The season 1 finale of Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku, i.e., Episode 13, ends in a bittersweet fashion. We see Shion take charge and be part of a brief but epic battle with Mu Dan. Gabimaru faces a significant setback after using too much Tao. The others around him are unaware of what is happening to him, except Mei. Senta plays a crucial role in the battle with Mu Dan. We have some action from Nurugai as well.

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Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku (Season 1 Finale), Episode 13 Recap:

“Dreams and reality”

The episode begins with Shion saving Sagiri and Yuzuriha. Sagiri is relieved to see Shion, and Shion orders Nurugai to cut off the flowers as it will slow down the transformation process. He asks Nurugai to take all of them away from the location and promises them that he will take care of the situation. Shion senses the energy and smell and realizes it is the same creature that killed Tenza. He was experimented all this while by killing different creatures; he was unsure that he needed to cut off the energy as it was equivalent to killing the soul. He prepares himself by enlarging his energy. Kishikai attacks Shion, but he manages to cut off all the stems from the flower.

Nurugai is trying to heal Sento. The flowers have slowly stopped growing, but there is danger. Sagiri asks Hoko for help, but he says he will not be able to help Sento. Yuzuriha attempts to help Sento, but they see Shion is in danger. Nurugai assures the group that Shion is strong and he would not die there. She tells them that they had followed a creature to this location. Shion and Kishikai are in an intense battle. From afar, they see Shion make a fatal attack on the enemy. Sagiri realizes that Tensen is not regenerating and Shion’s Tao has the same power as Tensen.

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Shion takes a sigh of relief briefly, only to be in danger again. Kishikai laughs and says even a scratch is enough to grow flowers as flowers grow on Shion. Shion cuts the flowers from his body, and he is bleeding profusely. Shion tells Tensen that he does not intend to die, but if death is the only way, he will accept it. Shion wonders if his body will be able to withstand more pressure in the attempt to kill an immortal being. Nurugai is worried about Shion.

Sagiri decides to help Shion, and Nurugai joins in. Yuzuriha says she does not have the energy. Nurugai hugs her, but she does not seem to feel better. Upon doing the same to Sagiri, she regains some stamina. Sagiri asks how it is possible. Nurugai informs her that she would do that to her grandpa and her master, and it always helped. Sagiri realizes the positive interactions with Tao.

Sagiri informs Shion of Tensen’s weakness. Sagiri admires Nurugai’s athletic movements. Nurugai is impressed with Sagiri. Shion is happy seeing Sagiri’s strength and realizes that Sagiri can sense Tensen’s Tao. They stick to Sagiri’s plan and attack from two sides, aiming at the weak points. Yuzuriha watches from afar and realizes that it is taking longer for Tensen to regenerate. Sagiri starts coughing up blood. Shion is losing energy but is determined to die fighting. Shion hates himself for running away the last time he was attacked by Tensen and lost Tenza.

Shion focuses all his energy on the blade and is about to attack based on Sagiri’s analysis, but Senta stops him and says the ovule is the weak point of a flower monster. At the center of the petal, Mu Dan watches Shion get ready for death and tells aloud that he could never achieve such a perfect yin-yang. Shion makes an attack, and the flower vanishes, and the entire place becomes a flowerbed. Yuzuriha informs Sagiri that Senta will die and she cannot help him. She consoles Senta and asks him to let go and die with good memories.

Shion realizes things have progressed too quickly and needs to analyze the situation. Sagiri is determined not to let anyone else be killed, be it the criminal or not, and the focus should be on getting out of the island alive. Gabimaru wakes up in a cave and is overly cautious. Sagiri and the group find a place to hide and rest. Shion asks Sagiri to sleep even though he understands her determination. Shion tells the group that they need to share information so they can find a way to stay alive and leave.

Hell's Paradise- Jigokuraku (Season 1 Finale)
A still from Hell’s Paradise- Jigokuraku (Season 1 Finale), Episode 13.

He talks about Tao. Shion warns Sagiri to master using the Tao as using it too much can have adverse effects like losing consciousness, and memory, as we can see with Gabimaru, or developing some physical changes, as we see with Chobei, and the worst case scenario is death. Yuzuriha chimes in, saying if it is a matter of life and death, they have another problem as the Elixir of Life does not exist. Sagiri informs her that Gabimaru said it did, as he had seen his village chief was immortal. Yuzuriha breaks the bubble by saying it is a tactic used to leave an imprint when a person is a child.

Sagiri informs that Gabimaru was here for his wife, and Yuzuriha says it is not possible as the Shinobi are just puppets, and they would not get a young man married. She tells Sagiri that fear is not enough, so they use something more substantial, like love, to get Shinobi to complete suicidal missions. Yuzuriha questions if it was another illusion played on Gabimaru.

Gabimaru has lost all his memory but plays along to get more information. Mei asks if he is okay, and he says that he is but Mei can see no Tao left in his brain region. Shion tries to cheer Sagiri up, but she says so much has happened since they arrived, and it is just their third night on the island. She is worried about Gabimaru, and Shion assumes it is love, but she rejects the idea. He tells her that it was not love and then he senses she has a strong feeling towards him which is more than usual.

The episode ends with Sagiri believing that Gabimaru will make it alive as he is strong and determined. Gabimaru is seen recalling the past.

Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku (Season 1 Finale), Episode 13 Ending, Explained:

The ending of the season 1 finale of ‘Hell’s Paradise’ leaves us wanting more as we see that Gabimaru has lost his memories, and this will be the beginning of a new adventure. Shion destroys Mu Dan, and rightly so, with Sagiri and Nurugai’s help. Many Asaemon have lost their lives, and there is a dilemma about the existence of the Elixir of life.

Sagiri’s group is unaware of Gabimaru’s situation; the only one with a vague idea about what is going on is Mei. Will Mei be able to bring back Gabimaru’s memory? If Gabimaru believes he is Gabimaru the Hollow, then the character development we have seen so far will be in vain. He will be the ruthless killer that he is, but it may help him survive on the island. It will be a shocker for Sagiri when he comes face-to-face with Gabimaru, who has lost his memories.

We will indeed be introduced to new characters and new adventures in the next season. Studio MAPPA has confirmed the second season of Hell’s Paradise. The release date has yet to be confirmed, but we can expect season 2 in 2024-25. The trailer for the second season has been released.

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