Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure, currently streaming on Netflix, is a ten-episode animated ‘mini’ mini-series; each episode lasts around ten minutes. Armed with a simple but intriguing story, ‘Gudetama’ has multiple ‘cute’ bombs; and it is impossible not to get swayed by the giddy conversations between the delightfully charming characters. With a plethora of egg-related inventive characters, the series’ blend of unbridled optimism and acceptable pessimism under the guise of a zany and frolicking adventure story would crack a smile on the hardest grump’s face.


Gudetama is a hugely popular invention from the Japanese entertainment company ‘Sanrio.’ Sanrio’s works specialize in the ‘Kawaii’ section of Japanese pop culture. ‘Kawaii’ means cute. It is the absolutely overwhelming adorable traits of these Kawaii characters that made them so popular. And why not? Isn’t Totoro’s undeniably adorable quality an important part of that Hayao Miyazaki character’s popularity? Without undermining the inventive mind and sketches of Miyazaki san, one could argue that it is. ‘Gudetama’ is one of the key ‘Kawaii’ characters of Sanrio. And one look at it, and it becomes apparent why. 

Gudetama An Eggcellent Adventure Netflix mini-series

Gudetama in Japanese means ‘Lazy egg’. And it is as it describes. Gudetama is a perennially lazy and disdainful egg. An egg out of its shell with a yellowish yolk provides a solid outline for it. This Netflix series, termed “An Eggcellent Adventure,” is focused on Gudetama and another chirpy and equally adorable character. Shakipiyo. Shakipiyo is a newborn chick. Gudetama and Shakipiyo wake up to the darkness of the inside of a refrigerator. The indomitable Shakipiyo tries to recruit Gudetama on a journey. A journey to find their mom.


“An Eggcellent Adventure” immediately positions the always-intriguing blend of two polar opposite characters bonding through the same journey. Shakipiyo has all the energy and spirit to embark on a journey filled with perils, while Gudetama is resigned to its fate. Gudetama loves to give up and become someone’s lunch as quickly as possible. Shakipiyo would have none of it. So, when the duo starts their quest, it is needless to say that the dichotomy in their outlooks on the world is the cornerstone of the story that follows.


Written by ‘Amy,’ and adapted by Ardwight Chamberlain, the story in this ‘Eggcellent Adventure’ really lives up to its name. The adventure introduces us to many ‘egg’ characters. Each one with its own unique traits. And more often than not, these characters pose a refined and philosophical question for the adult audience while being endearing for the children. We have a ‘Guretama,’ a rotten egg, showcasing how eggs can get rotten and become the smellier and more disdainful version of Gudetama. A fifteen minutes hard-boiled egg, known as ‘Hard-Boiled,’ rolls on with a helping attitude. Then there is an egg mafia. The boss of which is a huge omelet. The colorful egg-characters Gudetama and Shakipiyo encounter and befriend are aplenty, and they keep us looking forward to each episode.


Amidst all these egg characters, there are some human characters interspersed as well. The Prime Minister’s character especially is infused well with the lazy essence of Gudetama. That episode, while being weird, juxtaposes a little politics with a lot of heart. And it is the heart that this little adventure relies on mostly. Even the ‘villains’ of this series are not immune to Shakipiyo’s earnest persistence. The human who comes across this magnificent duo of the chick and the lazy egg cannot help but get swept by the cute absurdity of all of it. And that is the case with the human audience of the show too. 

The animation of the series is endearing and (if you still need the reminder) cute. There is always a risk involved when one tries to weld an animated world along with live-action worlds. The experience often becomes jarring. However, ‘Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure” manages to avoid that. The trick of that relies on the story and the voice acting. Here, not everyone can see these unique and absurd characters. A talking egg, for instance. However, the cold realist world does not come across as an intrusive interruption. It comes across as a poignant reminder of what it is, as opposed to ‘what it could be.’ It asks for more imagination. And that is where Gudetama and Shakipiyo triumph. 

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