Death and Other Details Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: “Death and Other Details,” created by Heidi Cole McAdams and Mike Weiss, is a Hulu murder mystery series set in a luxury ocean liner, hosting the uber-rich Collier family and their guests. Episode five of “Death and Other Details” ended with the ‘World’s greatest detective,’ Rufus Coteworth (Mandy Patinkin), finding the elusive criminal mastermind Viktor Sams’ place of operation, hidden in the walls alongside the ship’s port side. “Death and Other Details” episode 6, “Tragic” ups the game as Viktor Sams claims another life. At the same, Rufus and Imogene (Violette Beane) gradually piece the puzzle together and get closer to the truth. 

Episode 6 is more focused and has a better pacing. It hints at a sinister conspiracy that’s closely intertwined with the Colliers’ corporate malfeasance. Now, let’s take a look at the tragedies and realizations that drive this episode. Spoilers Ahead.

Death and Other Details Episode 6 ‘Tragic’ Recap: 

Did Sunil know about Viktor’s Server Farm?

“Death and Other Details” episode 6 opens with a 1992 TV program that broadcasts Rufus Cotesworth’s supreme sleuthing skills. Little Imogene (Sophia Reid-Gantzert) watches the show. In the show, Rufus explains proudly how he cleverly retrieved a Contessa’s (Italian royalty) stolen jade necklace. The elated show host calls Rufus the ‘world’s greatest detective,’ and that moniker has stuck with him. When the host further asks if Rufus has any advice for the aspiring sleuths, he says, facing the camera, that the ‘greatest detective’ is defined by their pursuit of truth at all costs—little Imogene beams with joy at this. 

In the present, Imogene and Sunil Bhandari (Rahul Kohli) have sex after boarding the ship. In the last episode, they had quite an adventurous time in Valletta, Malta. During the after-sex conversation, the two exalt each other’s qualities. Of course, things between them are going to change soon. In the last episode, Rufus – followed by Teddy (Angela Zhou) and Leila (Pardis Saremi) – axed a section of a wall in the cramped corridors to find Viktor Sams’ servers. It looks like the server farm runs along every exterior wall in a few of the ship’s decks. The ocean keeps the servers cool. 

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Leila has previously talked to a spooked ex-NSA contractor who reveals he has traced Viktor Sams to Argentina. Teddy asks Leila when her source traced Viktor Sams’s location. Leila says it was November 2021. It makes sense to Teddy since the ship was on a Buenos Aires tour during that month and year. Teddy wonders how such a big operation has unfolded right under their nose. Rufus believes the logistics of building and maintaining such a server farm requires a lot of people. Most importantly, it wouldn’t have happened without the knowledge of the ship’s owner, Sunil. 

Annie Learns about Danny Turner

In the ship’s prison cell, the former security chief, Jules (Hugo Diego Garcia), and murder suspect Winnie (Annie Q. Riegel) have a conversation. Winnie is proud that she is part of something bigger, thanks to Viktor Sams. She believes they will punish the people who have been above the law for a long time. Winnie also wants to recruit Jules for their cause. However, Jules bursts her faith in Viktor Sams. He mentions Keith Trubitsky isn’t actually a millionaire but only an assistant to Rufus. Jules wonders how killing Danny has helped make the world a better place. He says Winnie has been lied to and wants no part in it. 

The Collier siblings – Anna (Lauren Patten) and Tripp (Jack Cutmore-Scott) – get high in order to temporarily distract themselves from the devastating deal with the Chuns. They sing off-pitch and share their personal grievances. Anna reveals that she had sex with Eleanor Chun (Karoline), and Leila has asked for a divorce. Anna also believes her dreams of becoming CEO are obliterated since the Chuns will now control the board. Tripp doesn’t have much life advice for his sister, as he himself is branded as the family’s black sheep. 

Why does Llewellyn Look Dejected?

