Fast X (2023) Movie Ending Explained High-speed cars, death-defying action sequences, the resurrection of the dead, and the tussle between everything in the world and the family of Dominic Toretto are all essential ingredients of any Fast and Furious film. The tenth and latest installment of the series comes precisely in the way, keeping all of these and maybe taking them to new heights with Fast X.

Besides two hours and twenty minutes of destroying half of the world and using the imagery of this chaos to draw parallels between Dante’s (ironically the main antagonist of the film named Dante) ‘Hell’ blatantly and casually, the film frustrates and frustrates confidently with every new scene. There is no concrete plot, and the writers join some ideas out of nowhere. Also, most annoyingly, Jason Mamoa tries to play a psychopath and a worshipper of chaos, resembling the legendary ‘Joker,’ is become the lowest piece of caricature and mockery I can imagine. 

However, you aren’t here for criticism, so let’s dive deep into the film in more detail. Readers are warned to go further from here only if they’ve seen the movie, as it will be full of spoilers.

Fast X (2023) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis:

Dominic Toretto and his crew received a top-secret request from an undisclosed organization to acquire a highly coveted computer chip during its transit in Rome, Italy.

To ensure the safety of Dom’s son Brian “Little B” Marcos, he and his wife, Letty Ortiz, decide to stay behind while the rest of the team embarks on the mission. However, their peaceful respite is abruptly interrupted when Cipher, bearing visible injuries, seeks refuge at Dom’s residence. She reveals that Dante Reyes, the vengeful son of the notorious drug lord Hernan Reyes, has coerced her crew into turning against her by threatening their loved ones.

Dante uses them as pawns to exact revenge on Dom for his father’s demise and the subsequent loss of his family’s fortune a decade earlier. Little Nobody, a government agent, apprehends Cipher only after she discloses that there was never an official Agency mission in Rome. Realizing Dante has set them up – Dom and Letty embark on a daring mission to rescue their team.

Meanwhile, Dante cunningly traps the team in Rome inside a truck rigged with a deadly metal ball bomb. Dom and Letty relentlessly pursue them, determined to save their friends. The bomb is unleashed upon the city streets, threatening widespread devastation. Displaying unwavering courage, Dom manages to divert the bomb’s path, directing it into the flowing currents of the Tiber River, thereby minimizing the potential damage. Unfortunately, Letty is apprehended by law enforcement, and Agent Aimes, the de facto leader of the Agency following Mr. Nobody’s disappearance, firmly believes that Dom and his crew are responsible for the bombing. As a result, Aimes initiates a relentless chase, offering a staggering multi-million-dollar bounty on their heads.

In Los Angeles, Dom’s estranged brother Jakob intervenes to rescue Little B from a team assigned to abduct him. Together, they seek refuge in a clandestine location in Portugal, where they await Dom’s arrival. Meanwhile, Tess, Mr. Nobody’s daughter, wholeheartedly believes in the team’s innocence. Utilizing the advanced surveillance system known as God’s Eye, she manages to track down Dom in Naples and informs him that Dante has sought refuge in Rio de Janeiro.

Driven by a burning desire for justice, Dom confronts Dante and agrees to a high-stakes race. Joining them in this perilous endeavor are Dom’s close friend Diogo and Isabel Neves, the sister of Little B’s late mother, Elena. During the intense race, Dante reveals that he has planted explosive devices in Diogo’s and Isabel’s vehicles. With no means of reaching Diogo in time, Dom selflessly crashes into Isabel’s car, dislodging the bomb just before Diogo’s vehicle erupts in a fiery explosion. Tragically, Dante emerges as the victor of the race.

In the aftermath, Tess covertly visits Letty at an undisclosed Agency facility, inflicting a minor injury that lands her in the prison’s medical center. Within those walls, Letty unexpectedly crosses paths with Cipher, leading to an unlikely alliance as they discover the location of the secret black site—Antarctica. Determined to escape their confinement, they join forces to devise an escape plan.

In the bustling streets of London, the remaining members of Dom’s team find themselves left with no choice but to seek assistance from Deckard Shaw, a former adversary turned reluctant ally. Deckard agrees to aid them after discovering that his mother, Queenie, is a fugitive for assisting Dom in the past.

Jason Momoa as Dante in Fast X (2023).
Jason Momoa as Dante in Fast X (2023).

Agent Aimes eventually tracks down Dom and manages to apprehend him, but their encounter is swiftly interrupted by Dante’s ruthless mercenaries. Realizing they share a common enemy, Aimes and Dom join forces to combat the mercenaries, Tess arrives just in time to offer her support.

However, Dante unveils his most sinister move yet—he has captured Isabel, leaving the team devastated. Wounding Tess gravely, Dante seizes control of God’s Eye and uses it to locate Little B in Portugal. A determined Dom, however, rescues Isabel from Dante’s clutches, while Aimes pledges his allegiance to help Dom bring Dante down. With their sights set on Portugal, Dom’s team prepares to confront their adversaries and seek justice for all they have lost.

Fast X (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

Is Dom Dead?

Dante and his army of mercenaries locate the hideout Jakob, and Little B are using in Portugal. After their detection, they escape in a cannon car. But soon, they are cornered in the streets by Dante. In the meantime, Dom comes to their rescue. But still, the dad on the side, Little B, is kidnapped, and Jakob sacrifices his life to clear the roads for Dom to pursue Dante to save his son. 

Eventually, Dom rescues Little B and follows Aimes lead to reach a dam. Dante corners them at the dam again, with two fuel trucks blocking their way. Meanwhile, Roman and his team also come there in a plane but are shot down by Aimes, revealing that he is a double agent working for Dante from the beginning. 

Now, with nowhere to go, Dom drives off the edge and down the slope of the dam, landing safely in the water, but Dante reveals the dam is rigged with explosives and sets them off.

Now, as the film’s main protagonist and the makers’ intention to split the finale into two parts, it is unlikely Dom will die. And still, if he dies, it is easier for the writers to resurrect him out of nowhere.

What Is Cipher’s Plan?

Speaking of the resurrections, the last scene shows us the reappearance of Gisele Yashar from a nuclear submarine emerging under the ice. 

It is Cipher’s plan to build an alliance with Dom’s family first and help Letty from the agency’s black site prison in Antarctica. And after they flee from there, she brings Gisele back in her big plan to confront and end all this chaos once and for all. 

Where Does Deckard Shaw Go?

While Roman and his team get nowhere to go for their supplies of tech, weapons, and transport, Han suggests going to the person whom he, himself not supposed to go – Deckard Shaw. 

Meanwhile, the agency’s goons track and attack them in Shaw’s hideout. Shaw and Han show camaraderie and sustain the attack with others.

Though he initially shows a little hospitality towards helping Roman and his team, he agrees to help them after he learns that his mother is in danger. 

Also, he packs his bag with guns and ammunition and drives away from them, saying he will dig some graves. It indicates that maybe in the next installment of the main franchise or the second installment of Hobbs and Shaw, he will return to kick the butt out of everybody. 

What does the mid-credit scene in Fast X (2023) Mean?

Where is Hobbs? 

Though thoroughly absent in the film, the mid-credit scene shows Hobbs and his team storming an abandoned building and finding nothing but a phone ringing. He picks up the phone and hears Dante’s voice on it. 

Dante reveals that Hobbs pulled the trigger on his father’s head. So, now it is his time to suffer, and he is coming for him. Hobbs replies that he is waiting for him. 

Ultimately, all these cliffhangers imply that something big is coming in the ‘Avengers Assemble’ style for the showdown between the beloved family and the devil. Since then, we have to wait and try to speculate who will come out of death in the next installment.

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