Foundation (Season 2) Episode 4: With every new episode, ‘Foundation’ is revealing itself as an increasingly enriching experience. Hari Seldon, who is considered a prophet on the Outer Reach, is on a ship with Gaal and Salvor. Earlier, we saw him have a body and ceased to be a copy of his consciousness. While Poly Verisof and Brother Constant found Hober Mallow, the commander got turned to dust when he went near the vault. Meanwhile, Bel Riose agreed to join the 20th fleet to war.

Now, the fourth episode shows these characters discovering new details about their new encounters. Queen Sareth and Dawn together to know more about Day. Meanwhile, Brothers Poly and Constant bring Hober Mallow to Terminus.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Foundation (Season 2) Episode 4 “Where The Stars Are Scattered Thinly” Recap:

Hober Mallow & The Vault

Poly Verisof (Kulvinder Ghir) and Brother Constant (Isabella Laughland) take Hober Mallow (Dimitri Leonidas). Their eventual meeting with Director Sermak (Oliver Chris) lets Hober know that Constant is Sermak’s daughter. They all take Hober to the vault to show his name engraved upon him. Hober gets baffled why that is, considering he is but an infamous trader. Anyhow, he walks toward the vault and gets pulled into it. Constant follows him inside, and then Poly. Hober finds them there and asks why they reached so late. It makes them understand that time works differently inside.

Moments later, the Director also enters the mysterious place. While walking around in its seemingly endless structure, Constant discovers a place that leads others there. Suddenly, Hari Sheldon (Jared Harris) appears in the room and surprises them with his presence. While the visitors question whether the reality inside the vault is real, Hari claims that the vault is made of molecules. ‘The Vault manipulates molecules,’ he claims. He recognizes Poly as the young kid looking at the vault in awe. Hari also shares his awareness about the presence of the church. He asks for their help to prevent a possible war between the Empire and the Foundation.

Hari shows Prime Radiant, which Poly knew to be with Salvor Hardin. He guides them on how they can help prevent the second crisis. The director claims he can stop the war by himself without the need to do anything else. After Poly’s interruption, Hari tells the brothers to go to Trantor as peace agents to prevent a war from happening. He expects Poly and the others to convey that the Foundation is not harmful. Constant feels extremely fortunate to be able to receive orders from the Prophet himself and an opportunity to fulfill them. Hari appreciates her loyalty and then tells them to leave at the earliest.

Foundation Season 2 Episode 4 Recap
Cassian Bilton and Ella-Rae Smith in “Foundation,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

Poly still wonders why Hari killed Warden Jagger. It was because Jagger claimed only him to be worthy of the holy spirit. Polly calls it a divine intervention. While the others leave, Hari asks Hober to stay back for a while. Hari calls Hober – ‘a man of influence’ – who worked through dishonest means and is grief-stricken. Hari does not believe that the Empire will easily accept his peace offering. As a result of this, he sends Hober to deliver a counter-approach in case their prior attempt fails.

Queen Sareth’s Agenda

Queen Sareth (Ella-Rae Smith), who arrived in the Tranton empire, had ulterior motives for her visit. She seeks answers to what happened to her family and the Empire’s involvement in it. While she portrays herself as naïve, she intelligently makes her way toward finding the truth. During their walk through the trees, she makes Dawn (Cassian Bilton) sense that she reciprocates his feelings toward her. While he had suspected her involvement in the assassination attempt on Day (Lee Pace), she manipulates him into getting him to question his identity. Meanwhile, we learn that the Queen’s Enjoiner, Rue (Sandra Yi Sencindiver), once had an affair with Dusk (Terrence Mann).

Bel’s Siwenna Visit

Bel Riose (Ben Daniels) and Glawen (Dino Flescher) enter Siwenna to get an understanding of its locals. Glawen informs him that the inhabitants are armed and reckless. Unfortunately, Bel cannot resist his impulses to fight without any thought. While Bel finds it cathartic, Glawen finds Bel’s recklessness irresponsible. ‘By the time you recognize an atrocity, you may have already been complicit in one,’ he notes. Bel does not consider himself to be at blame. Later on, the couple comes across Patrician Barr. Bel asks him about the information he has about the Magicians. They take their conversation further, and the couple stumble upon his books. One of them is on two sides in contemplating the rationale of war they fight against one another. Glawen says that he has not seen a book. It conveys how thinking about one’s actions is perhaps restricted to a degree.

Nevertheless, Glawen firmly believes one should ask about one’s actions. Patrician then shows one of the visitations by the Magicians – Constant and Poly. Bel recognizes the personal aura in Constant’s hand. Patrician also shows Poly’s connection to the foundation. He notes the rumors about the spirit of prophet Hari Sheldon in the Vault. Patrician informs them about whisper ships that navigate without Spacers. Suddenly, the locals arrive at Patrician’s doorstep. So, he requests Bel to kill him instead of the endless suffering he will be subjected to by his friends outside. Bel shoots him down and then, along with Glawen, leaves Siwenna with extraction packs.

Foundation (Season 2) Episode 4 Ending Explained:

Back in Tranton, the Queen of Sareth’s hand man brings a masked man to share his knowledge about the Empire. Sareth makes him trust her to ensure his safety. So, Markley reveals his face and asks how much she can pay. She asks him to command the treasury of Dominion to know whether Cleon XVII had a hand in the deaths of her family members to receive a pay of his desire. Markley says that he knows how to begin its investigation. Sareth asks him to find the tape from the time of the assassination attempt on Brother Day. It seems like Sareth was behind the vicious attack by Blind Angels. Meanwhile, Hober gets out of the Vault and informs the brothers about Hari’s plan. Hari wants him to depart and go on his mission through their ship.

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