There are some films that simply can’t put what’s on paper to the screen. In the case of Sound of Metal, the script is a thing of beauty but it somehow gets diluted in the midst of a superfluous performance from Riz Ahmed. So much so that the screenplay for Sound of Metal – an essential part of who Ruben is as a character feels incomposite.

Look at how the Sound of Metal screenplay – co-written and Darius Marder and Abraham Marder talks about Ruben’s trailer and how he wakes up to the beauty around her. The details are so vivid that someone looking at the film with an audio description might just find it all the more beautiful.

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Sound of Metal is about Ruben – a drummer in a two-piece metal band who starts losing his hearing ability. He is supported by his girlfriend Lou (Olivia Cooke) but this new change in his life needs some major decision-making. She takes her to a community of deaf people so that Ruben gets used to his new standard of life.

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The Amazon Studio produced film is looking at a singular shot for Riz Ahmed for the Best Actor in a Leading Role nomination and win. Ahmed, who has been in the game for quite some time gives a heartbreaking and physically challenging performance in the film.

His expressive eyes and way of emoting things hint at a person who would burst out at any minute. However, most of its expansive vividness comes from Darius’s subtle approach. He is more eager in knowing Ruben’s future than how he deals with the change in life. He wants the character to feel the stillness in life as he grows out of self-pity and really takes life for what it is.


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