King the Land (Season 1) Episodes 11 & 12: Previously, ‘King the Land’ on Netflix showed Gu Won and Sa-rang writing the next chapters of their romance. While standing on a rooftop in Thailand, the couple finally expresses their love for each other. Before that, we see them roaming around the streets of this foreign land, desperately trying to find some ‘alone time’. In the end, Gu Won snatches his beau away from others and they enjoy their precious time together. Now that they are back together at the hotel, Won takes the responsibility of taking care of the hotel’s 100th-anniversary event. Meanwhile, Sa-rang tries to find traces of Won’s mother.  

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King the Land (Season 1), Episodes 11 & 12 Recap:

Episode 11

Kind the Land episode 11 shows the aftermath of Gu Won (Lee Jun-ho) and Sa-rang’s (Im Yoon-ah) romantic kiss on a rooftop in Thailand. The next morning, they all try to make peace with the fact that they have to return to the hotel. No one wants to leave. However, Won cheers everyone up with business-class seats. Pyeong-hwa (Go Won-hee) and Da-eul (Kim Ga-Eun) still believe that Won is Mr No and that Sang-sik (Ahn Se-ha) is his senior. So, they thank him instead for this VIP treatment. 

Back in the hotel, the general manager of King the Land Jeon Min-seo (Kim Jung-min) offers Sa-rang a warm welcome. When Sa-rang offers her a gift, her team members get upset and jealous. But to their surprise, Sa-rang also gifts them some souvenirs as well. She makes sure to make everyone feel special. While Gu Won keeps trying to spend more and more time with Sa-rang, Sang-sik tries his luck with Kim Su-mi (Kong Ye-ji). He asks her to join him for greeting duty at the 100th-anniversary event and she reluctantly agrees. It seems likely that a romance will brew between them in the coming episodes. 

On the other hand, Gu Won keeps facing professional challenges because of his sister Gu Hwa-ran (Kim Sun-young), who is reluctant about letting her brother get control of the hotel. She expects him to follow her advice and he refuses that. Instead of inviting influential people from the world of politics and business, he decides to use an unorthodox approach. It looks like Sun-hui (Kim Young-ok) and Sa-rang’s company have made him more class-conscious. Apparently, it is also in his genes, since Hwa-ran worries that her step-brother is becoming ‘too much like his mother’. When she questions Gu Il-hun (Son Byung-ho) about it, he refuses to talk about it.

Back in the duty-free shop, supervisor Do Ra-hee (Lee Ji-hye) keeps having unrealistic expectations from Da-eul’s team. She makes her accept inflated expected sales figures by scaring her about a team member’s job loss. That’s why, Da-eul reluctantly agrees to work accordingly. Meanwhile, the perverted pilot from Pyeong-hwa’s group keeps harassing her. He even expects her to treat him once in a while to get a promotion. Ro-woon (Kim Jae-won) understands her discomfort, and so, offers a helping hand. He rescues her from the pilot’s unreasonable request and goes on a date with her. That’s when he accepts that he likes her. Even though she does not feel the same way, he does not force his feelings upon her. 

The 100th-anniversary Event

Meanwhile, Gu Won personally checks the food items for their big event, thanks the chef, and suggests alternate cuisines for alternate preferences. Afterwards, he invites the hotel’s elderly doorman to his office and thanks him for his work and long-time commitment to the hotel. The man shares an experience from his past and Won patiently listens to it. He says that ‘he chased happiness and ended up working for the hotel’. Through this exercise, Won becomes more aware of the work his staff does. Later that night, he meets Sa-rang at a bus stop and shares a kiss. Since she realises someone might notice them, they get on a random bus. Only later do they realise that it is filled with the hotel’s employees. 

Afterwards, Won takes Sa-rang on a romantic date and seems genuinely happy with their relationship. While she brings up the subject of his mother, he refuses to indulge in it. But she still decides to pursue it on her own. She meets their hotel’s doorman and asks about Han Mi-so. He recalls who she is but does not have any contact information. However, he asks her to meet Mi-so’s old friend, Kim Ok-ja. Sa-rang meets this room inspector but has an unpleasant first interaction. She still politely responds to the old lady. Meanwhile, Sa-rang meets Sun-hui at her house and learns some things about Sa-rang’s past. The grandmother talks about Sa-rang’s mother’s accident after which she raised her. However, Sa-rang was always self-sufficient. Anyhow, the grandma advises Won to take care of his father and offers him a balm. 

Back at home, Won has a dialogue with his father about his dream for the hotel and whether he achieved it. Il-hun feels that Won should get help from his step-sister to improve their business. Against his suggestion, Won decides to act with conscience and not be ruthless as his sister. At the event, he surprises the guests by inviting the staff members – like a doorman, a housekeeper, and a room inspector – to speak on the podium, instead of wealthy VVIPs. The staff shares their emotional stories, which also strikes a chord with Il-hun. However, it irks Hwa-ran, who considers it disrespectful and eventually walks out. After the event, Sa-rang invites Won back to her place for a dinner date. Her friends had told her that they will not be home that night. But to the couple’s surprise, her friends and colleagues arrive there right when Won has her in his arms. 

