“The Big Door Prize” (season 2) episode 8 followed the school play designed by Alice, Dusty, and Father Reuben. After the play was over, Reuben confessed his feelings for Hana. Besides them, Trina & Jacob also acknowledged their love for each other. Meanwhile, after a couple of awkward conversations with Cass, Dusty decides to end their self-ploration pact and move back in with the family. However, he doesn’t tell Alice about his hasty decision. Now, “The Big Door Prize” (season 2) episode 9 follows Deerfield residents preparing for the Deercoming parade. While Beau fulfills his secret dream, Dusty learns something shocking about Alice’s vision.

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The Big Door Prize (Season 2) Episode 9 “Un-Selfploration” Recap:

Dusty (Chris O’Dowd) prematurely ends his selfploration plan with Cass (Gabrielle Dennis) and moves back home. After being used to living separately, they find it a bit strange to be waking up next to each other. While they try to make up for the lost time, Giorgio (Josh Segarra) suddenly calls out their names. So, Dusty and Cass come outside to find Giorgio and Nat (Mary Holland) with the restaurant staff, congratulating them for their un-selfploration day. In a usual Giorgio fashion, he makes a big deal out of a small event and turns it into a flashy celebration.

Meanwhile, Trina (Djouliet Amara) spends the night with Jacob (Sammy Fourlas) at his house. In the morning, she starts going through his desk and finds a Deerfest ticket he treasured as a memory of their first date. Right after, she notices a wallet that belonged to Kovac. Jacob reveals that he and Beau (Aaron Roman Weiner) found Kovac’s Morpho result card. But they decided not to check the details and to keep the mystery intact. Jacob doesn’t want to know what potential Kovac couldn’t fulfill. He also wants Trina to not check the result.

Beau’s Job-loss

After spending the night together, Trina and Jacob learn that Beau has lost his job at the rink. His boss was Trevor (Christina Adam), i.e., Jacob’s new friend whom he & Trina found pretentious. Since Jacob calls out Trevor for his annoying behavior, he assumes Trevor fired Beau out of their personal differences. So, he and Trina meet Trevor to get Beau his job back. Trevor reveals that he didn’t fire Beau because of his & Jacob’s argument but because he spends most of his time figure-skating. Jacob knows that it is Beau’s unfulfilled childhood dream.

The End of Selfploration

Giorgio & Nat ask Dusty & Cass about the end of their selfploration. It makes them consider whether it led them to be a better couple and to choose happiness or not. Cass talks about her new job at the restaurant. She also mentions that Dusty realized his love for astronomy and went on dates with Alice (Justine Lupe). They try to point out these events as their achievements. But while convincing Giorgio & Nat about it, Dusty & Cass struggle to find the point of their reunion. It looks like they are trying to convince themselves of their plan’s merits.

Dusty isn’t sure whether he made the right decision to prematurely end the selfploration. However, he is not brave enough to confront himself or face Alice. So, he decides to leave a ‘thank you note’ on Alice’s car like an awkward school kid! Alice notices him outside her house and takes the card. That’s the first time she mentions that Dusty was in her Morpho vision. But she didn’t tell him before because she didn’t want to freak him out. However, she doesn’t explain what he was doing in her vision. So, Dusty remains confused about his decision.

The Deercoming Parade

The Big Door Prize (Season 2) Episode 9
Mary Holland and Josh Segarra in “The Big Door Prize,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

The townspeople get together to finalize their plans for the upcoming Deercoming parade. When Izzy (Crystel Fox) starts telling them about their yearly plan, Hana (Ally Maki) asks why they organize a parade if there are no deer in their town. Even though the locals describe the yearly event, Hana can’t see the point of celebrating it. Izzy gets angry at Hana for stealing her spotlight. Eventually, Mr Johnson (Patrick Kerr) explains the tradition. Deercoming signaled the start of the deer hunt. However, since there are no more deer, they can’t celebrate it as before.

The Big Door Prize (Season 2) Episode 9 “Un-Selfploration” Ending Explained:

Does Beau get his job back?

Trina & Jacob realize that Beau is spending so much time figure skating because he wants to realize his unfulfilled potential. So, they convince Trevor to allow Beau an opportunity to spend some time on the ice. Because of them, Beau gets to figure-skate even though he doesn’t get a job. While practicing, Beau injures himself. So, Jacob calls Dr Woods (Carrie Barrett) to check on him, hoping they will plan their next date. Meanwhile, Trina tells Jacob about her unstable family dynamic after her parents decided to go on a selfploration journey. Since she has been feeling lonely, she wants to keep spending time with Jacob. Upon hearing that, Jacob offers her a key as a gesture to stay together at his house.

How did Dusty appear in Alice’s vision?

Before the Deercoming parade, Dusty bumps into Giorgio. While Nat & Cass speak about their parade presentation, Dusty helps Giorgio with the preparations. While doing so, Dusty reveals that he appeared in Alice’s vision but doesn’t know how and why. Giorgio recalls how the Morpho visions often revealed events from a person’s past and future. Since Dusty and Alice didn’t know each other well enough in the past, he believes Alice’s vision showed her future. So, restless Dusty decides to ask Alice about the vision.

Alice reveals that, in her vision, she saw Dusty on a plane with her. He gave her a gentle push to skydive. So, she figured it meant he gave her the push her life needed to pursue a dream she gave up on. That’s why she pursued Dusty in school after learning about his selfploration plan. Alice believes she must have also been in Dusty’s vision. After hearing that, Dusty recalls seeing a woman in his vision. But he can’t recall if it was Alice or not. Meanwhile, Cass opens up to Nat about being tired of Dusty’s habit of constantly poking fun at her habits. His remarks often made her feel insecure.

Why does Dusty return to Mr Johnson’s store?

After speaking with Alice, Dusty gets annoyed that they cannot see their vision more than once. He feels like he missed something in his vision. So, he goes to Mr Johnson’s store to use the machine. Mr Johnson points out that he can’t use it without a card. But Dusty stubbornly decides to find another way to start the Morpho machine. Since it doesn’t work, he starts hitting it to take out his anger. So, it malfunctions and tells him to ‘Please See Guide.’ Neither Dusty nor Mr Johnson aren’t sure what guide it is talking about. The season finale has a few answers in store for it.

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