Corner Office (2022): Movie Ending Explained – What Happens to Orson in the End?

Corner Office (2022) Movie Ending Explained

Corner Office (2022): Based on the book of the same name written by Jonas Karlsson, ‘The Room’ is perhaps one of the most direct approaches to showcasing the realm of the corporate world. The story primarily delves into the structure of the corporate world and how people behave around it to make it look like they are comfortable. In reality, they are pushing themselves into the most uncomfortable situations. This is one of those dark comedies where you will find it hard to breathe for a moment until the movie ends. Let’s understand the reasoning hidden inside the ‘Corner Room,’ shall we?

*Spoilers Ahead*

Corner Office (2022) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis:

At its core, the film mostly delves into the life of Orson, played by Jon Hamm. The film introduces us to a meticulously crafted corporate landscape where power struggles, backroom dealings, and moral compromises are the order of the day. When we see Orson enter ‘The Authority Inc. building, we see a man largely focused on his agenda and making himself ready for the job that has been given to him. Orson notices everything around him. Every time someone indulges in a conversation, Orson follows the gestures. He observes how Carol ignores Shannon and how she possesses the higher level of hierarchy on the floor.

Orson shares the work table with Rakesh, who is not at all organized like him. It becomes tremendously irritating for Orson when he sees Rakesh piling up the files in front of him. He wants him to get rid of the files once they are resolved, but Rakesh never cleans his table. There is also one rule that every employee must adhere to. They cannot roam around the floor without wearing plastic covers around their shoes, like the ones doctors use during OT. Anyway, the main motto behind this is that the employees must take care of the floor. It is a metaphor commonly used in the corporate structure, which means one needs to value the work one is doing on the floor.

How does Orson find ‘the Room’?

Orson works for 55 minutes straight and takes a 5-minute break. This is his process. One day, to grab his 5-minute break, he finds a door close to the bathroom. His interest gathers right after he opens the door. However, the first time, he doesn’t really get into the room. The second time he goes to the room, he finds out that the light switch is outside. It’s pretty unconventional, but we will gradually understand why Orson sees the room as a whole.

Right after he finds the room, he starts picking out flaws in everything. He never mentions anything, but he finds these pretty exhausting. Orson even brings Rakesh into the room to help him understand that the files that are piled up on the desk are making Orson uncomfortable. He makes it very clear that Rakesh needs to clear the desk so that they both maintain a good relationship. Orson gradually discovers himself inside the room. He starts admiring his suit even while he is inside.

Does ‘the Room’ Really Exist?

One day, Rakesh asks Orson why he sometimes stands still in front of the wall near the bathroom. This makes no sense to Orson, as he doesn’t understand what Rakesh is trying to imply. After a moment’s confusion, Orson believes that the conversation Rakesh is trying to have pointed to the fact that the room Orson has been visiting does not exist at all. This makes Orson wonder if Rakesh is having some trouble believing in the existence of the room. But soon, he understands that everyone in the office believes that Orson is going through some psychological issues.

Orson needs to double-check Rakesh’s words, so he stops Mitchell right in front of the wall, where Orson believes the room is. He asks him gently whether he is able to see the room. Mitchell denies the existence of the room, saying that there is nothing but the wall. Orson gathers everyone and takes them into the room. There he says that he understands that his colleagues are joking regarding the existence of the room, and since everyone is inside the room, the joke needs to stop.

However, later we find out that everyone, along with Orson, is called to Andrew’s office, the boss of the floor. Everyone says that the room Orson is talking about doesn’t exist. Even so, he gathers everyone in front of the blank wall and then stands there without uttering a word. This makes Andrew very uncomfortable, as everyone in the room except Orson thinks that this is a situation of mental disorder. He asks everyone to leave except Orson, and after a disagreeable conversation, Andrew suggests Orson visit a psychologist.

Orson visits the psychologist, but that does not result in much hope. However, since the psychologist fails to understand the exact situation Orson is going through, she gives him a clean sheet. Deep inside, Andrew knows that Orson is the most flawless employee on the floor, so he doesn’t want to lose him. It’s one of the reasons why Andrew ignores everyone’s objections and keeps Orson on the floor, although he asks him not to visit the room anymore.

