Echo 3 (Season 1) Episode 9: With its previous episode, Echo 3 entered a penultimate chapter in the rescue mission – central to the show’s narrative. After their continuous efforts to save Amber, Bambi & Prince are finally entering the facility where she is held captive; while the show previously dealt with the interpersonal dynamics in a relatively slower pace of narration, the new episode from this week dives right into the heart of the action. It presents a thrilling retelling of a real-life operation. It deals with the 45 minutes of free slot assigned to these army men to carry out their operation without the authorities’ notice.

Echo 3 (Season 1) Episode 9 Recap ‘Scorched Earth’

Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff, the episode is written by Mark Boal, Zach Craley, and Mauricio Leiva Cock. Previously, we saw Bambi (Luke Evans) and Prince (Michiel Huisman) giving a pep talk to the locals about their mission to rescue Amber (Jessica Ann Collins) from the Venezuelan facility. After heading there through a waterway, they finally arrive at their destination behind the barbed wires. They walk through the nearby jungle and slowly make their way while hearing the sounds from a party near their pool, which they had not expected. While Prince heads one unit, Bambi heads another one.

Echo 3 (Season 1) Episode 9 Recap

They locate the guards and decide their plan to head inside. Since most of the local residents are sleeping, they have the challenge of walking with no sound not to get noticed by anyone of them. Through the pitch-black darkness, they make their way toward what they consider Amber is being held. Slowly and steadily, they look for possible threats and try to eliminate them in the best possible way. (Kudos to the excellent direction that keeps the high stakes in these rescue sequences intact!) While Prince is fulfilling his part of the operation, Bambi reaches the room where they thought Amber to be.

However, he cannot find her over there and sees just a mattress. He calls out her name, but there is no response. He asks his associates to check if she is on the rooftop, but she is not there either. He informs her absence to Prince, which makes him feel that they killed her. Bambi tries to make him believe otherwise and to believe in their mission to rescue her in a safe and alive condition. While one of their vehicles is about to enter, the local guards open the gate. At this moment, they start executing the locals. As Bambi rightfully expected, it creates havoc inside the facility.

Since their guns have silencers on, there is no sound of them firing the bullets. These men keep killing the locals while they try to save themselves from this sudden, unexpected attack. Prince then heads into a room filled with women who appear traumatized. Since he cannot find Amber there, he informs the troop about it. Meanwhile, Graciela (Maria del Rosario) wakes up from her sleep after learning that the facility is under attack. She heads out with other rebels and looks for the signs of these men. She quickly realizes that it is for the American woman in their captive and orders them to bring out the bazookas.

While the innocent locals try to save their lives, the two opposing parties try to gun down each other like a war. Meanwhile, Violeta (Martina Gusman) sees a breaking news flash on her mobile phone that talks about the Colombian army striking against the Venezuelans. There is also a photo attached to it from the battlefield. It seems to be because Bambi & Prince went in with Colombian army badges, which makes the news channels assume it. But Violeta finds it hard to believe since her husband had clearly mentioned that their government is not involved in any action against the Venezuelans.

On the facility, the two sides keep shooting each other to show their allegiance to their respective missions. When Prince sees Graciela running towards another side, he recalls her as one of the rebel extremists in the jungle. So, they decide to follow her – considering she is going toward the place where Amber is held captive. While the bazookas of these rebels keep making their operation difficult to follow through, they are hellbent on rescuing Amber to let go of their mission.

Graciela, meanwhile, contacts the captain about the pictures, which he thinks are not real. She notes them being a false flag. She confirms with him her suspicion that someone is impersonating as Columbian army and that the president knows about it. Bambi heads with a few of his men in the facility toward Amber’s possible location. Along with Prince, he notices more soldiers trying to pin them down. He then throws a smoke bomb to create a distraction and to make them not notice them clearly.

Taking benefit of this situation, Bambi then walks by himself toward Amber’s location. On her way, Graciela gets shot and dies right away. He reaches there and shouts out Amber’s name. She also responds from the inside and seems deeply fazed. While he initially plans to plant a bomb, she tells him that her room is filled with gas, which would instantly put her at risk. So, he decides to destroy the heavy door with a sledgehammer.

Echo 3 (Season 1) Episode 9 Ending Explained

Do Prince & Bambi manage to rescue Amber safely?

After Bambi’s constant efforts to break down the door, the siblings finally meet and embrace with a hug. She is still unsure whether it is real because of similar hallucinations she was having recently. On their way out, she keeps noting that she did not break about her mission and kept her allegiance to their government.

Outside, Prince meets her, and they share a hug. Then the three of them head to their vehicle, run away, and rescue her from the terrifying captivity. While they manage to make their way out, the facility gets blown up into flames. Visual communication stands out in this episode, which proves to be compelling due to an endlessly fascinating direction.

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