Mayfair Witches (Season 1) Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: From the looks of Curiouser and Curiouser, Mayfair Witches most likely hope to be renewed for another season. The pace of the narrative has taken a slower, more entrancing approach for the sake of genuinely establishing the characters we are to care for. What would have ended up being a yawnfest of yet another witch and the devil brawl if the gamble was made too evident is turning out to be a morally perplexing journey where we don’t particularly know if we are to condemn the “antagonist” yet.

I wouldn’t think of holding it against you if you are (like me) secretly absolving Lasher of his criminal proclivities. After all, besides the precious Ciprien, he is the only one looking after the witches’ well-being for now. They can’t keep giving us charming beings of darkness and expect us not to justify a few of their self-serving schemes here and there.

Mayfair Witches (Season 1) Episode 4: Recap

Curiouser And Curiouser

We are due some more time jumping back and forth to truly grasp what was behind the origin of the Mayfair dynasty. For now, we mourn the passing of Aoife with a devastated Suzanne. A woman present in the room doesn’t take kindly to the priest’s words of sins and heaven. She may not have the privilege to say it out loud, considering it is 16th-century Scotland, but she can leave after asking Suzanne to be ready for a secret outing at night. Suzanne is baffled at the sight of insouciant women singing and dancing around a creepy effigy for what seems to be the real wake for the deceased woman.

In the present day, Rowan’s sleep is overcome by the carnal dream of being intimate with Ciprien, who soon transforms into Lasher. Wearing the necklace in her dream is Lasher’s conniving way of drawing her to the same. Awake, Rowan is met with a smiling Ciprien, who also had strange dreams after the night of him looking through Rowan’s memories. Burdened with the “gift” of psychometry, Ciprien only keeps around little objects with “clean” memories. After a pleasant breakfast, Rowan makes haste to attend the uncomfortable ordeal of her mother’s funeral reluctantly. And Ciprien gets ready to analyze the perpetrator that Talamasca has captured for killing Deirdre.

Bewildered eyes follow Dr. Rowan Fielding at her mother’s wake. Cortland gets busy with his usual macabre business and cuts a lock of hair from Deirdre’s corpse. The supernatural family and friends are relieved of the suffocating tension that fills the funeral home when the door blasts open, and countless rose petals fly around in the room – a note of love from Lasher to his treasured witch, who now lies lifeless. Keeping an eye on the wake and secretly clicking pictures of Cortland’s granddaughter Tessa is the man from the morgue who happens to be a part of a “brotherhood” that Ciprien was invited to. Witch hunters? I won’t be surprised.

His intimidating boss at Talamasca watches over Ciprien as he attempts to read the jittery man who has been brought in. He confirms that the man was hired to kill Deirdre, but his neck is spontaneously twisted before he can get anything more out of him. Touching the corpse, Ciprien realizes that Lasher possesses the man, and he has avenged Deirdre’s death by torturing and killing him. Ciprien is asked by his boss to halt his involvement in the investigation and to focus solely on protecting Rowan.

Invited to the Mayfair house, overwhelmed Rowan is presented with old pictures of Ellie by Carlotta, who is sprinkling the truth with believable lies in order to manipulate her. She takes responsibility for compelling Ellie to keep Rowan in the dark. But at the same time, she lies about Deirdre’s original intention for Rowan. Rowan is warned against falling prey to the charms of the devil. Ambushing the gathering is Cortland and the rest of the extended Mayfair family. Indulging themselves in a hedonistic approach to grief, the family takes over the Mayfair house with a sign of life–something that is usually missing from it.

Mayfair Witches
Alexandra Daddario as Dr. Rowan Fielding – Mayfair Witches _ Season 1, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

Talking with Tessa, who seems exuberant about having a doctor in the witch clan, Rowan learns that she is a designee. When asked for clarification of the term, Tessa’s mother, Josephine, walks Rowan through the room that holds the portraits of the Mayfair matriarchs going back 300 years. Through generations, the powerful witches of the family have passed down their valuables to their designee daughters. According to Josephine, Carlotta has been cloaking the fact that Deirdre owned the Mayfair house and that now it is supposed to go to Rowan, the current designee witch. With Lasher killing Delphine and snatching the necklace, Carlotta has more to worry about.

When Rowan catches up to Cortland, he is cautious about what he says to the girl, who is clearly too smart to be easily manipulated. He does, however, end up calling Lasher a “gift” and makes Rowan take a step back. Barging into the conversation, Carlotta loses her cool as she attempts to justify her awful treatment of Deirdre. She implores Rowan to take Deirdre’s rosary in hopes of having the holy power replace her fascination with the necklace.

Mayfair Witches (Season 1) Episode 4: Ending Explained

Does Lasher Have a Shot with Rowan?

Carlotta’s tyrannical approach to keeping Lasher away from the witches has always backfired. Instead of letting them find out the dangers that come with Lasher for themselves, she has persistently tried to shackle everyone she meant to protect. Obviously, it’s not different with Rowan. When she comes across the necklace, it is the magnetism of the forbidden that appeals to her more than the magic that surrounds it.

Frightened, Carlotta watches helplessly as Rowan drops the rosary to the ground and gets enamored by the necklace. On a mission to figure out all that he can about the history of the Mayfair witches, Ciprien goes through Talamasca’s extensive collections and finds an ancient mention of the necklace along with a picture of it. He goes through the words of a concerned man who was worried about Lasher’s possession of his partner. At that very moment, Rowan sends Ciprien the picture of the necklace, and frantic Ciprien rushes to save her from giving in to Lasher’s seduction.

Sitting down to have dinner with Carlotta, Rowan overwhelms her with questions about Deirdre’s diagnosis. There’s something awfully wrong with the way Carlotta disposes of her mask of civility and talks freely about her real feelings toward Deirdre, or as she calls her, the bane of her existence. After what seems to be a ceaseless complaint about her prayers going to waste on a person who wasn’t worthy, Carlotta stands upright to pray for one last time.

Begging the Almighty for help, she wishes to banish evil from the hearts of the Mayfair designees. When she sets fire to one of the portraits with the ignited sage, Rowan tries to run out of the room, only to realize that the door is locked from the outside. Carlotta grabs hold of a knife to end Rowan’s life if that is what it takes to save her from giving in to Lasher.

But before she can hurt Rowan, panic-stricken Ciprien forces through the door and lands on the hoisted knife. As Rowan drags the injured Ciprien through the door and Carlotta is about to succumb to the fire, Lasher shows up to remind her that he has already gotten a hold of Rowan. With the unbelievable monstrosity she has just witnessed, chances are, Rowan will be more prone to giving Lasher a chance to make his case. What seems to be a foreseeable romance forming between Ciprien and Rowan won’t end well if Lasher has anything to do about it.

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