Peter Sullivan’s latest thriller, “Killer Fortune Teller,” is based on real events and revolves around the Settel family as they acquire the stocks of their biggest rival in the market. Things start to fall apart when the founder of Settel Pharmaceuticals dies, and his son, Shane, and daughter, Olivia, along with the help of one of the oldest employees of the company, Jackson, try to stay on top of the market. “Killer Fortune Teller” has a very predictable plot. But it is a good one-time watch. Starring Jonathan Stoddard, Jon Briddell, and Sarah Murphree, “Killer Fortune Teller” is devoid of tension and thrills.

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Killer Fortune Teller (2024) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis:

The film starts with a woman being admitted to the hospital, and her condition is very serious. She is sent to the operation theater, where the doctor and the nurses try their best to save her. Unfortunately, it is too late to do anything. Twenty years later, we see Shane Settel talking about buying their rivals’ stocks in order to tactfully acquire the whole company. Shane has taken over the CEO position ever since his father, the founder of the company, passed away. Jackson, the right-hand man, tells him that this is not the right time to take such a risk.

Shane’s sister, Olivia, agrees with Jackson and asks Shane to take things slowly. But Shane is obsessed with this deal because it will be his first big achievement as the CEO of the company. Shane remembers his father visiting a psychic, so he goes to see one too. He meets with Maya, a fortune teller, and asks her to predict Shane’s future. Maya reads the tarot cards in front of Shane and tells him that a death will take place soon, and it will mean the growth of his business. Shane gets a positive vibe from the reading and leaves with a happy face.

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How does Shane meet with Natalie?

Right after Shane’s meeting with Maya, later that night, the only remaining threat to his success, the owner of his rival company, Irving, is killed. Since Irving is dead, it is now very easy for Shane to acquire the whole company. Olivia resists for a while as she thinks it is a time to show empathy and compassion, as acquiring the company that has just lost their owner will not send a good message to the media. Jackson makes her understand that the market can change anytime and they need to strike first.

After the taking over is done, Shane and his team hit the restaurant to celebrate their victory. There, Shane accidentally meets a beautiful woman named Natalie King. Natalie is out for a blind date, and she gets stood up. Shane takes advantage of the situation and starts spending time with her. Later, when Shane meets with Maya, she somehow hints that he should get married to Natalie soon. Maya suggests that Natalie is a strong woman, and she will eventually help Shane grow his business.

What does Olivia find about Natalie?

Olivia starts doubting that Irving’s death is not purely coincidental, so she confronts Shane. Shane confesses that he has been visiting Maya for some time, and she was the first to tell him that a death will take place. Olivia sends her lover, Tyler, to follow Shane and learn more about this fortune teller. Tyler does so and later sits with Maya to have a reading of his own. Maya finds that Tyler is a Settel employee and she understands that he has followed Shane since he was here earlier.

Maya puts some drugs in Tyler’s tea and then reads the tarot cards to confuse him about the decisions he made so far in life. Later, Tyler is found dead in his apartment, and Detective Rita takes charge of the investigation. Rita is a friend of Olivia and she confesses everything about Tyler. Later, when Shane suddenly decides to marry Natalie, Olivia requests Rita to run a background check on her. Since she is a close friend, Rita agrees to do so and finds something interesting about Natalie.

Olivia learns from Rita that Natalie King is not the real name as it is Janice Augustine. Olivia asks Rita to arrest her for fraud. However, since Janice Augustine has no past record of crime, she can not manage a warrant. Also, changing names is not often considered a crime unless it is done for some heinous reasons. Janice Augustine has not done anything wrong with Shane. Therefore, there is no point in arresting her under any circumstances.

What does Shane learn about His Father?

Killer Fortune Teller (2024) Movie Ending Explained
A still from “Killer Fortune Teller” (2024)

Knowing that Natalie is a fraud and she is planning something, Olivia pays a visit to Maya to let her know about the situation. Olivia knows that Shane only listens to Maya and tries to convince her to let him know that Natalie is a threat and he should avoid her completely. Later we find out that both Natalie and Maya are involved. Maya tells Natalie, just like Tyler, that they need to take care of Olivia because she is about to crack the plan, and then they will be in trouble.

Later that night, when Olivia is working late in the office, she is attacked out of nowhere. The attack was not brutal, and when Shane comes to see her, Olivia tells him about Natalie’s real identity. Listening to the name Janice Augustine, Shane seems to have remembered something. Shane goes back to his office and asks one of his employees to bring all the case files of the drug they invented, Tranquilify.

From those files, Shane discovered the lawsuit filed against Settel Pharmaceuticals by Ausgustine. There, he learns about the death of a woman around 20 years ago and understands that Janice is her daughter. Later, he talks to Jackson about this. He learns that his father did whatever was required to build this company. Jackson also implies that Tranquilify may have taken a few lives, but it has also helped numerous patients. There are always side effects of using any drug, and Augustine’s case was one of those.

Killer Fortune Teller (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

Is Olivia Able to Save Shane?

Shane finally confronts Natalie, saying that he now knows who she really is. Janice then says that the wealth he has inherited should not be his because it is blood money. Their mother died because Shane’s father wanted to be rich. Shane tries to make her understand that neither he nor Olivia had any chance to know anything about this because they were kids back then. But, since Janice fails to understand any of it, Shane tells her to kill him and take whatever they want. But Janice can’t do it.

Later, when Rita says that she has learned from another psychic that Maya is not allowed to do card readings, yet she still does, Olivia doubts that Maya and Janice could be involved. This theory is confirmed once Rita says that the fingerprints they find in Irving’s case point to Lizzy Augustine, the older sister of Janice Augustine. By the time Olivia and Rita reach Shane, Lizzy and Janice are already there. Olivia manages to hit Janice with a lever and makes her unconscious. She also hits Lizzy from behind to do the same with her, thus saving Shane’s life.

At the end of the film, we see that Shane is leaving the CEO spot for Olivia, his sister, as he has always known that she deserves it more than anyone in the family. Together, they aspire to make their father’s company more reliable than ever before, as Lizzy and Janice are sent to jail for the double killings of Irving and Tyler. Also, they have attempted to kill Shane, so the sentencing will not be comforting for the sisters.

Regardless of what happened to them, Settel Pharmaceuticals cannot be blamed for the consequences of their mother because the drug, Tranquilify, has been proven effective for a lot of people. It was one of a few mishaps that happen all the time when a new drug comes into the market. Sometimes, it is just a misfortune when such things take place in a family. It is devastating, yes, but one cannot take matters into their own hands and go on a killing spree like the Augustine sisters.

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