Final Cut (2022) Movie Ending Explained: How ‘Z’ changed Remi’s relationship with his Daughter in the Most Bizarre way?

Final Cut (2022) Movie Ending Explained

Michel Hazanavicius’ Capouze or Final Cut was first screened during last year’s Cannes Film Festival. This movie is actually a remake of a popular Japanese film called One Cut of the Dead from 2017. In reality, the remake is actually much quirkier compared to the original. It includes jokes about Europeans being condescending and having typical stereotypes about the Japanese, making it even more exaggerated. Occasionally, it might seem like it’s trying too hard in ways that weren’t planned. The best thing is Michel Hazanavicius pays homage to the original by keeping intact the essence even in the poster.  Spoilers Ahead!

‘Final Cut (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

The film begins in the most bizarre way possible as we see a Zombie trying to attack a woman. The woman cries, expressing her grief because before turning into a Zombie, that human used to be her lover. She says ‘I Love You’ right before the Zombie bites her. Just then, we see the camera start showing the crew behind the film, and the director goes to the actress, telling her that he needs more feeling in the scene.

Soon after, he starts screaming at her, even slapping the Zombie actor. Then he leaves, and the camera follows the actor and the actress. Subsequently, we see the makeup artist telling stories about the place where the shoot is taking place. She says that the Japanese used to conduct experiments on bringing the dead back to life.

So, this place is somehow haunted because of its horrifying past. Right after that, we see a real Zombie attack on the set, and the actors and the crew are going haywire because of it. The director arrives, saying that he has triggered the curse. It was a year ago, when he was writing the final sequence, he discovered the ‘thing’ in the Shiwandjuku village.

He calls upon the dead to elicit the exact emotion from his leading actress. The director wants to capture the real tears filled with fear for the final sequence. However, there are a lot of killings of blood, and then the actress comes to a spot where a bloody star is painted. As the myth goes, one can only summon the dead through the bloody star. Bizarre, isn’t it? Well…the actual film begins after this.

What is the story behind ‘Z’?

One month before the shooting of this peculiar film, Mounir, the producer meets with his advertising filmmaker friend Remi. Remi is a highly talented director, but he’s learned to adapt to the industry’s ways over time. For him, filmmaking should be cheap, fast, and average. On the other hand, his daughter, Romy, still an aspiring director who assists other directors, has the talent to become one of the greatest directors of all time.

Romy disapproves of fake tears and primarily focuses on genuine acting. She even tries to convey this to a child actor, which results in losing her job. Moreover, she possesses a rebellious spirit that Remi appreciates deep down, but he also tries to ensure she understands how the industry operates – cheap, fast, and average. Anyway, in the midst of this situation, Mounir arrives with Mrs. Matsuda and her translator, bearing the script for a Zombie film to be broadcast on a new Japanese platform. The name of the film is ‘Z.’ However, the name itself seems inconsequential. Nonetheless, this is just the beginning of the bizarre events Remi is about to enter.

The producers have two more demands on behalf of the broadcasters: first, the film will have no post-production as it will be broadcast live from the set, and second, it must be a one-shot, 30-minute movie. Remi initially denies the opportunity to make the film as he understands they approached him because no one else will make such a bizarre film. But the moment he realizes how much Romy admires Raphael Barrelle, the lead actor of ‘Z,’ he sees it as an opportunity to prove himself as a capable director in front of his daughter. He decides to direct the film, and we are introduced to the rest of the crew.

Final Cut (2022) Movie Ending Explained
A still Final Cut (2022)

Raphael is a method actor who is relatively new to the film industry. However, he has already made his mark with his Adam Driver-like charm and character portrayals. The real challenge lies in his high opinion of himself, making it difficult to direct him. The other actors do not align with Remi’s initial plans, but he understands that nothing can be more off-kilter than the script itself. He changes the Japanese names of the characters. However, the broadcasters insist on filming the original script with minimal alterations. Thus, the preparation for ‘Z’ begins.

What difficulties does Remi need to overcome?

In the acting crew, you have Raphael, the main actor, who acts all high and mighty, using fancy words and collaborating with great actors. Then there’s Nadia, who does makeup and is married to Remi. Philippe, the cameraman, is a bit of a drinker. Finally, Ava, Raphael’s co-star, seems stressed and overworked. She is mostly an Instagram influencer, though. Remi’s initial worries about making a zombie movie with such a bizarre cast and script quickly turn into a busy process of actually making the movie. He walks around in well-lit hallways and stairs, solving problems that pop up at the last minute.

For example, while Raphael, Ava, and Nadia try their hardest to improvise, Philippe slides into the bathroom to have some Sake and then loses consciousness. Jonathan, who has diarrhea, leaves the room just before his turn to come as a zombie in front of the camera. Remi doesn’t complain because there is no time for that. The film is one shot, and nothing can go wrong as the broadcasters are watching it live.

The fact that Remi wants everyone to be happy, especially his wife and daughter Romy, makes his commitment ever so affluent. Remi and his team rush around the camera, think quickly, and fix problems. This makes the zombie movie Final Cut seem different. It’s not just a regular scary movie; it’s like a big team effort, a frustrating yet exciting challenge, a relay race, and a difficult job all at once captained by the one and only Remi. In fact, it’s an ode to the madcap dash of small-budget filmmaking.

Final Cut (2022) Movie Ending Explained:

How ‘Z’ changed Remi’s relationship with his daughter in the Most Bizarre way?

As we reach the climax, Final Cut turns into more than just a movie; it transforms into a tale of people collaborating to create something special, even when they encounter unexpected challenges. During a scene, the crane meant for the film’s final shot breaks. Remi can overlook all the mishaps concerning the cast, script, and everything else, but not the final shot. He even shouts at his producer friend, Mounir, when Mounir suggests taking the shot casually without using the crane.

Remi’s determination to capture the shot exactly as planned intrigues Romy. She sees the man she admires and a director for whom nothing is more important than the essence of storytelling. She takes great pride in her father. However, moments later, Remi decides to capture the shot in a cheap, fast, and average manner. “Z” reaches its climax, and as on multiple previous occasions, Romy devises a solution to replace the crane. She gathers everyone on the set and forms a human pyramid to position the camera at the highest point possible.

The scene unfolds as follows: Ava will eliminate everyone in the film and then stand in the center of the “bloody star.” She will look at the camera, and then the credits will appear. Everyone joins together to form the human pyramid, including Remi, Philippe, Nadia, Jonathan, and Raphael. Romy ascends to the apex of the pyramid, assisted by her proud father, Remi.

The most unusual climax of the most peculiar zombie film is captured. The crew erupts in collective joy, and Remi asks Romy where she got the idea. She shows him a picture of Remi carrying her on his back, with a camera in her hand. Romy has drawn inspiration from her own father, who actually used to be a great storyteller rather than a cheap, fast, and average filmmaker.

Final Cut demonstrates how families can play a significant role in our lives and influence our choices. The relief the crew feels at this point stems from achieving something deemed impossible, something…extraordinarily rare. Regardless of their quality, movies can bring people from diverse backgrounds together as a family, as seen in Final Cut. Kudos to Remi and the crew for this heartwarming achievement.

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