his father. When Butcher storms out, Ryan tries to stop him and Butcher distances him by blaming him for Becca’s death. Ryan tears off the St. Christopher pendant and says that he hates Butcher.

Nina talks to Frenchie about their past and orders him to bring Cherie. Homelander welcomes Deep back by making him eat a lot of seafood and a live octopus (yes, the octopus that was seducing Deep), while comparing himself to Martin Luther King Jr. Frenchie and Kimiko plan to leave together. But they shelve the talk as Butcher and the rest of the boys come in. Butcher asks what Frenchie has done all day and he talks about his tête-à-tête with Nina. Butcher realizes that Nina, who has Russian ties, can help them get into Russia, which is where Soldier Boy has allegedly been held captive. So, he tells Frenchie to call Nina up. Supersonic reveals he has said “yes” to being in The Seven. Later, Butcher pukes up the rest of the V24 on Hughie. On American Hero, Homelander officially welcomes Supersonic and Deep into the Seven and then reveals that he and Starlight are now a couple. As Starlight and Homelander kiss for the camera, she takes her right hand behind her back to fight the pain.

The Boys Season 3 is streaming on Prime Video.

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