Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Season 3), Episode 5: In the latest episode of Demon Slayer, the invasion of the Swordsmith Village by the demons Hantengu and Gyokko continues as we see the titular demon slayers starting to fight back, with the help from the Hashira. The story also adds to its mystery with the enigmatic swordsman Yoriichi making another appearance. Though the episode suffers from some pacing issues, with some ill–timed flashbacks being the culprit, it is another action-packed entry with beautiful animation in what has been a strong season so far.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Season 3), Episode 5 Recap:

The episode opens with Kotetsu guiding Muichiro toward Kanamori’s location, and he has climbed a tree to avoid the fish demon attacking him. Muichiro kills the fish demon, and Kanamori and Kotetsu are glad that the other is safe, as Muichiro asks Kanamori about his sword, which the latter notices is damaged. He says that Muichiro’s new sword is ready, also adding that Tanjiro had requested him to be understanding towards Muichiro, visibly surprising him.

Kotetsu reminds them that Haganezuka could still be in danger, and Kanamori guides them to a smith’s hut, which has a new sword for Muichiro, but Muichiro stops them before they can get too close to the structure. Gyokko, the demon, reveals himself, impressed that he was noticed by Muichiro, whom he recognizes as a Hashira.

Fish demons continue their attacks on the Swordsmith Village, and the swordsmiths struggle to fight back, and many are injured or killed. As one group is about to be slaughtered, Mitsuri the Love Hashira shows up and kills the demons in an instant with her unusual, whip–like sword. They thank her and plead with her to rescue the village chief, and she makes her way to his house.

At his home, the demon slayers who were meant to guard him have already been killed, and a giant fish monster is about to crush the chief, Tecchin Tecchikawahara, to death with its fist. His aide tries to help but is unable to as he is no match for the demon. Mitsuri shows up in the nick of time and saves the chief, who had forged her blade himself. She catches him as he falls, leading to a lighter moment where he says he is fine as a beautiful young lady is holding him, and she is playfully embarrassed.

Elsewhere, Tanjiro regains consciousness inside the damaged building as a running Nezuko is carrying him away because Sekido is about to attack with his lightning, which, when launched, stuns the two of them. Tanjiro manages to grab Nezuko and run back inside the building as Urogi attacks them. Sekido wants the buildings destroyed, and Karaku obliges by creating a massive gust of wind.

Nezuko holds onto Tanjiro’s sword tightly enough to draw blood, to his horror, and refuses to let go even when trapped under the debris of the destroyed building, also ignoring Tanjiro’s pleas for the same. Hantengu’s clones begin looking for the two in the ruins of the building, confident they will find them once the dust settles, and Nezuko is still holding onto Tanjiro’s blade.

Back in the forest, Gyokko shows them a creation of his, which comes out of one of his pots. It is a horrifying sight: distorted bodies of swordsmiths with swords stabbed into them, which Gyokko is very proud of. He sadistically speaks of features such as the rough hands owing to years of hard work, their broken masks, and the fact that twisting one sword causes them to scream in pain. Kotetsu and Kanamori are brought to tears by this terrible sight, especially since they recognize all of the smiths.

Muichiro is furious, speaking in a completely different way than usual as he attacks Gyokko, interrupting his speech. Gyokko dodges and reappears in another pot, which is also destroyed swiftly by the Hashira, causing Gyokko to complain. Muichiro deduces that this demon can be killed by cutting his head off, as unlike Hantengu, he is dodging attacks meant to cut off his head.

Gyokko uses his powers to create a vase in his hand, from which two fish demons emerge and start firing needles at Muichiro, who skillfully dodges them. The fish demons notice Kotetsu and Kanamori and fire at them, but Muichiro shields them. Despite being injured, Muichiro doesn’t show any signs of being in pain and quickly tells the two smiths to leave, blocking more needle attacks immediately after, and the two leave.

Finding enjoyment in seeing the paralyzed Hashira, Gyokko questions whether he can sense the effects of the poison and mocks him for saving lives that are insignificant, only to lose his own. This remark unexpectedly strikes a chord with Muichiro, who recalls a memory of someone telling him that his life had no value. He remembers the moment vividly: it was a hot summer night, the door of his house was open, and the sound of cicadas filled the air. Gyokko is excited to use the Hashira to create a new piece of artwork, but Muichiro grows irritated with his incessant chatter and charges at him.

Gyokko imprisons Muichiro in a pot of water, intending to drown him to death. Muichiro tries to break through the pot with his sword, but his efforts are in vain. Gyokko revels in obstructing the Demon Slayer’s breathing, which he considers to be their greatest weapon. He expresses his delight at the thought of seeing the Mist Hashira’s face as he perishes. Additionally, he notes that by destroying the village, the Demon Slayers will be severely weakened, and Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s death will follow.

Tanjiro pleads with Nezuko to release his blade, but she finally uses her blood demon art and engulfs the weapon in her flames. He observes as the blade transforms into a vivid red color. Then, a female voice remarks on her amazement at seeing the sword of the samurai turn red during battle, with Sumiyoshi (Tanjiro’s ancestor) as an onlooker. Tanjiro realizes that he is witnessing an ancestral memory of his forefather. The samurai the girl is referring to is the Demon Slayer, who dons the same earrings as him.

The samurai’s sword was black, like Tanjiro’s, and must have been capable of turning red like his during battle. Tanjiro thinks to himself that despite his increasing strength, his body remains susceptible to harm. Nevertheless, someone or the other has been saving him, allowing him to continue living. Everyone who has helped him wanted to vanquish demons

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Season 3), Episode 5 Ending Explained:

How does Tanjiro defeat Hantengu’s clones?

As Tanjiro advances to continue the fight with the three clones of Hantengu, Karaku expresses amusement at the sight of Tanjiro wielding a new weapon. At the same time, Urogi asserts that it will not aid him any further before launching himself at Tanjiro with the intention of killing him. However, Sekido notices the blade’s intense red hue and, through the memories of Muzan, realizes that it belongs to the swordsman who had cornered and nearly slain him. As the scar on his head ignites into a fiery mark once again, Tanjiro lifts his weapon in readiness to strike. The figure of the enigmatic swordsman begins to superimpose over Tanjiro, deeply surprising the demons.

Tanjiro employs his signature technique and swiftly decapitates Urogi by slashing his neck. He then rushes forward and severs Karaku’s neck before dashing towards Sekido and cutting through his neck, executing all three demons in one fluid, dragon-like attack. He recollects the moment when he had gained the strength to behead Gyutaro (the Upper-Rank Six in season 2), his altered breathing and enhanced physical prowess, and the sensation of intense heat throughout his body and forehead.

Confident that he can dispatch the clones, he searches for the remaining demon Aizetsu, intent on beheading all four at once to kill Hantengu once and for all. He quickly spots Genya in the forest with him, who has already impaled Aizetsu with his own weapon on a tree and severed his head. However, when he calls out to him, Genya turns his head, revealing fangs protruding from his mouth, bulging veins, and his eyes now black and yellow.

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