Home, Not Alone (2023) Movie Twist Ending, Explained: 2023 will be remembered as the year when family-friendly children’s films were taken and molded into twisted horror affairs. Only a few weeks back, we had the excruciating Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey, where the innocuous loveable bear is transformed into a murderous serial killer.

The latest feature from Lifetime, Home, Not Alone (2023), obviously attempts a lazy reference to invoke the beloved family classic by John Hughes. Despite this lame nod to Home Alone, this Lifetime feature is not as painful as the heinous Winnie-The-Pooh reimagining. A serviceable one-time watch, Home, Not Alone, does enough to keep the viewers engaged with its pastiche plot that borrows from the likes of films like The Boy (2016) and I See You (2019) with traces of The Stepfather (1987).

In this article, we examine the film and its twist ending—answering several questions along the way. A Spoiler Alert for the entire movie!

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Home, Not Alone (2023) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis

As the film begins, we follow a woman being chased by a man through a maze-like structure. Before she can escape through a small opening, her leg is grabbed by the assailant. Following this, the film cuts to the title.

We follow our protagonists, Sara (Andrea Bogart) and her daughter, Jordyn (Maya Jenson), as they move into a new mansion-like house in the suburbs. Sara reveals that the previous owner of the house fell behind on payments, and the bank seized the house. As they are just moving inside, they are greeted by their neighbor Kendall Jones (Jamie Bernadette), who happens to be a realtor and welcomes the duo into the neighborhood.

As Jordyn and Sara explore the house, we see someone spying on them from a hole in the wall. We later learn that Jordyn was suspended from her last school since she was caught vaping on school property. Fearing that this would reflect poorly on her college application, Sara decided to move to a new place to enable a fresh start with her daughter. At night, Sara hears some creaking noises but chooses to ignore them.

The following day, Jordyn is surprised to see that the pizza slice she had saved for herself last night is missing from the refrigerator. However, she is late for her new day at school and doesn’t pay much attention. Her classmate, Noah (Luke Meissner), whom she had befriended yesterday, comes to give Jordyn a ride to school. Meanwhile, Sara heads back to work. During a conversation with her co-worker and friend, Lucy (Alicia S Mason), we learn that Sara had separated from her ex-husband, Frank (Elijah Mahar), who had been verbally abusive and unsupportive towards her. Neither she nor Jordyn has heard from Frank in a long time.

Sara returns from home early and begins to unpack. While setting up the house, a doorbell distracts her. It turns out to be Colin Murray (Adam Huss), the previous owner of the house, who has come to greet Sara and say hello. Colin reveals that the house was built by his grandfather and is a hundred years old. He further mentions that he lost all his savings to maintain the large vintage house, thereby losing it to the bank. As he leaves, Colin hands over his phone number to Sara and requests her to take care of the house.

When Jordyn and Noah return from school, they spot a man standing near the house and retreating behind it. By the time they chase after him, the man has disappeared. Jordyn shares her concern with her mother, but Sara does not take it seriously. Sara enlists Jordyn and Noah’s help to move the couch to a different position from its original place. Later, Sara calls Colin to help her fill some of the rodent gaps inside the house, and he gladly assists her.

That night again, Sara hears some noises and goes to investigate. A hooded person walks around the house, but Sara remains oblivious to their presence. When Sara enters the drawing room, she sees it entirely rearranged—the couch moved to its original position. In the morning, Sara questions if Jordyn has shifted the couch, but she denies it and heads to school.

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Again at night, Sara hears some noise emanating from the house. When she goes over to check inside Jordyn’s room, she spots Noah climbing in through Jordyn’s window. Jordyn and Noah are shocked to see Sara and reveal that Noah was only here to get his notebook back. The next morning, Sara again sees that the shadowbox she had replaced the previous day has been again hung on the wall.

Why Doesn’t Sara Trust Jordyn?

