King the Land (Season 1) Episodes 5 & 6: ‘King the Land’ is heading swiftly into the central romance. This week’s two episodes, streaming on Netflix, show the blooming relationship between Gu Won & Sa-rang. While Gu Won already started catching feelings for Sa-rang, he now makes it known to her. Sa-rang continues to face professional challenges where their different work philosophies come into the discussion. More than anything, they bring out their different upbringing and social status.

Let’s see how these two lovebirds navigate their differences and learn to embrace their love for one another.

King the Land (Season 1) Episodes 5 & 6 Recap:

Episode 5

Episode 4 of King the Land ended with Gu Won (Jun-Ho Lee) and Sa-rang (Im Yoon-ah) meeting at their ‘usual spot.’ She was annoyed by her selfish ex-boyfriend – Yu Nam’s antics and decided to come there to experience some moments of solitude. Gu Won arrived there and offered her an umbrella for the rain. He also saved her when she was about to fall down. Now, we see him offer her a ride to celebrate her birthday. She gets a pleasant surprise, realizing he knows about it.

While Sa-rang tries to get out of this obligation, Gu Won makes her have a birthday dinner. He offers her a set of clothes and shoes since hers are wet. They go to an expensive restaurant to have a meal. She gets weirded out by this sudden special treatment and is surprised by how he knows her exact size. He pretends that he picked up random pieces even though he carefully looked for them.

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After the dinner, Sa-rang offers to pay for the dinner but gets shocked by the expensive bill. Eventually, Gu Won pays the bill. He calls it his duty to do such things for his employees. After that, he drives her back home, where she finds Yu Nam waiting for her. Yu Nam accuses Sa-rang of cheating despite their break-up. Seeing him disrespect Sa-rang, Gu Won intimidates him to leave.

Before leaving, Gu Won gifts her a cake that he made his chef prepare specially for her. She feels bad for the cook who had to work overtime for her. Gu Won realizes that he needs to think more about how he expresses his love. On the other hand, Pyeong-hwa’s (Go Won-hee) team becomes the lowest-performing team. That’s why their senior sarcastically chides them to make them feel even worse. This senior also tells Pyeong-hwa how other team members have made a group chat without her. She offers help to get a promotion.

Pyeong-hwa returns to find Da-eul (Kim Ga-eun) and Sa-rang watching TV. She looks at Sa-rang’s expensive clothes and questions her about it. Seeing that grand gesture by Sa-rang’s ‘secret someone,’ Da-eul and Pyeong-hwa feel certain that he loves her. They both desperately start selling her things from their inventory, seeing that she now has a rich lover. It shows the pressure corporate is putting on them to do so.

Meanwhile, Sang-sik (Ahn Se-ha) realizes that Gu Won is in love with Sa-rang. He starts teasing Gu Won, and it frustrates him. Gu Won acts almost like an adolescent, feeling like his big secret is now out! Later, Sa-rang meets Gu Won and asks him out for a meal. He becomes happy that she asked him out but does not show his happiness. Anyhow, he agrees to that date (or is it one?).

Sa-rang’s new colleagues get mesmerized by Gu Won’s presence. They still keep making Sa-rang feel unwelcome in their team. After working with them, the couple finally meets at his car. This time, she offers Gu Won a treat. However, in that place, he does not get his usual preferential treatment. Nevertheless, he decides to wait with her for their turn to get a table.

King the Land (Season 1) Episodes 5 & 6 netflix

Eventually, Gu Won goes in and loves the beer recommended by Sa-rang. He acts like a little kid seeing the food getting prepared and served. He shows this different side of himself. Even after dinner, when they go out for a walk, he smiles along with her. This is so unlike the manager, who told her that he hates smiles.

On the other hand, Hwa-ran’s (Kim Seon-young) husband says that he wants to divorce her. But she does not let him proceed with it since it would badly impact her professional image. That night happens to be their anniversary. Since over-eager Ms. Kim arrives with a gift for the anniversary, we get to see a tinge of Hwa-ran’s sadness that she keeps hidden under her regular persona.

While facing these marital conflicts, Hwa-ran keeps facing Gu Won’s objections to the way she handles the business. He objects to making their employees work on the Super Farmer Week activity, but she continues to be tyrannical about her decisions.

Meanwhile, Mo Sang-ae, who created drama at the King Hotel for a free room upgrade, also throws a tantrum at Da-eul’s store. Da-eul does not please the actress’s sense of entitlement and tells her to clean the mess her dog created. Since Da-eul does not back down, Sang-ae’s assistant finally goes to pick it up.

Sa-rang’s senior tells her to call their past VIP guests to make them visit again. She follows the orders, but Gu Won does not like that. He argues with her for blindly following what her seniors ask of her. She notes how she does not have a say in these things as he does. So, Gu Won fails to comprehend his privilege. On the other hand, Sang-sik wants Gu Won to not interfere with the hotel operations much since it puts pressure on those like him. Gu Won, however, is fixated on winning against his sister.

Sa-rang is told to go to Mount Fiji for the Farmers Market Week activity. She gets on a bus with a parcel and travels all the way to a remote house to meet an old man. She learns that she has to walk all the way to the top of the mountain to meet him. As always, she is persistent. She decides to walk to convince the old man about the business. Meanwhile, Gu Won gets worried for Sa-rang’s safety, considering the rains. So he calls her.