Colliers’ lawyer, Llewellyn Mathers’ (Jere Burns) yearning for punishment has reached the extremes. He bears burn marks on his chest after his rendezvous with Interpol Agent Hilde Erickson (Linda Emond). In the upper restaurant deck, Llewellyn meets Father Toby (Danny Johnson). He conveys the grim news of Lawrence Collier’s deal with the Chuns. Llewellyn fears he might either be ousted or will have to report to Shanghai. The lawyer looks remorseful when he says to Toby that they deserve this.

Leila stays close to the server farm and promises to crack the password in a few hours. After leaving Sunil, Imogene meets Rufus and gets the bad news. Meanwhile, Sunil’s joy fizzles out when he receives a phone call from Viktor Sams. Sunil has a hidden flip phone for the purpose. He insists that he won’t spy anymore for Mr. Sams. The guy in the white suit, who followed Sunil and Imogene at Valletta, seems to work for Sams. When Sunil cuts the call and tries to break the phone, he is stopped by Imogene. 

What does Alexandra want from Agent Hilde?

Obviously, Sunil found a way out of bankruptcy by relying on Viktor Sams’s money. And, of course, Sunil has never met the man, but only an intermediary. Five or six years ago, Sunil met Andreas Windeler (Christian Svensson) – the same guy who followed Imogene and Sunil. Andreas conveys Viktor’s only request to Sunil, i.e., the server farm. Sunil took the deal without any reservations. Moreover, until the murder of Keith, aka Danny, Sunil didn’t hear from Viktor Sams. He is asked to report on the developments in the investigation. But Sunil swears he stopped reporting about Imogene the moment he heard about Viktor Sams’ involvement in her mother’s death. Sunil also says he didn’t say anything about the Colliers shipment bill or their meeting with the forensic accountant in Valletta. 

Sunil truly seems to have fallen for Imogene, although she finds it hard to trust the guy anymore. Rufus thinks the ship is the perfect cover for Viktor Sams to run his international blackmail operation. But still, there’s no answer to why Viktor Sams sent Winnie to kill Danny. Imogene and Rufus tie Sunil to a chair, and soon, they receive shocking news. Just as Llewellyn has a conversation with Father Toby and Agent Hilde sits alone to have her lunch, Governor Alexandra (Tamberla Perry) enters the restaurant deck. She takes a file from her suite’s safe and brings it to Hilde. Alexandra says there’s more than enough in the file to put away Lawrence Collier. All she wants in return is full immunity. 

Who Is Viktor Sams’ Next Victim?

Hilde asks to see the document. When she opens the file, it’s all blank pages. Alexandra doesn’t have much time to register her shock as she vomits blood and dies. Alexandra’s death shatters Tripp Collier. He recalls his last conversation with Alexandra, where she warned him about the unscrupulous nature of his family. Tripp directs his anger at Llewellyn, whom he believes is an accomplice in the crime. Rufus and Imogene rush to the upper deck as Agent Hilde orders the guests to return to their rooms. 

Rufus briefs Hilde about Viktor Sams and his operation on the ship. Hilde shares information about Alexandra’s reason for approaching her with the file. It is apparent that Alexandra is killed by poisoning. But Imogene wonders why the Governor is wearing full sleeves in the warm weather. She unwraps the sleeves to reveal the red patches in the skin. Rufus says she has been injected with poison for at least three days, and her frequent coughing was misunderstood as allergies. Since Alexandra was injected onboard, Imogene connects it to the vitamin drips provided in the pool deck. And guess who gave out those vitamin drips? Winnie – the culprit in Danny’s murder, too. 

Death and Other Details Episode 6 'Tragic' Recap
A still from “Death and Other Details” Episode 6, ‘Tragic.’

What does Leila Find in the Server Farm Files?