Sara believes that Jordyn is moving things around the house, venting her teen angst on her. She calls Colin to discuss these disturbances around the house. Sara reveals that she has difficulty trusting her daughter since Jordyn has a history of lying about her drinking and vaping. Colin offers to look into the house, and Sara invites him for dinner the next day. During their conversation, Colin grows nostalgic talking about his childhood house and how he had intended to settle into the house with the woman of his dreams.

Home, Not Alone

Who Does Sara Spot Outside Jordyn’s Window?

Again that night, Sara hears weird noises in the house. When she goes to investigate inside Jordyn’s room, she sees the silhouette of a man outside the window. Believing it to be Noah, Sara goes outside and finds her ex-husband, Frank. Frank reveals that he was here to see his daughter since she has not been picking up any of his calls. Since Sara has probation against Frank, this was the only way he could meet up with Jordyn. Sara is vexed to see Frank and threatens to call the police if he does not leave, and he complies.

The next day, as Jordyn comes back from school, she sees Frank outside the house. Frank apologizes to Jordyn for being absent from her life and attempts to make amends. But Jordyn rebuffs him and leaves with Noah. Sara again spots Frank and confronts him. She asks him if he is the one who is moving things around the house, but Frank appears clueless about this.

What Happens At The Dinner?

That night, Colin comes for dinner at the house. When Jordyn spills some food and Sara goes to retrieve some paper towels, Colin angrily reprimands Jordyn for not being grateful that she gets to live in the house. Jordyn is shocked at Colin’s hostile gesture and goes back to her room. When Sara returns, Colin resumes his polite behavior.

After the dinner, Sara gifts a glass (with the prohibition amendment written) to Jordyn as a token for being helpful around the house. Colin asks Sara out on a date, and she agrees. Colin, however, suggests that he would like to take her to a restaurant as his house is not in good condition.

Meanwhile, Jordyn becomes suspicious of Colin and believes he is using her mother to get his house back, considering his overt attachment to the place. Later that night, the viewers finally learn that Colin is the person hiding inside the house as he stealthily clicks photographs of a sleeping Sara.

What Does Jordyn Learn About Colin?

The following day, Jordyn reveals to Sara what Colin said to her at dinner. However, Sara believes that Jordyn is jealous of her relationship with Colin and dismisses it. Jordyn angrily leaves for school, saddened that her mother does not trust her anymore.

As Sara leaves for work, she spots a CCTV camera on the tree in the driveway. Sara is worried about the camera as she is sure it wasn’t present earlier. She calls Colin, who reveals that he did not install it when he was living in the house, and the camera is not functioning. Sara does not probe further and heads to work.

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At work, Sara tells Lucy that she always feels like someone is watching her inside the house. Meanwhile, Jordyn and Noah decide to unearth more about Colin. When she searches for him on the Internet, Jordyn makes a scary discovery: she realizes that Colin’s current address is the same house, even in the updated database. Unbeknownst to Jordyn and Noah, Colin watches them from one of the holes in Jordyn’s room.

What Does Kendall Suggest To Sara?

Later, Sara meets up with Kendall, the realtor, and her neighbor. Sara reveals that she hasn’t had peace ever since she moved into the house. Kendall sympathizes with Sara and suggests she can sell this house for her and find a new place. Sara is thankful for Kendall’s help and agrees to make a change.

That night, Colin voyeuristically peeps at Sara as she changes her clothes. Jordyn reveals to Sara that Colin’s address is identical to theirs, even in the updated database. Sara, while not dismissive about Jordyn’s claims, mentions that she feels safe with Colin.

Again during the night, the lights suddenly go off. Sara hears a knock outside, and when she goes to investigate, she finds a wrapped package containing a dreary painting of her and Jordyn with their eyes crossed out. A threatening message of “Happy Family?” comes posted behind it. A scared Sara calls Colin, who dissuades her from calling the police. Jordyn confronts Colin and feigns suspicion at him being always present near the house, which angers Sara leading to an argument between the two.

Home, Not Alone

The next day, Kendall reveals to Sara that she has an offer on the house and she would get twenty percent more than what she had paid for it originally. Sara mentions to Kendall that she needs more time to think about the offer though Kendall suggests acting on it as soon as possible. Sara later reveals to Lucy that she is afraid to sell the house as it would likely offend Colin, with whom Sara has developed a relationship.

