Dark Winds (Season 2 Finale), Episode 6 ‘Beauty is Restored’: Recap & Ending Explained

Dark Winds (Season 2 Finale), Episode 6 ‘Beauty is Restored’: The second season of ‘Dark Winds’ on AMC followed Joe Leaphorn’s search for a dangerous white man linked to several crimes. The previous episode showed Joe interrogating the man in his prison. He was hellbent on finding the killer’s connection to the Drumco oil rig explosion that took the lives of six Native American people, including his own son. No matter what Joe said, the killer refused to let his identity known to the police and kept provoking Joe. By the end of the day, Sena decided to take the white criminal away from the station. However, on their way, the killer got the police car toppled. He escaped, leaving Sena and other officers injured. 

The finale of Dark Winds’ second season shows Leaphorn and Chee discovering additional evidence to prove B. J. Vines’ connection to the Drumco explosion. Bernadette leaves for her job at the Border Patrol.

*Spoilers ahead* 

Dark Winds (Season 2 Finale), Episode 6 ‘Beauty is Restored’ Recap:

Where did the killer go after escaping Sheriff Sena’s car?

After escaping the sheriff’s car, the white killer (Nicholas Logan) walks up to the house of B. J. Vines (John Diehl). The killer says that Joe suspects he works for Vines and is related to the Drumco explosion. He reveals he took care of the box that Rosemary (Jeri Ryan) claimed Tomas Charley stole from their house. B. J. advises the killer to go to New Mexico and offers him about five thousand dollars. He also offers a jeep for his travel. Once the killer starts walking, B. J. shoots him in the back and takes back his money. He also takes back the stick that the killer took from the box – probably to keep as a memento for his cruel accomplishments. So, the white man ends up dead not far away from B. J.’s house.

Meanwhile, after his accident, Sheriff Gordo Sena (A Martinez) gets hospitalized. Joe Leaphorn (Zahn McClarnon) shows him the pen the killer used to get out of the handcuffs. Sena recalls an incident from his past where he killed a person. This man had killed his wife but believed killing himself would bring him to hell. So, he called the law enforcement on himself. Sena was the last thing he ever saw. Based on this memory, he notes how killing a man bounds them to the killer. It all comes from his feelings of hurt and shock due to what transpired in his car. 

Jim Chee (Kiowa Gordon) continues his job as a private investigator. He notices B. J. return home with a gun. Chee confronts him about his ritualistic ceremony where he appropriated their traditions for his benefit like a witch. He hints at a witch in the lives of the Charleys. Since Chee criticizes his ‘spiritual ventures,’ B.J. lets him go by offering the money and closing the investigation he asked to conduct on Rosemary. Afterward, Chee unloads a bag to find a pamphlet for Acapulco, Tomas Charley’s documents, and his personal belongings, including a film roll. He wonders what its connection is to the Vines family.  

Leaphorns’ Investigation

Joe feels a strong connection between the white killer, the Drumco oil explosion, and Vines. He also forms a theory about it and decides to discuss it with his father, Henry (Joseph Runningfox). Joe believes that Emerson wants to clear his conscience related to his brother Dylan’s dirty work for Vines. That’s why he asked Tomas to steal the safe from Vines’ residence. Henry warns Joe to have all his evidence ready before going after someone as influential as Vines. Joe takes his father to the drilling site since he knows more about bombs than any man he can think of. 

The Leaphorn father and son reach the Drumco site. Henry points to peculiar signs to explain that the bomb blew up. Since Vince wanted it to look like an accident, the white man placed it high up and a little farther up from where it actually blew up. Joe deduces that he must have used the same blue wire he used in the clock, in the bomb to kill Emerson, and then in the doll for his grandson. Joe climbs up the tower to investigate and find a sold proof, whereas Henry walks up to the nearby structure. That’s where he finds a piece that blew up from the bomb. 

J. Vines’ Arrest

Despite the evidence, Henry feels that arresting B. J. Vines is of no use. He believes white justice would get B. J. out in no time – because he is a white man. Joe begs to differ and thinks times have changed for them. Later, Chee comes to the station to share his new discovery – Rosemary was having an affair with Tomas Charley. He learned it by developing the film found in Tomas’s bag. One of these pictures shows a document before B. J. doctored it. That’s why he wanted the original destroyed. It looks like B. J. wanted the Drumco site for cheap, which is why he doctored the original document. He did not care if he ended up taking the lives of innocent people. So, finally, Joe arrives at Vines’ house with his men and arrests him. 

Emma (Deanna Allison) understands Mary Landon’s (Jacqueline Byers) earnest intentions about the articles. So, she lets her publish it even if it possibly puts her in a position of harm. Emma makes it clear that she did not have kids after Joe Jr.’s death because she did not want them and not because of any external factors. Meanwhile, Rosemary meets Chee in person to speak about B. J.’s arrest. Chee shows photos of her with Tomas. He deduces she hired him to not let Tomas let B. J. know about this affair. So, she purposefully wanted him to find evidence against B. J. since it would earn her freedom. She gets restless since he figured out all the details. Afterward, she invites him to join her in Acapulco. He refuses to be another ‘brown man’ to tag along with her.  

The Indian Justice

A still from Dark Winds Season 2 Finale, Episode 6.
A still from Dark Winds Season 2 Finale, Episode 6.

As Henry thought, B. J. got out on bail right after he was arrested. Joe feels terrible that this evil man will face no repercussions for his actions just because of his white privilege. So, he decides to give him a dose of some Indian Justice. He shows up at B. J.’s house at night. B. J. was so stuck up with his ego that he did not even realize Rosemary left the house. But Joe knew that. During his dialogue, he realizes that B. J. still feels no remorse and is entitled to killing folks if it helps his purpose. So, he hurts this white man and puts handcuffs on him. Then, he drives B. J. to a desolate location. 

Along the way, Joe mentions an incident called The Long Walk, where Native Americans were forced to walk across the foot, barefoot, without food or water, which led to their tragic deaths. So, he decides B. J. has the same fate to realize what’s to be in their shoes. Joe stops his car in a deserted location and plans to shoot B. J. Even at that moment, B. J. could not think of any other thing but of himself. He offers loads of money in exchange for keeping him alive. Joe decides not to shoot him dead. Instead, he takes off B. J.’s handcuffs and drives away. So, B. J. is left there all alone and possibly freezes to death.  

Dark Winds (Season 2 Finale), Episode 6 ‘Beauty is Restored’ Ending, Explained: 

At the end of Dark Winds Season 2, Joe returns home after leaving B. J. Vines alone out in a freezing, desolate land. Emma senses what he is feeling just by the touch of his hand. But she chooses not to speak. It seems like their way of communication, where she silently acknowledges a freeing sense of catharsis. The next day, Sena tells him that B. J. has gone missing after he got bailed out of prison. He clearly understands Joe’s hand in this and warns him to ensure his safety. But Joe decides not to leave the place out of any such fear. 

Instead, he focuses on celebrating Sally’s (Elva Growing Thunder) baby’s transition to personhood. After all the chaos they witnessed, this soothes their nerves and gives them a much-needed sense of comfort. Before leaving for her job at the border patrol, Bernie says farewell to her father figure, Joe, and gets emotional. Later, she meets Chee, who decides to join the police force. These two finally acknowledge their mutual attraction and kiss each other.

While driving away, Bernie looks back at her town. She keeps a feather in the car that Joe specifically carved out for her. It finally dawns upon her that she is leaving behind the place she grew up in. After feeling a pang of sadness, she smiles with the hope of a better future. 

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