There are many TV films and shows centered around the theme of kidnapping or a person going missing while on vacation. What sets Kidnapping in the Grand Canyon apart from the rest is that it is based on true events. We know about the incident that occurred in Japan when a woman named Patricia Wu-Murad was never found.

Imagine this: you are witnessing one of the most beautiful places in the world; you’ve planned for this, you’ve saved your earnings for this particular moment, and the very next moment, you are kidnapped and never found again. Incidents like these leave a haunting experience, even for an audience. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the plot. Spoilers Ahead.

Kidnapping in the Grand Canyon (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

Kidnapping in the Grand Canyon begins with a scene where a woman is fleeing from something in the endless landscape of the Grand Canyon. She approaches a ledge and discovers a group of hikers just below the cliff. She screams for help, but no one hears her cries. Someone grabs her from behind, and that’s when we meet the protagonist, Brooke Anderson.

Brooke Anderson is a pediatrician planning a trip to the Grand Canyon with her 20-year-old friend, Chandra, whom she hasn’t seen in more than two years. They are both excited about the trip, but Brooke becomes concerned when she sees a news report about the disappearance of a trail guide named Jacob. Chandra encourages her to relax during the trip. However, Brooke has her own reasons for behaving cautiously. She used to be fun and daring.

Why is the Trip so important for Brooke?

Brooke Anderson is deeply in love with Akil. They climb mountains, hike, and do everything possible to infuse adventure into their love story. One day, while hiking and gazing at Akil, her husband, Brooke, sees a man filled with great compassion and love for her. However, Akil’s anchor starts to loosen, and just before he falls off the cliff, he says, ‘I Love You’ to Brooke.

The incident unfolds right before Brooke, leaving her in shock ever since. Two years have passed, and now Chandra, the friend whom Brooke trusts more than anyone in the world, plans a reunion. Brooke, once a very daring woman, has undergone a profound transformation. She no longer wants to take any risks. She repeatedly checks the map to ensure she never goes off-trail. Chandra is surprised by her friend’s newfound personality, but she understands the reason behind this change.

How does Nate become Brooke and Chandra’s Trail Guide?

On the very first night of their trip, Brooke and Chandra have dinner at a local bar when one of the bartenders gets injured by a broken glass. Brooke, being a doctor, goes up to help him with his wound. Right after that, she accidentally collides with a guy named Nate. Upon their initial encounter, Nate stares at Brooke for an extended period, leaving her feeling awkward. They strike up a conversation and soon discover that Nate is also beginning the hike the following day as a trail guide.

When Nate expresses his desire to see Brooke again, she doesn’t display the same interest. Later, Chandra encourages Brooke to flirt a little, suggesting that she deserves a break from the sadness of her past two years. Brooke considers it and gives off a vibe that she might be interested in spending time with Nate. The next morning, Brooke realizes that Chandra has planned to go off-trail for a while. Brooke firmly declines, as she doesn’t want to take any risks during the trip. She simply wants to enjoy the scenery and reconnect with her best friend.

At this moment, Nate arrives, and upon hearing that Chandra wishes to venture off-trail, he suggests that he should join them. Nate is familiar with off-trail routes; even if they get lost, he can help them, as he is a guide. With Chandra’s persuasion, Brooke finally agrees to accompany Nate. They begin hiking in the vast Grand Canyon region.

Nate and Brooke start to get along as they discover similarities between themselves, just when Chandra decides to take a break. During the break, Nate offers them his energy bars. Chandra takes one and eats it immediately. Brooke notices a slight hole in her bar but disregards it and eats. They resume hiking, and after some time, Brooke and Chandra feel unwell. They begin sweating excessively, and it feels like they’re experiencing heatstroke. Soon, they both lose consciousness.

What is the relationship between Tara and Nate?

Kidnapping in the Grand Canyon (2023) Movie Ending Explained
A still from Kidnapping in the Grand Canyon (2023)

Brooke finds herself in a pit when she regains consciousness, and Chandra is still unconscious. Then she sees another woman named Tara, whom we had seen earlier in the film – the woman who was running and screaming for help at the beginning. Tara tells Brooke that Nate brought them here to solve a problem. When asked, Tara reveals that she herself is the problem.