As they go to the jail cell, Rufus and Imogene are joined by Winnie’s sister, Angela. They once again question Winnie about Viktor Sams. Winnie says the same as Sunil: she was ordered to do things through the flip phone in her room. Winnie also narrates a story from her past about her friend, Keeley. Back in China, the pregnant Keeley worked at a factory. She worked for long hours, and her baby was born prematurely and lived only six days. The doctors said that the benzene in the air at the factory was the reason behind the tragic incident. But Keeley blamed herself for the baby’s death and eventually killed herself. 

Winnie says Viktor Sams targeted the factory owner, and subsequently, she became part of his mission. Though Winnie feels remorse for killing Danny, she believes his murder is to achieve a greater purpose. In the server farm, Leila cracks the password. She sees there are files on plenty of people, including everyone on the ship. Leila accesses the photos sent in the blackmail email to Alexandra. She sees her conversation with the ex-NSA agent right before her alleged accident. Leila also stumbles upon a video file in the folder named Anna Collier. It shows Anna having sex with Eleanor Chun. 

What did the Colliers’ Factory do in China?

Rufus and Imogene return to Sunil’s office. There’s a message from Ines – the forensic accountant – on Sunil’s phone. The message says the shipping receipt of Captionem Blue (a pigment used by Colliers in cloth manufacturing that was banned in 1989) is from 2005. Subsequently, Imogene confronts Anna Collier. She connects Winnie’s story with the shipping bill. Collier Mills has been using a banned poison chemical at their factory in Jiangsu, China. Anna argues they did make mistakes in China, but she fixed it immediately after learning about it. Furthermore, she states that her quest to build the company from scratch – after the ‘China accident’ -led them to the verge of bankruptcy.

An enraged Imogene accuses the Colliers of paying blackmail money to Viktor Sams. In fact, she believes Anna covered this up and more. Imogene also believes Anna knew about Viktor Sams’ involvement in her mother’s death. When she accuses the Colliers of criminal behavior, Anna retaliates by calling Imogene ungrateful and a thief. Meanwhile, Agent Hilde wants to question Lawrence Collier. But she is unable to get past Katherine Collier and her lover, Father Toby. 

Death and Other Details Episode 6 ‘Tragic’ Ending Explained: 

Why Llewellyn  Calls Rufus a ‘Hack’?

Soon, the power goes down in the ship. Leila and Rufus realize that Viktor Sams has been watching them the whole time. Rufus also thinks that they are getting close to the truth. It’s why their foe is taking extreme measures. In the upper deck, Rufus and Imogene come across a commotion. They see a vexed Llewellyn standing near the edge, ready to kill himself. Before throwing himself off the ship, Llewellyn accuses Rufus of not finding the truth about Kira’s (Imogene’s mother) murder, though the clues were right in front of him. Llewellyn proclaims he has loved Kira. But without revealing anything more, he plunges into the ocean.

Imogene and Rufus search Llewellyn’s suite for any clues. Imogene questions if Rufus found out about Llewellyn’s love for Kira when he interviewed him years before. She asks him to walk her through every detail of her mother’s case. But Rufus looks dejected as he recalls an event from his past. In 1992, while gambling in a pub, Rufus outsmarts a guy in a card game and gets a pricey necklace in his possession. When Rufus looks to sell it, the pub owner says that it could be Contessa’s stolen jade necklace. 

Can Imogene Solve the Mystery from the Past?

It becomes clear that Rufus Cotesworth became the ‘world’s greatest detective’ by accident and luck. He is definitely good but not great, and Rufus confesses he couldn’t bluff his way through Imogene’s mother’s case. Another individual whom Imogene has reluctantly trusted seems to be an untrustworthy character. Nevertheless, Imogene asks Rufus to talk about everything he saw eighteen years ago while investigating her mother’s case. At the end of “Death and Other Details” episode 6, Imogene firmly believes she can figure out the mystery with the details that escaped Rufus’ attention. It looks like there will be more journeys to the past before Imogene finds Viktor Sams’s motive and identity. 

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