Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) Movie Ending, Explained: Is Voller able to use the Dial to undo the past?

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) Movie Ending, Explained - HOF

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) is an iconic film that resurrects the swashbuckling, adventuresome archaeologist through the most breathtaking means. The exceptional performances stands as one of the film’s greatest assets. Harrison Ford’s return as Indiana Jones is nothing short of legendary, as he effortlessly carries the film from start to finish. Special recognition must also be given to the musical genius of John Williams and his signature score that has graced all the franchises.

The storytelling takes a full-circle approach, commencing with a CGI-enhanced Harrison Ford, allowing us to see him as he looked in the 1980s, evoking both nostalgia and wistfulness. Director James Mangold skillfully maintains the original films’ nostalgic essence, action sequences, and overall atmosphere while seamlessly adapting them to contemporary times without straying from the established storyline. This couldn’t be more satisfying, and now it’s time for us to delve deeper into the film and its conclusion.

*Spoiler Alert*

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis :

In 1944, a moment from World War II in Germany appears at the beginning of the film. Younger Dr. Henry Walton, aka Indiana Jones, aka Indy, is introduced as he tries to once again prevent the Nazis from obtaining an ancient artifact. But he has been detained by Nazis, led by Colonel Weber, who appears to be a spy. They leave him to face execution by hanging. Fortunately, a turn of events occurs as a bomb drops on the Nazi base.

The explosion eliminates the Nazis and allows Indiana Jones to escape. Meanwhile, Indy’s colleague Basil Shaw, an Oxford professor, has also been captured by the Nazis. Indy takes control of a vehicle and chases after a train where Basil is being carried away. He encounters Nazi adversaries during the pursuit. The Nazis thought that obtaining the Lance of Longinus would help them in the war and would be a great advantage for them to have it.

But once Indy and Weber’s second-in-command, Jurgen Voller, get involved, they discover that the Lance they acquired is actually a replica, not the real artifact. On the other hand, Voller also has the Antikythera, which is the Archimedes Dial. Indy puts his all into fighting more Nazis before saving Basil and taking the Dial with him as he leaves. Weber chases them onto the train’s roof and confronts Indiana.

While they are fighting, Basil intervenes and shoots Weber. It creates an opening for Indy to push Weber off the train, resulting in Weber’s demise. Voller also chases them, but he gets pushed off the train. Indy and Basil jump off the train before the Allies blow up the bridge.

The scene then shifts to 1969, where Indy wakes up on the same day as the Apollo 11 moon landing. He is a professor at Hunter College. When he attends his class, his students seem uninterested while he discusses the Battle of Sicily and the achievements of Archimedes. A young woman named Helena joins his class and contributes to his lecture. After teaching his class, Indy attends his retirement party.

Helena joins him but is unaware she’s being followed by a CIA agent named Mason. Mason reports to her superior, Voller, who survived and now operates under the alias “Schmidt.” Voller works at NASA with other former Nazis, including Klaber and Hauke. They come intending to locate the Dial, as he holds the belief that it has the power to undo the past and aid the Nazis in winning the war.

Helena approaches Indy, who initially doesn’t recognize her. But then he soon realizes that she is Basil’s daughter and turns out to be his goddaughter. She discusses with Indy her own work as an archaeologist and how she tries to continue her father’s legacy. She explains that the Dial has been divided in half and asks Indy to help her find the other half in Tangier.

Although deciphering the secrets of the Dial is what caused Basil to go deranged, Indy still agrees to give her the piece of the Dial that Basil has been keeping. He takes Helena to the college’s storeroom, and Voller’s henchmen unexpectedly show up. Before they are able to corner Indy and Helena, Klaber and Hauke are able to kill two of his colleagues. He pushes down a line of shelves, which falls onto one of the Nazis, and Helena is able to run away with the half piece of the Dial.

Indy gets captured by Nazis but manages to lose them during a moon landing parade. He escapes on a horse while being chased by Klaber and Hauke. He takes the horse all the way through the underground passage and manages to escape from it by jumping on a train.

Indy is wrongly accused of killing two professors, but just as a regular person is about to recognize him, his old friend Sallah rescues him. When they openly talk about their previous adventures, Indy believes that he’s done with exploring. But Sallah makes him think otherwise. Sallah brings Indy to the airport, where he plans to meet with Helena.