Brooke doesn’t really understand what’s happening until Nate arrives. In the meantime, Chandra wakes up, and Nate finally reveals the main reason for kidnapping them. Nate shows a deep wound on Tara’s left leg that is already infected. Since Nate knows Brooke is a doctor from the bar where they first met, he decides to bring her along with Chandra to help Tara recover from the injury. Brooke asks him why the kidnapping, as she would have helped Tara anyway if asked properly.

Tension then rises between Tara and Nate when Nate calls her his fiancee, and Tara denies the claim. Brooke understands that this is a kidnapping case, and even if she helps Tara, Nate is not going to release her and Chandra easily. Nate makes it clear that he doesn’t want them to go free because they might involve the police. Brooke finally examines the wound and explains that Tara needs to go to the hospital to survive. Since the wound is already infected, her bloodstream is being affected. Without proper medical attention, her wounds cannot heal. Nate cannot allow that because he would get into trouble if he goes to the hospital.

So, he decides to take Brooke with him to the nearest medical store to get some pills to ease the pain for a while. In the meantime, Chandra starts cutting her ropes with a key that falls out of Nate’s pocket. She begins talking to Tara to prevent her from losing consciousness or deteriorating further.

Tara tells her that she has been dating Nate for three months, and one day, he suddenly proposes to her. Tara was not ready to accept the proposal. Nate didn’t take it very well, so Tara ended up in the pit. Knowing all this, Chandra feels that Nate is not mentally stable, as no one would react this way if a proposal didn’t go as planned. Regardless, Chandra decides to find a way out of this situation and take Tara with her.

Kidnapping in the Grand Canyon (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

Do Brooke, Chandra, and Tara manage to escape from Nate?

In the meantime, we see Brooke taking pills from the medical store and trying to hint at her situation. However, the lady at the store fails to realize Brooke’s predicament. Later, they head back to the pit. Nate finds out that Chandra has escaped along with Tara. Seizing the opportunity, Brooke hits him with a rock and also escapes She meets another hiker named Jimmy and explains her situation to him.

Soon, Nate arrives and starts explaining with a bunch of lies to Jimmy. Nate claims that Brooke is hallucinating due to dehydration, insisting that he is her best friend and that Chandra and Tara do not exist at all. He says he has already fired a flare into the sky so that a team of medics can arrive and assist Brooke. Jimmy intervenes and says he will wait until the medics arrive.

Realizing that his plans are falling apart, Nate attacks Jimmy and, in the moment of confrontation, pushes Jimmy off a huge cliff. There is no chance Jimmy is alive. Witnessing this, Brooke picks up Jimmy’s rucksack and runs away from Nate. Nate follows her, and they both end up in front of a cliff. There is no way around it, but suddenly, the cliff breaks apart, and both of them fall into a pit.

Fortunately, the cliff is not very steep, and both of them survive the accident. Nate comes out of the pit when Chandra arrives at the spot and forces her to enter the pit. Nate then runs to find Tara. After going through all the troubles, Brooke finally decides not to give up in that situation. Subsequently, she and Chandra get out of the pit. They shoot the flare gun from Jimmy’s rucksack, and seeing the flare in the sky, Nate knows that his plan will soon fall apart. He rushes toward Brooke, and she shoots with the flare gun at him.

Nate is on the ground, struggling with the injury that the flare gun left when a rattlesnake bites him in the leg. Right after that, Chandra arrives and kicks him unconscious. The help team comes on the spot, putting Brooke and Chandra in a secure place and providing full medical assistance to Tara. The rangers thank Brooke and Chandra for keeping Tara alive under such threatening conditions. They also suggest that there is a possibility that Nate has killed Jacob, the missing trail guide.

Brooke is finally free from her shackles and is now ready to embark on another adventure with Chandra. She buries her engagement ring as a symbol of moving on from the past and starting a new chapter in her life. On the other hand, Nate is now in custody, dealing with the poisonous snake bite.

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