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While on a call with Gu Won, Sa-rang sees a plant, which draws her attention. She tries to take it out and accidentally falls down the cliff and lies down, unconscious. Till later in the evening, she does not wake up while Gu Won keeps calling. Finally, she wakes up to find a helicopter flying over her head. Gu Won jumps from it to rescue her.

Episode 6

Gu Won realizes that Sa-rang is stuck in Mount Fiji. So, he decides to go help her by himself with a helicopter. But he needs to take permission from Hwa-ran for that. When he goes to ask Hwa-ran about it, she embarrasses him in front of a bunch of investors. So, instead of asking for her approval, he decides to take the helicopter on his own responsibility. He eventually reaches Mount Fiji and jumps next to Sa-rang.

Gu Won tries to appear as a savior but fails miserably. He gets scared by a wild animal and shrieks. The old man that Sa-rang had come to meet, hears that. Besides, he learns about a hotel employee who walked on the mountain to meet him. But since no one met him or returned, he decides to go back and find her. Eventually, he becomes the savior for both her and Gu Won. He brings them both back to his house.

The old man gets angry at Gu Won for making his employee go on such an arduous task. Even though Gu Won was not directly responsible for that to happen, he apologizes for it. The next morning, Gu Won takes over a cleaning task from Sa-rang’s hands. She pretends to be hurt just as a way to make him do it. After that, she gets a pleasant surprise since Gu Won happily does this laborious task.

Later on, Sa-rang takes out the plant she plucked out near the cliff (the reason she fell down). The old man notes that it is a rare plant – ginseng – and calls her extremely lucky. He tries to poach her to work for him. But Gu Won makes it clear that Sa-rang is their hotel’s valuable employee.

Soon after, Sang-sik arrives in that small town to drive them back. He almost reveals to Sa-rang how Gu Won fought with his sister to bring her back. The ride becomes awkward when Sa-rang offers Sang-sik a treat. First of all, Sa-rang refuses to sit next to him, and now this. Gu Won feels insulted.

During her flight, an employee from another company tries to poach Pyeong-haw in their team. She refuses to accept their offer and politely tries to sell their products. Meanwhile, another employee from that company tries to poach Pyeong-haw. It results in a fight among them. In that chaos, Pyeong-haw loses one of her heels. Ro-un brings it back for her to wear.

King the Land (Season 1) Episodes 5 & 6 netflix

On the other hand, Gu Won joins Sa-rang at her grandmother, Cha Soon-hee’s small hotel. Sa-rang says it is okay for him to leave, but he decides to stay anyway. While she helps out Soon-hee with some chores, Soon-hee finds Gu Won noticing her from the outside. She tasks him with peeling onions. It does not come as a surprise that he has no idea how to do that! He cries and cries (because of the onions) and fails at his task.

Later, Soon-hee offers him a drink, which he cannot digest well. She believes he deserves the same treatment as anyone else, no matter what position he works in. Sa-rang does not say that Gu Won is their chairman’s son. Later, Sa-rang goes out with him to the market. He loves the food he eats there and asks for even more.

Afterward, she brings him to play the King Carp game. He fails in his first bet and coyly asks her for more money. She falls for his cute begging and offers him some cash. They end up winning the prize. But suddenly, a cloud of smoke comes out of nowhere. His savior instinct comes out and he tries to protect her. While they get their little romantic moment, their game prize breaks into pieces.

Back at the shop, Gu Won eats food prepared by Soon-hee, with love. He modestly responds to her no matter what she says. Before leaving, she even offers him a wage for his help in peeling the onions. He awkwardly accepts it. When he and Sa-rang get in the car, Soon-hee acknowledges that the boy is well-mannered.

King the Land (Season 1) Episode 6 Ending Explained:

After their trip to Sa-rang’s grandmother’s place, Gu Won drops Sa-rang back at her place. This time, he does not hide behind any formalities and directly asks her out on a date. She smiles like a kid in love and accepts his request. Back at his house, Il-hoon speaks with Gu Won about his recent impulsive decision – to get a helicopter to save an employee. Gu Won makes his father feel guilty for not caring for people as much as for his monetary gains.

Da-eul and her team go to the cafeteria for a meal. Their newly appointed supervisor pops by and burdens them with tasks that she is supposed to do. She also gulps down all their drinks, leaving them with almost nothing. Since she won’t be able to return home as usual, Da-eul calls her husband to check up on their daughter. He is as hopeless as ever in fulfilling his part of the marriage and continues to consider his wife to be his servant.

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In King the Land, a birthday party for the youngest girl of the First Royal Hotel takes place. She flirts with Gu Won, assuming he feels the same way about her. Sa-rang sees this from a distance and feels cheated. So, she returns home and meets Da-eul and Pyeong-hwa.

Since they all are frustrated by how their seniors treat them, they decide to party hard. They order many things, from pizza to pork trotters to chicken. They sing, dance, and enjoy while being inebriated. In that state, Sa-rang goes to open the door, thinking it is one of their orders. On the other side, she finds Gu Won standing with a smile on his face.

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