Invasion (Season 2) Episode 6: The second season of Invasion on Apple TV+ deals with combating and understanding the aliens that invade Earth. The previous episode showed Mitsuki making a groundbreaking discovery in her attempt to communicate with the alien entity. On the other hand, the Movement realized Aneesha and her family’s actual identity and the fact that they had an alien’s shard in their possession. That is why the military probably took away Sarah. Meanwhile, Trevante and Rose follow a real location based on a drawing from Casper’s notebook, which leads to a shocking revelation from Rose’s past.

Now, the sixth episode follows Jamila and her friends reaching the hospital where Casper had stayed as a patient. On the other hand, the Movement faces a fatal attack while on the way to find Sarah.

Spoilers ahead.

Invasion (Season 2) Episode 6 “Pressure Points” Recap:

Luke & The Voices

The episode begins with the Movement in Wyoming, 100 miles away from Camp Pierce. A volunteer looks around for any signs of danger. Once the area is cleared of such signs, Clark (Enver Gjoknaj) starts his car with Aneesha (Golshifteh Farahani) beside him. Luke (Azhy Robertson) and Ryder (Olivia-Mai Barrett) are in the same car. Despite the relative safety, Clark tells his volunteers to stay alert. Suddenly, Luke hears something that Ryder finds odd. She asks about the alien’s shard that he mentioned before. Luke speaks about how he feels it connects him with something. ‘It felt like it was mine,’ he says about the shard.

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In the middle of the journey, they see a giant hole in the road next to a damaged car. The voices in Luke’s head start getting louder, asking him to get out of where they are. So, Aneesha starts looking around their car in the fog-filled atmosphere. Suddenly, she notices a bunch of aliens running in some distance. One of these creatures causes a vehicle to crash. Then, another one gets destroyed, and Clark loses one of his contacts. Meanwhile, the voices keep getting louder and louder. After that, the aliens suddenly decide to leave for some strange reason.

Why cause this havoc and then just leave? They cannot make sense of it. But right after, Clark fails to see a damaged car before him. As a result, they have an accident. Once they leave, Aneesha notices a serious laceration on Clark’s body. She tries to heal Clark’s deep wound with whatever they have. Then, she explains that before the crash, Luke sensed the presence of aliens (the sounds he heard) the way he had once. The other members of the Movement soon reach up to them. They explain that aliens are everywhere. Aneesha considers just staying there highly dangerous.

Jamila’s Journey

Jamila (India Brown), Alfie (Cache Vanderpuye), Monty (Paddy Holland), and Penny (Ruby Siddle) finally reach their end stop in Paris. In the middle of their journey from London, they had to leave Darwin (Louis Toghill) behind since he suffered an accident in the fight against aliens in the tunnel. Now, the gang hears a public announcement in French. Monty explains that it is about evacuation. Jamila sees a wall filled with notes from people who went to find someone or were open to be found. The gang writes their names on notes and decides to head to the Cuttermills’ house.

Upon reaching there, the gang looks around but does not find Monty and Penny’s parents. They light up candles and have dinner with whatever food they can find around. While Penny keeps asking about their parents, Monty cannot answer her. It feels like he hides something he knows about them. Besides, he starts doubting whether their search for Caspar (Billy Barratt) will be nearly as fruitful as they expect it to be. Later, Jamila has a dream about Caspar. She wakes up to find Monty still awake. After asking him about his parents, she mentions that she felt Caspar was getting further away from her. This time, she feels disillusioned about their mission, and he makes her look at things optimistically.

Mitsuki’s Trauma

Invasion (Season 2) Episode 6 Ending Explained:
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After the traumatic encounter with the alien entity, Mitsuki (Shioli Kutsuma) returns to the lab. She tells Maya (Naina González Norvind) and Nikhil (Shane Zaza) that she saw a boy who was calling for someone. We know that the boy was Caspar, who was calling for Jamila. But Mitsuki has never seen Caspar before, which confuses her. She mentions that she was in their, i.e., entity’s mind. Nikhil hears it with a childlike awe and decides to send her back inside. Not just him, but Mitsuki herself wants to go back again.

However, Maya remains concerned about Mitsuki’s safety. So, she checks on Mitsuki’s mental health through her reactions to things from her past. She asks why the entity took the form of Hinata as a young girl. Mitsuki thinks it is to throw her off balance. Maya insists that she share some things about her relationship with Hinata. Mitsuki believes she left Hinata behind. She considers what happened to Hinata her own fault. Eventually, she goes back to communicate with the entity. She asks it to take her back to the place where they went before. The entity feels like Mitsuki is doubting its existence. So, it asks her to remove her helmet.

Memory vs. Reality

Despite the apparent danger, Mitsuki removes her helmet. The entity’s form suddenly surrounds her and brings her to imagine a beautiful seashore. This entity speaks as Hinata and mentions that it is Hinata’s memory from her childhood. It invites Mitsuki to be free with her in this world. Mitsuki mentions her understanding that it is not real. Meanwhile, her spiking brain activity makes Maya panic. She urges Nikhil to pull the plug on this operation. That’s when analyst Tomas returns after noticing that Mitsuki is trying to communicate through a Morse code. He notices her hand movements and senses a pattern in what Mitsuki is saying.

Invasion (Season 2) Episode 6 “Pressure Points” Ending Explained:

What does Mitsuki try to communicate through a Morse code?

During her communication with the entity, Mitsuki makes sure to send a message to her team through her hand movements. Tomas figures out that she mentioned a Morse code for ‘Magnet.’ Mitsuki keeps telling the entity that the world shown by it is not real. Suddenly, she is brought back to her real world. She hears numbing noises, which result in her falling unconscious. Meanwhile, as Mitsuki suggested, the team activated the electromagnet, and the alien reacted through previously undetected vibrational frequencies. Mitsuki decides to use them to understand the aliens’ language and find their pressure points to communicate with them.

Do Jamila and her friends find Caspar?

Jamila and her gang walk up to the hospital on Caspar’s transfer order. They look around the damaged building but find no living humans. They notice a few dead bodies, probably ravaged by the aliens. Monty finds a document that makes them believe that Caspar is nearby. Then, they see a few dead police officers. Why would they risk their lives if not to protect something or someone? With that thought, Jamila and her friends look around but find nothing. She starts feeling like her search means nothing. Eventually, Penny hears a strange tapping sound. The gang follows the sound to finally find Caspar. He mentions that he started hearing alien noises once he woke up. After that, he decided to hide. Now that his friends are back, he may resume what he tried to do before.

What does Luke realize about his communication with the aliens?

While walking away with the members of the Movement, Luke starts hearing some sounds once again. He shows a ground filled with aliens and alerts them about danger. The humans start running away to save their lives. While others run toward their vehicles to leave, a female volunteer notes that she cannot find her daughter Lucy. So, Aneesha decides to go find this little girl. Luke tries to follow her, but Clark resists him from risking his life.

In the midst of the aliens’ shrieking noises, Aneesha finds Lucy and brings her back. But on the way, an alien crosses their path. Luke runs up to this creature and tells it to stop. He stands on his knees, and it almost looks as if the alien is mimicking him or acting according to his orders. Luke keeps repeating, ‘I’m in its head.’ That’s when Aneesha and Clark drag Luke away from the alien. Through this experience, Luke discovers something new about himself and his relationship with the aliens.

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