What Happens To Lucy?

Meanwhile, Lucy uncovers something about the house and heads to Sara’s place to tell her when she does not pick up the call. She rings, but no one answers, so she uses the spare key Sara has given her to get inside. Lucy spots Colin inside the kitchen, drilling further holes for spying. She recognizes and greets him, but Colin hits her with a plate on the head before she has the chance to enquire how he got inside the house. He then drags her unconscious body into his lair.

Sara arrives, having received Lucy’s voice message about being at her house. While Lucy’s car is outside the house, she is nowhere to be seen. Sara calls Colin and the police. A detective, Agent Bryant (Austen Jaye), shows up. Jordyn reveals the weird incidents inside the house, and Bryant decides to investigate. As he is heading out, Colin tries to gaslight Bryant about Sara and Jordyn, but Bryant does not pay him much heed.

In the back of the house, Bryant uncovers Colin’s secret room with the bed and several objects, including the glass gifted to him by Sara. Bryant returns to the house and tells about the room and the glass to Sara, who horrifyingly looks at Colin. Colin realizes his bluff has been caught and rushes out of the house. Bryant runs after him, but Colin manages to escape.

How Does Sara Find Lucy?

Detective Bryant sends his team after Colin and puts a police patrol around the house if he decides to return. Sara and Jordyn are left alone, and little do they know that Colin is back in the house, hiding in one of the mazes via which he spies on the mother-daughter duo.

As Sara is in the kitchen making tea, she spots one of Colin’s holes through which he spies around the house. When Sara pokes at the hole, she sees a tied-up Lucy inside it. Sara quickly manages to get her way inside the maze and unties Lucy. Colin suddenly appears there, but Lucy manages to escape. Colin reveals to Sara that he only wanted to share the house with her, but now the police will take him away from it. An angry Colin chases after Sara through the maze—recalling the scene showcased at the very beginning of the film.

Sara manages to make her way inside the private room where Colin sleeps. Colin soon makes his way inside and grabs Sara. He reveals that he didn’t mean to hurt Sara, and they could have been so happy here. He further mentions that he did not leave her the threatening painting and did nothing to harm her. Before Colin can do anything further, Lucy and Jordyn appear with baseball bats. Colin rushes out of the room but is apprehended by the cops outside. Sara tells Detective Bryant about Colin confessing about not sending the picture, but Bryant mentions that it is common for criminals to deny their misdeeds.

Home, Not Alone Movie Ending Explained

Why Was Kendall Tormenting Sara and Jordyn?

With Colin in prison, Sara and Jordyn finally breathe a sigh of relief. The very next day, Kendall shows up at the house to sympathize with Sara for last night’s ordeal. Kendall then again asks about the offer to sell the house, confident that Sara would finally abandon the property due to the recent incidents. Sara reveals that she and Jordyn have decided to stay in the house as the experience has brought them together. Kendall is shocked to hear this and looks highly disappointed. She gets up, goes to the kitchen, gets a knife, and threatens Sara.

It is then revealed that Kendall wishes to buy the house herself. She mentions that Mary Weather Industries are planning to invest two-billion dollars in revamping the entire neighborhood. Sara’s home is at the heart of where the industry wishes to build a corporate campus. Kendall wishes to buy the house from Sara and sell it at an outrageous price so that the industry can develop their campus and she can get wealthy. Kendall further reveals that she already knew that Colin was responsible for the hauntings inside the house. To further scare Sara, Kendall planted the cameras and sent out the threatening painting so that she would finally leave.

Kendall rushes after Sara with a knife. Sara runs, and both of them end up in the swimming pool inside the house. Before Kendall can drown Sara in the pool, Jordyn appears and hits her with a plate, knocking her unconscious. Sara and Jordyn finally reconcile—united by the ordeal.

As the film ends, we follow Sara, Jordyn, and Noah, sometimes later after the horrific events. The trio casually walks around the house’s driveway—which has finally been purged of disturbing incidents.

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