Little Women (Season 1 Finale), Episode 12 Recap and Ending, Explained: Creators Kim Hee-Won and Chung Seo-Kyung bring Season 1 of Little Women to an incredible and wholesome end. We want to see how David could maneuver past Goliath and win. Here, we see In-Joo and Choi as the reigning underdog form of David to take on their nemesis in Wong-Sang-a, a Goliath on a killing spree for sheer thrills. With the end of Wong Sang-a close, their weapon is Hwa-Young’s return from the dead. This courtroom appearance changes the narrative and answers all the mysteries surrounding the death of Hwa-Young and why events turned out the way they did.

It is hard to say what and where the first, second, or third act started and ended. The narrative breaks into bits and pieces keeping the real players hidden even from the viewer’s ability to catch on to what is happening. We learn many new truths and as they rise to the surface, the season finale feels even better than the way it began. Only because we thought the 70 million won was lost but was it? Also, in hindsight, the one whom you thought was the hero turns out to be the hero and it makes everything better. This episode does not surprise you as the others did. It gently tugs on your sleeve to say let’s see what the end can be for three struggling siblings.


Wong Sang-a Fights for Power To Meet a Deserving End

While In-Joo was always searching for Hwa-Young, her natural intuition was correct. Choi always threw her off her scent so that the plan was never in danger. Hwa-Young’s identity had to be kept secret. In the courtroom, Hwa-Young testifies that In-Joo is innocent in this whole matter. Due to this sudden appearance, everyone has questions. Hwa-Young does a separate conference where she releases a video of Wong Sang-a killing Hwa-Young’s lookalike (someone she found on a website who wished to commit suicide without anyone knowing). Shocking as it may seem, the press is thrilled to find their answers. Wong Sang-a’s true nature is out in the open.

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Wong Sang-a does not stop and continues her killing spree starting with the Principal of the Wonryeong School who blew the whistle on her on live television. She tests his loyalty for one last time with her father still in a coma on the bed. She asks him why she could never be part of the Jeongren Society. He said it was never possible. When she stabs him with a potent extract of the Blue Orchid flower, he collapses and grips her leg to tell her she could never be part of it because he knew she was crazy from the beginning.

She puts up one last fight for power when In-Joo is released from prison and she tries to summon both siblings to meet their death. With Hwa-Young tied to the Blue Orchid Tree, Choi tries to keep In-Joo away from the city by Hwa-Young’s instruction. In-Joo breaks away from a flight with Choi to run back and rescue Hwa-Young with something up her sleeve. A hand grenade that Choi’s father handed to her as a form of apology.

When In-joo is trapped with Hwa-Young and Wong Sang-a, In-Kyung has been kidnapped by Go-Sim and Jang-Ho manages to escape his death. Jang-Ho calls In-Joo’s phone and speaks to Choi and both realize the siblings are in real danger. They both reach the house and Choi fights Go-sim and her cronies to seriously injure her and render her useless. While Jang-ho takes In-Kyung away, Choi gets into the house in time to rescue Hwa-Young and In-Joo from the hydrochloric acid rain from the water sprinklers of the house. Just as In-Joo is about to get out of the space, Wong Sang-a grabs her hair and pulls her back. In-Joo shoves her into the pool of acidic water with all her strength. And so ends the Korean Goliath.

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Little Women (Season 1 Finale), Episode 12 Ending, Explained:

Choi O-Dil never lost track of the funds. Not even for a second. The Korean District Court could not convict him because he moved it without leaving any trace. He was patient and considerate of everyone’s needs, ensuring that the entire plan was carried out to completion. Since the account was still in In-Joo’s name, he continued to pursue her while keeping a cool head. The funds had been moved to a foreign account in the Panama Islands.

Before Choi and his father publicly defamed Jae-Sang, he met with the two girls, In-Hye and Hyo-Rin, who were leaving the cabin. He questioned whether he ought to organize their getaway and find a safe spot to stay. Despite In- Hye’s suspicion of him, Choi confessed he found a way to keep In-Joo’s money secure in another manner.

Before In-Joo’s arrest, Choi had parked the funds in a bank account in Hyo-Rin’s name. Wong Sang-a, Hyo-Rin’s mother was unaware of this minor detail. When Hyo-Rin turns 18, she will be able to access this account. Choi hid the money in Hyo-Rin’s account to keep Wong Sang-a away from it. If the account showed Hyo-rin’s name, no one would think twice. This helped In-Joo decrease her sentence from 20 years to one and a half years with six months of probation while also protecting her assets and clearing her legally of any guilt.

A young girl can be seen at the bottom of the stairway when In-Kyung leaves her residence. The young girl has come as directed to deliver the General’s memoir, as promised by Principal Jang Gwang. The HTN Network, which had backed all of In-Kyung’s investigative journalism, had offered her a job after they allowed her to bring down two significant groups on a live television broadcast. However, In-Kyung declined. They had a vision for her joining them, but she had a different one. She chooses to study in the US with Jang-Ho after admitting her affection for him. A tax notice regarding a gift made in In-Joo’s name is received. She learns from the documents that her Great-Aunt bequeathed her the home they both liked.

When Hyo-rin turns 18, Choi arranges a meeting with the other two girls. Together, they can go to the bank and withdraw the entire amount. In-Hye divides the money into specific quantities after giving it some thought. Choi and In-Kyung each receive 10 million won respectively. While she pursues her studies overseas with Jang-ho, she does not have to rely on him financially. In-Joo receives roughly $30 million so she can own a home and live independently by her own means. Overall, a wholesome climax to a situation that was filled with tension and peril.

Final Thoughts:

As a timeless example of narrative storytelling with the ideal balance of suspense, thrills, plots, and characters, this adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women in Korean will live on in our memories. While the humor and language were perfectly calibrated, the series also had just the proper amount of suspense to keep viewers interested. A great masterpiece of cinema, and we eagerly await more. Although there is no cliffhanger in this season, we can only salivate for more.


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