Entourage Movie [2015] Review : Hollywood 101 with Ari Gold & The Boys!

Entourage Movie

A movie star, a manager, a driver, an annoying brother & the one person who babysits them all. Yes! Entourage (The Movie) and self-loathing is back and so are films and their filthy, irritating process of making. 4 years after the show ended, Entourage the movie picks up from right there. Vince is out of his 9-day long marriage, Ari Gold is now a studio head, Eric ‘E’ is having a baby while he roams around town getting laid to younger, bouncier and hotter chicks, Turtle has a beachside house to his name and Drama is still struggling.

For those of you who have no idea what Entourage exactly is –  It was an HBO primetime series that followed the life of Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), a renowned movie star and his ups and downs in downtown LA, widely known as Hollywood. Unlike most of the day to day movie stars who walk the paths of the red carpet along with their better half, Vincent Chase usually takes his Entourage around, be it to a breach-out holiday destination between films or a big studio’s editing room. There’s also Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), who is an ultra abusive & energetic agent by day and the only one who can walk in and join the Entourage by night.

Entourage is one of my favorite shows ever. It doesn’t have the emotions and drama that a show should possess but still, the show stays really close to my heart. Maybe it’s the countless number of boobs that are presented in the name of eye candy or maybe it’s the overall Hollywood setting that makes it so likable. I was in awe of the show back when it was in its prime and was a loyal fan until the very end, even though a lot of people gave up on it. Mostly the reason behind my loyalty was the relentless ass-kicking super-agent Ari Gold. I still confess and accept that he is my favorite television character ever. Does the film maintain the essence of the show? Mostly, Yes! But there are numerous times when it doesn’t.


The film revolves aroundHYDE, a film that Vince isn’t just starring in, but is also made from his viewpoint. He is wearing the directorial cap instead of condoms, while the new breed of women seems to be shifted towards Eric (Kevin Connolly) who is now, in a sort-off open relationship with Sloane (Emmanuelle Chriqui) who is going to have a baby soon. Ari heads the studio that’s producing HYDE but things are not working in his favor as the film has overflown way past its budget. The movie revolves around a film in itself. When you watch the movie, watch it for the studio head who has to do the impossible task of being three different people at the same time, an actor/director who has to save his film while his brother has just jerked-off to a wrong type of fame & a fat-friend who is not fat anymore trying to fall in love with a woman who can squeeze him like a sponge.

The film has all the possibly thrills to form a good 4 to 5 episodes of the show and it’s exactly what you expect it to be. It’s simple, enjoyable and lovely to pervert-at. For something that could have only sucked big time, Entourage manages to propose a toast for all the long earned fans. It’s a gateway for people to walk through the streets of Hollywood in an after-party sort of setting. Every now and then the movie will make you feel like you’re back to your binge-watching days when Ari Gold starts punching pictures to the ground or when Drama has a mental breakdown. Having said that, the film is a bit convoluted, most of it will not make sense if you start putting your head to it. Doug Ellin’s film feels like a satire on Hollywood in some ways but the sad part is, he is never trying to satirize it. He is just trying to have fun with all the people who made his life, a special one.

The main flaw with Entourage is Eric’s whole subplot relating Sloane and the other girls. It feels like Eric’s character had a complete transitional period and is a bigger douche than all the others on board. There are at least 2 dozen celebrity cameos. Some of which are really cool while the rest of them are completely unnecessary. Also, there’s a wasted Billy Bob Thornton and his whole plot involving Haley Joel Osment and Emily Ratajkowski which feels completely forced. I simply loved when I heard Jane’s Addiction’s Superhero as the superbly done title credits kicked-in. 

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Entourage the movie is for the fans of the show. I don’t really think someone new to these characters will enjoy them, just as much. But that’s completely up to you.


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