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True Spirit

True Spirit is a powerful and emotional depiction of the true story of Jessica Watson, a young Australian sailor who, at the age of 16, embarked on a solo journey to circumnavigate the world, despite suffering from dyslexia as a child. Directed by Sarah Spillane and released on the 3rd of February 2023, the film brings to life the trials and tribulations that Jessica faced as she braved the elements and the open seas, nonstop, solo, and unassisted, all while facing criticism from the media and government officials.

Despite criticism, Jessica, motivated by her family, mentor, and sailing community, was determined to achieve her dream. The story of another record-breaking sailor, Jesse Martin, partially inspired Jessica. She trained for years, honing her sailing skills and preparing herself for a rigorous journey around the world, which lasted 210 days.

The film masterfully captures the heart and soul of Jessica’s journey, showcasing her bravery and resilience in the face of adversity. The audience is taken on a thrilling ride, experiencing the dangers and beauty of the open seas while being inspired by Jessica’s unwavering spirit. The film also highlights the importance of following one’s dreams and persevering in the face of criticism, making it a must-watch for audiences of all ages.

True Spirit boasts stunning cinematography and performances, particularly by Teagan Croft, who plays the role of Jessica Watson. It has received widespread critical acclaim and has been praised for its ability to evoke deep emotions and connect with audiences on a personal level. “True Spirit” is now available for Netflix streaming and will leave a deep emotional impact on viewers.

True Spirit (2023) Plot Summary and Synopsis:

The movie begins with home video footage of a young Jessica Watson and her family. The footage is her reflection of the blissfulness of the sea, as she begins with the narrative, “I grew up on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, which means my family and I were never far from the ocean. If we weren’t in it, we were on it,” she continues. The next scene introduces us to the start of her story – her first test run, which is unsuccessful as she is attacked by a cargo ship. Subsequently, we follow traces of her journey from childhood to realizing her dream.

As a little girl, Jessica was driven and determined, and her clear-headedness and conviction impressed her parents, Julie and Roger, who Anna Paquin and Josh Lawson play. Despite their initial concerns, they eventually agreed to support her dream. Jessica’s passion for sailing led her to former sailing champion Ben, played by Cliff Curtis. He takes her under his wing and becomes her mentor.

As tensions rise, local and international media criticize her decision to travel solo at a young age. While some accuse her parents of irresponsibility, others wonder why such a young girl, who should supposedly be at school, is planning to circumnavigate the world. However, with each step, Jessica’s determination is unwavering, even as the adults around her, particularly her dad, begin to doubt. Despite the odds, she set out to become the youngest person to traverse the globe.

True Spirit
True Spirit. Teagan Croft as Jessica Watson in True Spirit. Cr. Julian Panetta/Netflix © 2023

In the first month, Jessica excitedly makes vlogs for her blog, which is run by her sister at home, Emily. She crosses the equator (from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemisphere) on the 33rd day, marking her first milestone. With this success comes an increased fanbase and support from various people worldwide. But soon, the journey takes a bad turn.

After surviving a terrible storm, Jessica soon begins missing her family, despite being in constant communication with them. On day 113, her depression kicks in as the wind ceases, leaving her stuck in the ocean. The lack of wind rolls on for another seven days. During this time, she questions her dreams and almost gives up. However, an emotional call with her mum lightens her mood and encourages her to press forward.

Jessica Watson is set to complete her circumnavigation while pushing herself to her limits, with only 3040 miles to get home. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come. With just a few days left to reach home, her monitors detect incoming storms five times the size of the last one.

Despite advice from her mentor, fans, the media, and her parents to pull into port, Jessica insists on going through the storm with a simple plan: to let it guide her. When the storm hits, it is worse than anticipated. Her boat capsizes, and she is buried 15 feet deep in the sea as she grabs on for dear life.

True Spirit (2023) Movie Ending, Explained:

Back at home, Jessica’s family fears the worst. They dread the news of her death and are all in a state of mourning when the phone rings. Thankfully, it is Jessica. She exhales deeply and explains that her boat, which she named “Pink,” saved her. Pink was miraculously pulled back into the ocean’s surface by the wind.

Greatly relieved to hear the news, her family and mentor shed tears of joy and prepared for her heroic return as they quickly dispersed the press by informing them of Jessica’s safety.

On May 15th, 2010, 16-year-old Jessica Watson returned to Sydney Harbor, Australia, after 201 days at sea. She survived seven knockdowns and waves that were over 70 feet high. In celebration of her return, over 80,000 people gathered to welcome her home. In her welcome speech, when addressed by the Prime Minister of Australia as “the hero of Australia.” Jessica respectfully corrects him by saying, “I’m just an ordinary girl who believed in her dream. You don’t have to be anyone special to achieve something like this. You just have to find your dream, believe in it, and work hard”.

The real Jessica Watson was named ‘Young Australian of the Year’ in January 2011 for her incredible nonstop, solo, and unassisted journey. 

The compelling movie is a truly inspiring story that celebrates the human spirit. The film captures the essence of adventure, the beauty of the open seas, and the thrill of pushing one’s boundaries. Overall, it is a must-watch for audiences of all ages.

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