Previously, Invasion on Apple TV+ followed Jamila and friends’ search for Caspar in Paris. After fighting several challenges, they finally meet him in a hospital. Meanwhile, on the way to find Sarah, the Movement gets caught in a battle against the aliens. Luke discovers something peculiar about his ability to communicate with the aliens. On the other hand, Mitsuki also realizes something about her own form of communication with the alien entity, which could help them fight the extraterrestrials. Invasion (Season 2) Episode 7 follows Trevante and Rose on their investigation, which leads them to Ben Shelton’s farm. While the Movement’s search for Sarah leads them to a series of surprising discoveries, Monty starts getting suspicious of their mission with Caspar.

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Invasion (Season 2) Episode 7 “Down the Rabbit Hole” Recap:

Trevante & Rose’s Research

Earlier, we saw Rose (Nedra Marie Taylor) help Trevante (Shamier Anderson) escape the prison. She also helped him by offering him a place to hide. Over time, she also started getting as intrigued by Caspar’s (Billy Barratt) drawings as Trevante. During their research together, they stumbled upon Martin’s farm. He mentioned that the alien ship ‘took’ his wife, Lisa, and so was someone named ‘Billy’. Rose got emotional hearing that name. But she was not in a mental state to tell Trevante who Billy was to her.

Now, we see Rose trying to find a connection between several incidents where people were similarly taken away. She looks at the drawing and discovers a connection with a number. It is connected to the license plate of a truck owned by someone named Ben Shelton. Rose remembers that Sherriff Tyson found that truck after Ben and his wife went missing and Trevante joins the dots of the pickup points (the places from where aliens took the people). The pattern looks like a spiral – like the one Caspar drew in his notebook. As a result, the two decide to investigate the matter further.

Ben Shelton’s Farm

They reach Ben Shelton’s farm to notice the troops having taken control of the place. Trevante believes that the people are guarding something important. Once the army personnel finds a spike, Rose tries to shoot the incident on her phone from a distance. The sergeant notices her and Trevante. So, they have to make a run for their lives and end up parting ways. Eventually, they meet again and go through pages from Caspar’s notebook. Trevante realizes that Caspar drew the deep hole that they just ran away from.

Why is Rose so invested in finding answers about the aliens?

After learning about the hole in Ben Shelton’s farm, Trevante and Rose show up at the house of someone named Marlene. After their dialogue, we learn that Billy, who was taken away by the aliens, is Rose’s husband. Marlene is Billy’s sister. Before he disappeared, Rose and he suffered marital issues to the point of separation. Later on, his sudden disappearance wrecked her heart. That is when Trevante learns the personal reason Rose is so invested in finding the answers. He also opens up about the time he battled death on the battlefield.

Caspar’s Confusion

Invasion (Season 2) Episode 7 Recap
Billy Barratt in “Invasion,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

Jamila (India Brown) and her friends find Caspar in a hospital in Paris. Caspar cannot recall what happened before the hospital got attacked by aliens. While walking around the debris and trying to make sense of the situation, the gang notices a drawing of a few kids on the wall. Caspar believes he drew it but cannot remember any of them. Moments after, Penny (Ruby Siddle) finds a file that mentions the kids’ names along with Caspar’s as ‘Les Enfants Exceptionnels’ (The Exceptional Children). So, they deduce that WDC used these kids as lab rats.

Monty suspects the military might have wanted to use those kids and Caspar as weapons. Unlike him, Jamila trusts that Caspar will help them beat the aliens. Then, Caspar decides to use his communication with the aliens. He believes that they should find the other kids to proceed further. When Monty points out the strangeness of their endless pursuit, Jamila tries to restore their faith in it. Monty starts getting suspicious of their mission with Caspar. He eventually confesses that he does not trust Caspar.

The Escape

The gang soon enters a store and takes some stuff for their further journey. Suddenly, they get scared by a sudden movement. But Caspar does not feel any alien presence around them. Nevertheless, they decide to walk out and follow Caspar. Instead of taking them to a secure position, he ends up bringing them closer to an alien. The gang runs in the opposite direction but discovers a dead end. So, they get on a roof and try to hide themselves. After using their raincoat as a decoy, they manage to flee without the aliens noticing them.

Search for Sarah

Aneesha (Golshifteh Farahani) continues to look for her missing daughter Sarah (Tara Moayedi) with the Movement. Unlike Clark (Enver Gjokaj), many of them start doubting the point of helping Aneesha in her search. Earlier, they also saw Luke (Azhy Robertson) communicating with the aliens and believe he possibly put them in danger. Hearing that, Aneesha decides to go look for Sarah on her own. But Clark makes her change her mind. Then, she tries to make others believe the importance of doing things for others. Aneesha’s emotionally charged monologue suddenly changes their mind, and they decide to help her in her quest.

Invasion (Season 2) Episode 7 “Down the Rabbit Hole” Recap & Ending Explained:

Do Aneesha and the Movement find Sarah?

Jamila tries to help Caspar bring back his memories. She talks about their bus trip, which is when the trouble began. She shows him the music player, and they listen to a song together. It helps Caspar recall their trip. Meanwhile, the Movement continues its search for Sarah. They reach a military camp and manage to enter with Luke & Aneesha’s help. Once the volunteers sneak into this army base, they get control of the army staff but their highest-ranking officer refuses to answer their questions about Sarah. It infuriates Aneesha. When she is about to do something reckless, the officer reveals that Sarah has already been taken away from their small base.

Meanwhile, Bradford finds a document of Sarah’s transfer. He notes that she has not been taken to an army base. The base is ‘Project Idabel’ in Oklahoma. Although Aneesha and Clark get hopeful about their search, the officer kills all their hope. He says that it will be too late until they reach the huge operation base of Project Idabel. On the other hand, Trevante tries to sneak into the base over Ben Shelton’s farm. From a distance in hiding, he notices a young girl is being taken inside, followed by a shard in an operation tube. This young girl is none other than Aneesha’s daughter – Sarah. But he does not know her identity. Later that night, he decides to sneak into their facility to know what’s going on inside this operation.

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