Calling all Korean drama fans in August 2023 as it is shaping up to be a great month for new releases. With everything from historical dramas to sci-fi thrillers, there’s something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a good cry or a good scare, you will find something you like. So relax, grab your snacks, and get ready for a month of K-drama goodness!

Korean Dramas Releasing In August 2023

1. My Dearest

Release Date: August 4th | Where to Watch: MBC

‘My Dearest’ is a historical fiction with a slice of romance. This series is set in the Joseon-era during the Qing invasion when people went through a lot of hardships and suffering. Lee Jang Hyun (Namkoong Min) is a mysterious man who suddenly appears in the Joseon society circles. Yoo Gil-Chae (Ahn Eun-Jin) is the daughter of a noble family who is also arrogant in love matters. The mysterious man has dark secrets he cannot share with anyone but also vows never to get married. Gil-Chae believes that she deserves love from all the men in the world, but after the war, she ends up meeting Jang Hyun and falls in love. After Jang Hyun meets Gil-Chae, he also falls in love with her, and their fate changes.

2. The First Responders 2

Release Date: August 4th | Where to Watch: Disney+, SBS

The First Responders 2

‘The First Responders 2’ is an action-thriller drama about an intimidating detective who arrests criminals. The detective collaborates with a firefighter and a paramedic to solve more cases. The detective is intimidating, but the firefighter is cold on the outside but kind to people around him. This trio specializes in gathering evidence to deal with extraordinary circumstances. Kim Rae Won plays the detective from the series ‘Doctors’, the firefighter role is played by Son Ho Jun from the series ‘Go Back Couple’, and Gong Seung Yeon plays the role of the paramedic from the series ‘Circle’. The series is said to have 12 episodes, with new episodes releasing every Friday and Saturday.

3. Elegant Empire

Release Date: August 7th | Where to Watch: KBS2

‘Elegant Empire’ is a 100-episode revenge drama airing from Monday to Friday. Each episode is said to be around 40 mins long. Elegant Empire has everything that you need-romance, revenge, and so much more drama. It is a story about a woman who is hyper-focused on her career but is also a loving mother and a devoted wife. Her life turns upside down when her family faces injustice and forces her into seeking revenge. We also have a male lead who is a successful chairperson of Empire Entertainment; who is elegant, wealthy, and extremely intelligent. Amidst all the perfection, he seems to have a secret that will unravel. It is a journey of how these two leads cross paths because of unfortunate events, fall in love, and set out to seek revenge. Han Ji Wan plays the role of the woman lead, and Kim Jin Woo plays the role of the male lead.

4. Moving

Release Date: August 9th | Where to Watch: Disney+

‘Moving’ is based on a webtoon by the same name. It is a sci-fi mystery drama about three high school students with supernatural powers inherited from their parents. They look like ordinary students and try to hide their supernatural abilities from everyone. Their parents also try their best to protect their children from being exploited because of their abilities. Lee Jung Ha, who plays the role of one of the students, can fly. Go Youn Jung, who plays the role of the second student, can quickly recover from any injury. Kim Do Hoon, playing the role of the third student, has the ability of power and speed. The story takes us through their learning journey to use their abilities and navigate around other people.

5. The Killing Vote, AKA The National Penalty Vote

Release Date: August 10th | Where to Watch: SBS, Amazon Prime Video

‘The Killing Vote’ is a horror–mystery drama. The vibe of the show is similar to the ‘Purge’ series. The series is based on a webtoon. What happens when criminals are not punished appropriately by law? The citizens take matters into their own hands to get justice. After a poll, a mysterious figure kills criminals who have committed heinous crimes. If the citizens vote for the criminals to be executed with more than 50% votes, then this mysterious figure will kill him. The only condition is a text message is sent to citizens who are 18 years old, and only they can vote. Two police officers get together to find this mysterious killer. Park Hae Jin and Im Ji Yeon play the role of police officers.

6. Cruel Intern, AKA Cold-Blooded Intern

Release Date: August 11th | Where to Watch: TVING

‘Cruel Intern’ is a comedy-drama about a woman who joins the workforce as an intern after a long career break. The woman in her career peak was known as the best merchandiser but quit her job to raise her child. After a 7-year break, she wanted to return to work, but she was not finding any job. She finally decides to apply for an entry-level job at a Market House and gets in. The director of her team is someone she had worked with. She does everything she can to survive this job, but the director makes a cruel suggestion. The story follows the actions from there on. Ra Mi-Ran plays the female lead, and Uhm Ji-Won plays the male lead.

7. Behind Your Touch

Release Date: August 12th | Where to Watch: Netflix

10 Must-Watch Korean Dramas Releasing In August 2023 Behind Your Touch

‘Behind Your Touch’ is a supernatural drama about a woman who has psychometry. She can sense someone’s thoughts through touch. She works as a veterinarian in a small crime-free town. She is meddlesome by nature but is also kind-hearted and curious about the extent of her superpowers. A police officer is demoted from Seoul and arrives in this small town. He wants to be transferred back to Seoul, so he takes this woman’s help to solve petty crimes in the town. But suddenly, a serial murder takes place. A mysterious man out of nowhere arrives in this town and starts working in a convenience store. EXO’s Suho plays the mysterious man. Lee Min Ki plays the police officer from ‘My Liberation Notes’, and Han Ji Min plays the woman with supernatural abilities from ‘Our Blues’.

8. Mask Girl

Release Date: August 18th | Where to Watch: Netflix

‘Mask Girl’ is a thriller drama with all seven episodes released together. The story revolves around a normal officer worker who is insecure about her physical appearance. She goes back home every night, puts on a mask, and does a live stream. She has always dreamed of performing on stage but is insecure about her appearance. Her broadcast continues until something unexpected takes place. Suddenly a lot of people start losing lives. She has a co-worker who has a crush on her but is insecure about his appearance. The only joy he gets is from watching her broadcast. This man suddenly goes missing one day. Ko Hyun-Jung plays the character of the masked girl, and Ahn Jae-Hong plays the role of the co-worker.

9. My Lovely Boxer

Release Date: August 21st | Where to Watch: KBS2

‘My Lovely Boxer’ is a 12-episode sports drama. It is based on the novel ‘Pure Boxer Lee Kwon Sook’. The story is about a star female boxer who gained popularity and fame by 17 as she was undefeated in all of her matches. Suddenly, she disappears for three years to live a life in peace. A cold-hearted sports agent is tasked with returning this boxer to the rink. This agent has a client who is an excellent baseball player but who is special to him, unlike his other clients. Kim So-Hye plays the female boxer, and Lee Sang-Yeob plays the sports agent.

10. Destined With You

Release Date: August 23rd | Where to Watch: Netflix

Destined With You is a fantasy romance series. It is a story about a female civil servant who deals with plenty of civil cases and is a good-looking lawyer. She is someone who enjoys her own company. One day, she gets her hands on an old wooden chest and a sealed forbidden book that is 300 years old. The lawyer is a smart man who is the center of attention anywhere he goes. He suddenly falls ill, and the illness progressively gets worse. There has been a curse in his family for generations. The only way to get rid of the curse and save his life is by getting help from the civil servant with the wooden chest and the book. The role of the civil servant is played by Jo Bo-Ah, and Ro Woon plays the role of the lawyer.

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