How does Orson tactfully start using ‘the Room’?

Orson understands that the room is the only place where he can find peace, and for that, he must access it once in a while. But whenever he even stands in front of it, someone sees it and complains to Andrew. He thinks that to overcome such a horrendous situation, he must solve the problem only by confronting it. So he takes a direct approach to the people around him. Whenever someone threatens him, he replies with a smile that confuses them. Moreover, to Rakesh, he fails to make him understand the problem he faces seeing the pile of files.

Corner Office (2022) Movie Ending Explained
Sarah Gadon and Jon Hamm in Corner Office (2022)

So, one day, he grabs one of the files and hides it in his drawer. Rakesh is unable to find it. Later that evening, when everyone leaves the floor, Orson grabs the file and goes inside the room for the eighth time. He finds it very relaxing to solve the case file while staying inside the room. Formulations that usually take longer take much longer inside the room, but Orson finds it very easy to complete them. He submits the file the next morning, and Andrew thinks that Rakesh has done the formulation. But Rakesh denies it, and so do the rest of the employees.

A few days later, Carol sees Orson placing the file on Andrew’s table. It is a plan for Orson to make her see that, so she will inevitably blabber about this to Andrew. Andrew then asks Orson whether he has done the formulations. Orson agrees and learns that his formulations are so exquisite that the EVP is very happy. He may have even resolved the layoff situation with his formulations. Orson is soon promoted to the Quality Assurance department. However, nobody knows that he does the formulation inside the room.

Corner Office (2022) Movie Ending Explained:

What happens to Orson’s demand?

Andrew and the EVP of ‘The Authority Inc.’ are very happy with Orson’s progress, so Andrew wants to thank him. So, he gives him slippers that will keep his feet safe while he walks around the floor. In other words, Andrew is giving him some freedom, but there are some rules attached to it. The shoes will not be allowed to go with him. He can only put them on at work. That’s what it’s all about in the business world. They give you a sense of freedom, but some rules go along with it. In the end, you are still caged, just like before. In the paradox that is the business world, promotion is a riddle.

But because of the revolutions he has started so far, Orson is on the run, so he makes a deal with Andrew. He asks him if he can work in the room, which Andrew said he can’t. Andrew tells him that he needs to talk to the EVP about this situation. Andrew even gets other workers in the room besides Orson to talk about what’s going on. All of them agree that the EVP needs to make this choice.

Orson is so sure of himself now that he imagines himself taking over for Andrew. He knows that the EVP values him so much that even if Andrew turns down his offer, the EVP will fire Andrew and put Orson in charge of the floor. But things go wrong when the EVP turns down the offer because he thinks Orson has a major mental illness. The EVP makes the decision to fire Orson, and Andrew tells him. Orson gets up from the floor, but right before he gets into the car, he starts running inside the building.

What happens to Orson in the End?

Orson is seen running into the room. He manages to stand in front of the wall where he thinks the room is. We see him standing still, but we can see him walking into the room in his thoughts. Except for Andrew and the EVP, he let everyone into this room. In a scene where he lets the building’s receptionist, Alyssa, into the room, he feels that she knew it was there. Alyssa tells him everything he needs to know about the room.

After seeing how the room has been organized, she tells him that the room is the reflection of Orson. Later, we find out that Orson also made this comment since Alyssa has never been in the room. They just stood still in front of the wall and didn’t say anything. Alyssa thinks that Orson might have taken some kind of drug that caused everything to happen. But as soon as Orson and Alyssa walk into the room, they start dancing and kissing each other. Because the whole room and everything that goes on in it is playing in Orson’s head.

The room isn’t there. Only Orson’s unconscious mind knows about it. Like in any other business, an employee needs space to move around. Where they can think about their own points of view. Where they can take a break and feel good about what they’ve done for “the floor” so far. In the business world, it’s too bad that there’s not enough time to wait and thank someone for a job well done. This tiredness led to Orson’s ‘Corner Office’ or ‘the room.’

Everyone, including us, can see him just standing there in front of the wall. But in his mind, Orson grabs the chair in the room and relaxes in the quietest place he could ever hope for.

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