Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 15: In this episode, Na Young brings out her big guns to put Jo and Tae Ho in place. Jang is getting closer to the truth, and this truth puts her life in danger. Do Jun has now moved from giving empty threats to physically harming Jang. Jang is fighting for her life as she has found the USB and knows what it contains. Jung Ah, Na Young and Jin Seop get together to find a way to help Jang. It is a nail-biting episode with many revelations.

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Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 15 Recap:

The episode begins with Ji Ye mentioning the USB that contained information about Yu Jin hiring someone to get Do Jun killed in exchange for Jang’s cooperation in helping her portray herself as a witness for the crime and not an accomplice. Ji Ye had visited Do Jun the day before Yu Jin died and informed her about Yu Jin’s strategy to blackmail people. They come to an agreement to exchange both USBs. Ji Ye opens the locker to find it empty, but she lies to Do Jun and asks him to first give the silver USB, after which she will hand over the black one. The night of Yu Jin’s death, she enters her apartment, but Ji Ye is inside. Do Jun hides her in a room while he has dinner with Yu Jin.

Ji Ye watched Yu Jin question Do Jun about his actions toward Ju-a. Ji Ye narrated the whole story to Jang. Jang is shocked and asks Ji Ye why Yu Jin died that night. She starts to talk about the black USB when she receives a message from Do Jun warning her that if she reveals the truth, her daughter will die. Ji ye kicks Jang out of the house.

Jo finds a new job, and Na Young is waiting for her with her employees. In front of them, she hands over papers stating that it was Mistress’ Compensation Lawsuit and warns her that every time she gets a new job, she will appear with the papers. Jo tells Na Young to not go that far as she thought she was pregnant, but she was not. She asks her to stay happily married to Tae Ho as she is pregnant. Na Young asks her to meet a man and get married so she can crush that marriage and warns her that she will make sure she remembers what she has done for many years to come.

Na Young asks Jung Ah to meet for tea, and she discusses getting Tae Ho punished for everything he has done. She also mentions Tae Ho defending Jang and Do Jun simultaneously. Jung Ah asks her if she intends to work, as child support would be challenging. Na Young tells her she intends to, and Jung Ah offers her a job at her company. Na Young agrees to it.

Jo posts a letter on a public forum claiming her innocence as Tae Ho was at fault after he had claimed to have come to the kindergarten to pick up his niece, but it actually was his daughter. At that moment, Do Jun calls him to meet and warns him that if he ignores him again, he will ruin his career as he has violated the lawyer’s ethics. Tae Ho meets Do Jun, who informs him that he cannot find the USB. Tae Ho asks him if anyone else could have seen it, and he recalls Ji Yul drawing scenes from watching his video. Do Jun picks up the girls from school, and the staff informs Jang.

Do Jun tries to find out from Ji Yul about the USB. Jang comes home and asks Do Jun to leave the kids alone. Do Jun gets aggressive in front of the kids, and they start crying. Na Young and Jung Ah are waiting outside Yu Jin’s house when Do Jun barges out. Jang asks them to look after the kids while she talks to Do Jun. Do Jun gets aggressive with Jang, and Jung Ah goes back to check on Jang. Do Jun chokes her, but Jang defends herself and gets caught while running away. Jung Ah hears Do Jun screaming and rushes to the door. Jang uses the chance to escape and open the door, and Do Jun runs away.

Na Young treats Jang’s wounds. Jung Ah tells her to leave the kids with her and that she will go with Jang to the police station the next day. Ji Yul informs Jang that Do Jun had asked her about the black USB. Ji Yul told him she had seen the USB in the main bedroom’s drawer. Do Jun was waiting outside the building staring at the apartment. Jang rushes to Yu Jin’s house to get the USB. Jang retraces the steps Yu Jin took before her death. Jang realises that the USB is in the bushes below.

Do Jun realises Jang has figured out about the USB and follows her. Jang finds the USB, plugs it into her phone, and sees pictures of her daughter Ju-a and Jun-a’s father. Jang listens to the audio where Yu Jin initially hired a hitman to kill Do Jun but eventually refuses. Do Jun listens to these clips being played. Jang plays another audio where Do Jun asks the same hitman to kill his wife. We see a flashback to Yu Jin and Do Jun arguing about it and Do Jun choking Yu Jin in an attempt to kill her.

A still from Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 15.
A still from Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 15.

Do Jun tries to kill Jang, but she receives a call from Jin Seop, and Do Jun backs off. He calls her from the parking lot, asking her to meet him there as he is with Ju-a. He asks her to get in the car as he has to talk to her and informs her that he has left Ju-a with someone for a while. As soon as she gets in the car, he makes a cut in her neck and demands the USB. She hands it over to him and immediately leaves a message to the cop about the parking lot and tries to escape, but he strikes her with the knife. As he had borrowed Tae Ho’s car, he found a chip behind the mirror.

Jung Ah tries to call Jang, but the phone is switched off. Su bin tries to find her in the building but cannot. Na Young and Jung Ah find the CCTV footage and see Do Jun driving away with Jang. Along with Jin Seop, they go to the police station, but it is not helpful. Na Young realises that it is her husband’s car and takes them home as she can track the car. Jun asks someone in the hospital to shut off all the CCTV cameras as he was bringing a VIP.  Jang wakes up trying to escape.

Do Jun informs her that once he gets rid of the USB, he will let her go and rashly turns the car so she can fall back on the seat. Jang notices a recording device in the car. She picks up the device. Na Young tracks the car and informs the group that he is going towards Gangnam. The cop is worried about Jang. Do Jun recalls his argument with Yu Jin, where he confronts her about Ju-a, and she retaliates about his sexual videos and choking her. In another flashback, Yu Jin finds out about Do Jun’s dirty deeds with Ju-a and him smirking at her.

The episode ends with Do Jun parking his vehicle and pointing it at Jang.

Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 15 Ending, Explained:

What dangers await Jang as she holds the key to the USB’s secrets?

In this episode, we see Jo get a taste of her own medicine when Na Young makes a move. Jo retaliates by targeting Tae Ho. Tae Ho is in a complete mess. Do Jun’s aggression and sadistic personality are revealed before Na Young and Jung Ah. In this episode, Do Jun is uncontrollable as she does not care about his aggression, even in front of and towards his children. Jang’s life is in absolute danger. She has to fight for her life to bring out the truth about Yu Jin’s death. We finally hear and see what is in the black USB. The truth about Do Jun, who until now claimed innocence and pretended to be a victim of Yu Jin’s madness, but we see he was the one who wanted her dead.

We see a lot of flashbacks that show us exactly why Yu Jin died. There was a lot of power struggle and dark secrets between Yu Jin and Do Jun, and knowing Do Jun’s abusive nature, he did not care about going to any length to make Yu Jin suffer. In the next episode, we will surely see all the loose ends coming together and much more action. Jang will be fighting for her life, and the hope is that she will make it out alive and bring justice to Yu Jin.

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