King the Land Season 1 Episodes 11, 12
A still from King the Land.

Episode 12:

Before reaching the house, Sang-sik lied to Da-eul, Pyeong-hwa, and Ro-woon that things were not going well between Sa-rang and Gu Won. Eventually, they all reached the house to find the couple sharing a kiss. After that embarrassing moment, the couple not only shares an update about their romance but also reveals Won’s identity. He finally admits that he is not Mr. No, but the chairman’s son. Da-eul and Pyeong-hwa suddenly remember how they jokingly humiliated Mr. No. Since they also called Won a ‘rude, nepotism guy’, they make extra attempts to apologise for their words and misbehaviour. Won relieves their stress by saying how they were simply looking out for someone just starting out his career.  

Sang-sik feels like a burden has been lifted off of his shoulders and he can finally speak freely. Sa-rang’s friends speak with her about the difference in their status and how it impacts their bond. She believes that it is stronger than ever. Back at the hotel, Hwa-ran ruthlessly promotes her agenda of cost-cutting by firing some of their employees for the hotel’s survival. Gu Won fights against it and says they can progress without firing the precious staff. So, Il-hun gives them both an ultimatum to prove their sides. Whoever succeeds can lead the King’s group in the future. Sang-sik says that he will always be Won’s value-driven side. 

On the King Air flight, the newly promoted purser Mi-Na gifts something to Soo-Hyun. Pyeong-hwa realises the partiality and later, confronts Soo-hyun about it. Why did she not get the promotion if she raised her sales? Did Soo-hyun use her to make herself look good in front of her seniors? She wonders. Soo-Hyun blackmails Pyeong-hwa that she would reveal her history of divorce, which can damage her career. Through a flashback, we see how Pyeong-hwa got married at a fairly young age against her will and struggled to get a divorce.

Sa-rang’s Job

In the hotel, Hwa-ran invites a wealthy investor for a meal. Sa-rang serves them as per the required etiquette, but it frustrates the arrogant man. He even goes to the lengths of making Hwa-ran fire her. But Gu Won makes a surprise entry to rescue his lover from a sudden job loss. More importantly, he teaches the egotistical man how he needs to behave properly to deserve respect. Upset by that, he walks away from the meeting. Hwa-ran confronts him for doing this just to protect an employee. She senses a bond between Sa-rang and Won and seems determined to get to the bottom of it. 

Despite this humiliation, Sa-rang’s teammates treat her much better than before. They even invite her for a group dinner and praise how Won stands for employees like them. That’s where Sa-rang learns that Won got everyone incentives in the form of money instead of coupons as the hotel usually does. It makes her realise how much Won has changed in her presence. After dinner, Won picks her up for a ride back home and saves her from a splash of rain. 

Back home, she sees him shirtless for the first time. She gets attracted to him even more, which leads to the couple sharing a kiss. While the couple enjoys their romance, Hwa-ran plots to bring Sang-sik on her side. She asks him to snoop on Won and report details from his personal and professional life. In response, Sang-sik asks how that would professionally benefit him. Is it the beginning of Sang-sik’s ‘villain arc’? We have to wait to find an answer to that.

Da-eul, meanwhile, continues to face disappointments from the family she married into. Her sister-in-law invades her privacy, borrows (steals) her clothes, and leaves her to take care of her child. Her husband and his parents continue to look at her as their free labourer. She hopes to have a non-tiring life like other women her age. On the other hand, Sa-rang takes on a responsibility that is not hers. The daughter of one of their guests forgot her doll in the room and the room inspection team could not find it. So, Sa-rang personally goes through all the stuff to find it. That is where she comes across Ms. Kim and has a word about Han Mi-so. Ms. Kim says that Mi-so was her closest friend and says that she was a great person. 

King the Land (Season 1), Episode 12 Ending Explained:

Sa-rang gives Gu Won a pleasant surprise by asking him out on a date. From there, she asks if he can take her somewhere. Won drives her to a couple of windmills next to the sea. Sa-rang talks about how her grandmother used to bring her there whenever she missed her mother. As a kid, Sa-rang used to walk onto the path leading to the windmills, hoping her mother will be on the other side. Now, Won joins her to reach there. That is where she offers him a photo of his mother. She asks him to go meet Ms. Kim once they return to Seoul. While this couple tries to heal their old bonds, Hwa-ran’s husband cannot wait to divorce her. Despite her opposition, he is determined to depart at the earliest. 

Sa-rang continues to bond better with her King the Land teammates. Seeing her positive attitude among other things, Min-seo offers her a chance to work on the Dream Team. She learns about this secret higher position, where she will serve at the chairman’s private dinner. Her teammates congratulate her, and she heads out with high spirits. But she slowly starts to realise how she and the others will be treated like maids. She eventually walks up to the table to offer her service and finds Sa-rang sitting next to the girl she saw at the party – the one she mistook for Won’s romantic interest. While serving them, she hears Il-hun’s surprising plan of getting Won married to Yu-ri. As a result, Sa-rang ends up breaking one of her plates. What will it mean for Sa-rang’s romantic and professional life? Let’s wait for the 13th episode to know more about it. 

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