Sallah shares important details about the people she will meet before they part ways. Indy goes to a Tangier casino owned by a criminal named Big Rahim. Big Rahim’s son, Aziz Rahim, holds a grudge against Helena because she seems to have rejected him in the past. Indy enters a private auction that Helena is currently attending, where she’s attempting to sell half of the Dial.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) Movie Ending, Explained - HOF
A still from Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) starring Harrison Ford

Indy interrupts her and confronts the other people present at the auction, who are also criminals. During that confrontation, criminals start shooting at him. Indy and Helena escape with her young assistant, Teddy Kumar. But Voller and his accomplices managed to track them and take the Dial away. The three of them need to escape from Rahim and his accomplices, who are chasing them while they are riding a three-wheeled vehicle and chasing after the Nazis. They lose track of Rahim, but Mason and her team take Voller and his accomplices on a plane. Eventually, Klaber manages to shoot her and assists Voller in taking control of the aircraft to continue their search.

Indy and Helena know that a tablet device can be used to help find the other half of the Dial, and they locate it in the Aegean Sea near Athens. Therefore, they go to Indy’s friend, who is a captain, to take them there with his boat. Before they go underwater, Helena questions Indy about the purpose he has in mind for the Dial. He responds that he plans to use it to convince his son Mutt not to sign up for the Vietnam War.

His life turns upside down when he loses his son, which was the cause of him and Marion falling apart, and now they are in the process of divorce. Renaldo decides to go with Indy and Helena as they go scuba diving together to search for the tablet. Indy has an encounter with eels, but they successfully extract the tablet from a sunken shipwreck.

But unexpected things happen; the Nazis have located them underwater and cut off their oxygen supplies, forcing them to swim back to the shore. They are interrogated about the tablet, and Voller has the chance to kill Renaldo as he tries to defend Indy. Voller attempts to deceive Helena into joining their team, offering her diamonds in return. But Helena secretly has a stick of dynamite, which Indy helps her ignite to create a diversion and give them and Teddy a chance to escape.

As they sail away, Indy pauses to grieve for Renaldo. Helena immediately reassures him and mentions that the Nazis are unaware of the Tomb of Archimedes’ location, which is where the other half of the Dial can be found. Indy takes the tablet that is covered with wax and melts it away. This reveals a golden plate that contains information guiding them to the tomb’s location.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) Movie Ending, Explained:

Did they manage to reclaim the Dial from Voller?

Indy, along with Helena and Teddy, arrives in Sicily. Teddy separates from the group and is later discovered by the Nazis when Voller follows them again. They see the Nazis taking Teddy away and attempting to chase them with a wedding car that they steal. The Nazis and Teddy arrive at the same place where the tomb is located. While Teddy is handcuffed to Hauke, a footbridge suddenly collapses because of Hauke’s weight. This causes both of them to be engulfed. Because of that, Teddy manages to get the keys from Hauke and leaves him trapped until he drowns, while Teddy finds a way out from the Nazis.

Indy and Helena finally stumble upon a tomb, inside which they discover the Dial held in Archimedes’ hands, and surprisingly, there’s a wristwatch with it. Helena figures out that Archimedes must have time-traveled, and then Voller manages to find them again countless times. He reveals that he plans to go back in time and kill Hitler since he’s aware of all the mistakes he would make, thinking that he can undo the past so Nazis can win the war. Voller then takes half of the Dial and combines the two halves of it.

Is Voller able to use the Dial to undo the past?

Voller takes Indy aboard a plane together as they plan to fly through a storm that will activate the portal unlocked by the Dial. While Helena sneaks onto the plane, Teddy covertly starts the engine of another aircraft and flies right after them, and the people there are unaware that the pilot fell asleep. Indy explains to Voller that he forgot to consider continental drift, which means they won’t end up at the beginning of World War II as intended.

Voller then realizes that Indy is correct, but it’s too late because both planes go through a portal, taking them to the siege of Syracuse. When Indy and Helena defeat more Nazis, they quickly grab parachutes and jump off the plane, and Roman soldiers catch them and start shooting at them.

In the interim, Voller and Klaber die when the plane crashes in an explosion. Everything, including the planes, is seen by Archimedes himself at that time. He discovers the plane crash and carefully takes the Dial from Voller’s body, along with his watch, which turns out to be the same one Indy and Helena had found on him earlier. Archimedes and his students find Indy and Helena.

Archimedes realizes that his invention is about to come to life, and the heroes understand that it was initially designed to send them back to this precise moment and location. Indy tells Helena how he desires to stay in this period and be a part of history, thinking he has no future back home. But Helena disagrees, forcefully incapacitates him, and then helps place him on the plane alongside Teddy.

How does Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny end?

When Indy wakes up in his apartment and sees somebody arriving, surprisingly, it’s his wife, Marion, together with Helena, Teddy, Sallah, and his grandchildren. Everyone leaves Indy and Marion for some space and private conversations as they reconcile. Furthermore, Indy realizes he still needs her, and they kiss. The film ends with Indiana Jones’s iconic hat hanging out to dry and a closing shot that focuses on the hat with an iris effect, and just as it seems to be closing, Indiana Jones reaches out and grabs it.

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