Among most streaming services that have hit the OTT space in India, Hotstar remains a big competition. One of the main reasons is its association with Star India – Which in itself is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. For a long time, the association with HBO boosted the catalog of the streaming service to such great heights that it was indispensable. However, with the latest change in Hotstars’s rooster, with HBO pulling the plug on its content going on the now Disney+ association, it feels like searching for the best Hotstar TV shows can be an issue. 

However, to fix that problem, I have jotted down this ever-expanding list of TV Shows that are a must-see if you have a Disney+Hotstar subscription and don’t know where to begin your binging journey. 

1.  Better Things (FX) | Created by Pamela Adlon and Louis C.K | Total Seasons: 5

Best Hotstar TV Shows - Better Things

Starring Californication fame Pamela Adlon as Sam Fox, a divorced actress and single mother of three daughters who live in Los Angeles, the FX show finds juggling her acting career, parenting responsibilities, and personal life while dealing with the challenges and joys of raising three girls who are growing up too quickly.

Exploring the themes of motherhood, aging, family dynamics, relationships, and the struggles of women in the entertainment industry, the series hinges on the balancing act that Sam has to put on every single day.

One of the reasons why it is the best tv show to stream on Hotstar is its portrayal of the struggles and triumphs of being a modern woman. However, its real triumph lies in telling us that there is joy in the chaos of every day, and we must embrace it with open hands.

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2. It’s Always Suny in Philadelphia (FX) | Created by Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney | Total Season: 15

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Possibly the longest-running show on FX and TV history in general, the show follows a group of friends who own a bar in Philadelphia and get into various absurd and often inappropriate situations.

The show centers around Dennis Reynolds, Dee Reynolds, Charlie Kelly, Mac, and Frank Reynolds. Dennis and Dee run Paddy’s Pub, a rundown bar that serves as the backdrop for the show’s crude and politically incorrect humor.

Each episode features the gang coming up with a Ponzi scheme that gets them into trouble. Ranging from faking disability to winning a basketball game to other less offensive bits, the show doesn’t shy away from pushing controversial topics into the foreground whilst remaining true to its spirit.

Among many things, the satirical take on American culture is one of the many reasons why It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has developed such a loyal fan base and remains one of the most loved tv shows of all time.

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3. This is Us (NBC) | Created by Dan Fogelman | Total Seasons: 6


Dan Fogelman’s This is Us premiered on NBC back in 2016 and followed the lives of the Pearson family, including parents Jack and Rebecca, and their three children, Kevin, Kate, and Randall.

Through a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards, the central idea of the show was to show the different stages of the lives of the Pearsons, with the themes of family, love, loss, and everyday challenges being the central arc of each character.

The reason why the show became such a mega-hit with only 2 seasons in, is how it dealt with the complexity that defines a family unit. The sensitivity with which it deals with issues like addiction, race, adoption, and mental health makes it a real stand out.

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4. Mrs. America (FX) | Created by Dahvi Waller | Total Seasons: 1


Created by Dahvi Waller, Mrs. America tells the story of the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in the 1970s and the opposition led by conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly.

Featuring an ensemble cast including Cate Blanchett as Schlafly, Rose Byrne as feminist activist Gloria Steinem, and Uzo Aduba as Shirley Chisholm – the first Black woman elected to Congress, the 9-episode long miniseries explores the perspectives of other key figures in the women’s movement, including Betty Friedan and Bella Abzug.

Via its exploration of the ERA and the political and cultural battle that went down, Mrs. America sheds light on the complexity of divisive issues such as gender, race, and power dynamics in American society. The show features incredible performances from its ladies and takes extra care to highlight the motivations of the women involved in both sides of the battle.

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5. Devs (FX) | Created by Alex Garland | Total Seasons: 1


Created by Alex Garland, the writer, and director of films such as “Ex Machina” and “Annihilation,” Devs follows the story of a young software engineer named Lily Chan (played by Sonoya Mizuno) who works for a secretive tech company called Amaya.

After her boyfriend Sergei (Karl Glusman) goes missing, Lily begins to investigate his disappearance, leading her to uncover Amaya’s true purpose: the development of a quantum computing system that can predict and determine the outcome of any event in the past or future. The head of the project, Forest (Nick Offerman), is a reclusive genius who believes that his machine can solve the mysteries of the universe and alter the course of history.

