Five Days at Memorial Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: The previous episode of Five Days at Memorial showed the beginning of an investigation against the doctors from Memorial hospital. They pushed the characters from being in a mold of heroism to fallible human beings. Dr. Anna Pou, who was at the center of this investigation becomes a crucial factor in the 7th episode, where primarily the morality of their medical decisions is discussed through the ongoing investigation. The fate of dead patients from the hospital becomes central to these last three episodes.

Five Days at Memorial Episode 7 Recap: 

Episode 7, titled ‘Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen’ begins with Butch (Michael Gaston) and Virginia (Molly Hager) speaking with Mrs. Everett, wife of late Lifecare patient Emmett. She mentions his optimistic nature which is what makes her question whether he would even think to give up on his life. Later, we encounter events 33 days after the hurricane, where Butch and Virginia bring a warrant so that they won’t be denied permission to enter the premises by security. They go over the devastation caused in the hospital’s interiors while they find canned goods and water bottles stacked up. They also come across a bag full of syringes, just like the pharmacist – Mr. Nakamaru had described to them before.

While they now have a piece of physical evidence, Butch mentions how they still need eyewitness testimony to make their case stronger. Meanwhile, Anna (Vera Farmiga) starts working at another hospital but seems worried about the impending fear of a case and the implications of misconduct. When Butch and Virginia go meet the coroner, he mansplains the work and legacy of his department to her to put himself in a position of power. When he is required to speak about the events from the hospital concerning the case, he stays loyal to the bureaucracy and behaves just how an old, white man would – disregard anyone else and try to assert himself as the superior one. While he doesn’t approve their request to test the tissue samples, he tries to please them with an alternate solution. Outside the office, Butch mentions to frustrated Virginia how the medical committee, including those like him, is not going to take the blame for this thing on their shoulders.

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At his house, Butch tries to cheer up his wife who hasn’t gotten over the loss of their daughter. He gets a call from Virginia telling him about a doctor who willingly wants to speak with them. The next thing we see is them visiting Dr. Bryant King (Cornelius Smith Jr.) who mentions incidents during the days he was in the hospital. Since there were only 6 dead bodies at the hospital chapel the last time he saw there, he was shocked to see the number of bodies later recovered. He mentions that people don’t die to that extent even under dire circumstances like the ones they were in. He shares the conversation his associate overheard happening between Dr. Pou & Dr. Cook that baffled him.

However, he couldn’t do anything because of being black. He mentions the racial profiling done by the higher-ups who constantly tried to villainize them, from not letting black civilians inside the hospitals to claiming loots or rapes happening around in the town to implicate black people in it. He felt helpless but tries to get the word out about the evil-intentioned doctors inside the hospital. He tells about an incident where he saw Dr. Pou carrying a bag full of 10cc syringes with a pink needle although not injecting them into the patients. Since he was fed up with racial profiling and lethal practices, he decided to leave earlier than others.

Five Days at Memorial Episode 7 Recap Ending Explained (2)

We are shown television news clippings that mentioned the misconduct from the Memorial hospital including clips of Dr. King speaking about it. Seeing this news, Dr. Baltz (Robert Pine) shares his sympathies for him but seems more concerned with the reputation of the doctors. He gets annoyed with the information being put into the public opinion forum. Meanwhile, Ms. Isbell (Tammy Isbell) – the nursing director for LifeCare hospital, is seen being questioned by the officers. She tries to defend the patients while reinforcing the ignorance shown by the authorities. At her hospital, Dr. Pou is indirectly told with some professional jargon, to stop working as a surgeon. She still believes that whatever she did was ethical while her husband & her family friends are supportive of her.

Virginia learns that one of Dr. Pou’s brothers is a federal drug fugitive which makes her findings to be stranger with every passing day. Mentions of this in the series also implicate different angles the officers thought of while looking for reasons for Anna to do what she did. Meanwhile, Butch shares the toxicology report which says that 9 of the 18 dead patients that were patients, tested positive for morphine. While they still look for more evidence, Dr. Pou is told by her lawyer that they need to start preparing for her defense. She faints by this news since she did not expect things to reach this level. The lawyer tries to comfort her and reassure her that the doctors will stand by her in this case. He even plans a visit through the hospital for them to understand the terrible conditions that the Memorial hospital staff worked under. Meanwhile, Mrs. Everett has a word with Virginia about the proceedings in the case.

Five Days at Memorial Episode 7 Ending, Explained: 

Butch and Virginia visit the hospital again where Mr. Nakamaru (Jeremiah Oh) shows them the insides of the pharmacy and the record where Dr. Pou is mentioned as the last person to have taken something from there. At the same time, Dr. Pou was going through the hospital premises with her lawyer and other doctors. When the officers learn about her presence, they go and meet her. After their awkward & brief interaction, the doctors decide to leave. On their way out, her attorney mentions to not worry about the police investigation and to focus on what they’re doing to make their side of the case stronger. Meanwhile, Butch gets a call that mentions that Ms. Kirsty Johnson, with whom they spoke before, has more information she wants to share.

Dr. Pou keeps up with her attempts to persuade her superior to let her get back to work in their hospital. She is so desperate to get back to that life of a doctor that she even follows him inside a supermarket to convince him. Meanwhile, Butch and Virginia are told by a doctor that the 9 cases (involving morphine dosage) are categorized are homicides. After getting this piece of additional evidence, they learn about Ms. Johnson’s visit to the office. While speaking with them, she mentions being an eyewitness to the incident of Anna injecting the dosage into the dead patients. She also confirms testifying for the same.

In the end, we see Dr. Pou being arrested by Virginia which happened almost 11 months after the hurricane. Anna tries to defend her arrest mentioning her requirement at the hospital for her critical care patients. But in the end, she is taken out by the police officers.



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