Josh Radnor, best known for playing the gooey romantic character Ted Mosby in the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother, finally found his better half in Jordana Jacobs. The couple recently tied the knot and surprised the world with their aesthetic Instagram post. 

It already feels like we have grown old, as Ted’s quest to find his kids’ mother is finally over. Just like any of his fans, the moment is also very overwhelming and surreal for Radnor as well. 

Josh Radnor married Jacobs on January 6, in a 20-degree snowstorm. Despite the meteorologist’s forecast about the snowstorm for days, the couple proceeded with their wedding. The location chosen for their special day was Cedar Lakes Estate. The shivering cold weather also couldn’t stop the madly in love couple from taking their wedding vows. 

This wedding may sound weird to the readers, but guess what, the tale of their first encounter and how they fell in love is even more bizarre. Radnor and his now beloved wife Jacobs, who is a clinical psychologist, met at a sound – meditation retreat in upstate New York in 2022.  According to the New York Times, Radnor arrived in New York, in pursuit of self-evaluation, as the actor had been going through a rough breakup. Likewise, Jacobs made the trip to New York as she too was healing from a broken relationship. Indeed, it was destiny that brought them together, and even their subconscious also said the same thing to them when they saw each other. 

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But before I dwell on how exactly their relationship started, let me mention that both Jacobs and Radnor were tripping on mushrooms. The psychedelic experience helped them to navigate through their feelings for each other. The trip led both their subconscious minds to echo louder and they were more and more drawn towards each other. While Radnor’s inner voice prompted him, “That’s her… That’s your woman,” Jacobs also felt obligated by her emotions to confess her feelings for Radnor and she told him, “I had this experience in ceremony of listening to my heart and my heart is drawn to you.”


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There must have been a moment of awkwardness, but one thing was so certain the feelings were mutual and something beautiful was about to blossom. After leaving the retreat Radnor texted Jacobs, and this is how a beautiful love story started. 

Coming back to their wedding day, which was no less than chaotic but for the couple it was special as even the snowy weather would have felt the warmth of their love. As the couple met at a sound meditation ceremony and their love story involved a psychedelic trip, they decided their wedding theme to be “set and setting” which in psychedelic terms means interaction between one’s emotional and mental state and the physical environment. 

In the shimmering snowflakes, the bride and the groom took their vows. Jacobs told Radnor, “My first vow is freedom, which also means we are free to stay, or — if this relationship ever evolves in such a way that it is no longer serving our highest good — we are free to go, We know it is choice, not obligation, that makes us want to remain exactly where we are.”

Hearing this tears of joy rolled down Radnor’s cheek and he said channeling his inner hopeless romantic Ted Mosby that, “I look into the infinity of your green eyes, I know that my not having gotten married until now was not due to some brokenness in me. The truth is, I didn’t get married until now because I was waiting for you.”

Though the circumstances in which Jacobs and Radnor got married were stormy, the couple along with the stranded 59 people at the venue surrendered to the moment and concluded the wedding.

So finally Our Ted can tell this tale to his future kids as, ‘So kids that’s how I met your mother.’ 

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