With stunning visuals that complement Garland’s vague but otherworldly storytelling capabilities, the series follows Lily’s quest to dig deeper, only for her to stumble onto company secrets that open up a world of conspiracy, power struggles, and morally ambiguous questions.

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6. The Bear (FX) | Created by Cristopher Storer | Total Seasons: 1

Best-Hotstar-TV-Shows-The Bear

FX’s hit drama series The Bear was one of the biggest and best shows of 2022. The story follows Carmy (played by Jeremy Allen White), a talented chef from the world of fine dining who returns to his hometown of Chicago after a family tragedy. Upon his arrival, he decides to take over his family’s struggling sandwich shop, confronting with the harsh realities of small business ownership while also grappling with the devastating loss of his brother to suicide.

As Carmy navigates the challenges of transforming the shop and rebuilding his relationships with his estranged family, he must also contend with a fiercely independent kitchen staff. Despite their initial resistance, the rough-and-tumble crew ultimately becomes Carmy’s chosen family as they band together to overcome the shop’s obstacles and support one another through life’s toughest moments.

With razor-sharp directorial flourishes that put the anxiety right into the kitchen, The Bear is a poignant exploration of grief while a simultaneous look at resilience and the power of community.

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7. The Dropout (Hulu) | Created by Elizabeth Meriwether | Total Seasons: 1


The limited drama series by Hulu tells the true story of Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of the now-defunct healthcare technology company – Theranos.

Played like a true master by Amanda Seyfried, the show charts Holmes’ rise to fame and fortune with her revolutionary blood-testing technology, which she claimed could diagnose multiple diseases with just a few drops of blood. However, her empire soon crumbles when it’s revealed that the technology doesn’t work as promised, and she’s charged with fraud.

In just a half-dozen episodes, the show is able to provide a detailed and captivating look at the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes,  including the internal workings of her company and the various legal and ethical violations that led to her downfall.

For true crime enthusiasts, The Dropout is a must-see as it provides a much-needed psychological dive into Holmes and the people around her, as well as the media scrutiny and public backlash that followed.

Stream Hotstar TV Shows – Watch The Dropout Here

8. The Old Man (FX) | Created by Jonathan E. Steinberg, Robert Levine | Total Seasons: 1

Best-Hotstar-TV-Shows-The Old Man

The Old Man, like its very name, is about Jeff Bridges’ Dan Chase, a former  CIA operative and Vietnam veteran who has been living in seclusion in Vermont for three decades. After an intruder breaks into his home, Chase is forced to take matters into his own hands.

He gets involved in a deadly conspiracy that threatens to expose secrets from his past. As he goes on the run, he finds himself forced to rely on the help of Zoe McDonald, a kind-hearted woman who offers him a place to stay. The two of them are then forced to navigate the dangerous lives that they have gotten themselves into.

Using a slow-burn, character-driven approach, The Old Man gripping and emotional exploration of the consequences of our past actions and the lengths we’ll go to protect those we love.

Stream Hotstar TV Shows – Watch The Old Man Here

9. Fleishman Is in Trouble (FX) | Created by Taffy Brodesser-Akner | Total Seasons: 1

Dark comedy is a tough genre to really crack into. One little slip and the entire thing comes crumbling down. Thankfully, Fleishman Is in Trouble, which is based on the novel of the same name by Taffy Brodesser-Akner, isn’t one of those instances. The show follows the story of Toby Fleishman (played by Jesse Eisenberg) – a recently divorced man who is trying to navigate the dating apps scene in his forties.

As he juggles his job as a hepatologist, the demands of his children, and the challenges of dating in the digital age, he finds himself struggling to keep his head above water. Meanwhile, his ex-wife Rachel has gone missing, leaving him to pick up the pieces of their shattered relationship.

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10. Litle Fires Everywhere (Hulu) | Created by Liz Tichelaar | Total Seasons: 1

Best-Hotstar-TV-Shows-Little Fires Everywhere

Based on Celeste Ng’s novel of the same name, Little Fires Everywhere stars Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington and is set in  Shaker Heights, Ohio, in the 1990s.

The series follows the intertwined lives of two families from different socioeconomic backgrounds. On the one hand, the Richardson family is wealthy and privileged, and on the other hand, the Warren family is struggling to make ends meet. The story kicks in when the Warrens rent a house from the Richardsons, their lives get entangled.

Exploring the themes of privilege, ambition, and sacrifice, Little Fires Everywhere focuses on rich character development to provide the viewers with an intriguing premise that is heavy on the takeaway.

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