The Company You Keep (Season 1) Episode 9: ABC’s ‘The Company You Keep’ got off to a rocky start. It showed the possibility of merging two worlds where a con man and a CIA agent fall in love with each other. However, over the period, it established their character arcs and the moral complications with compelling writing. The show’s previous episode focused on Emma and the Nicolettis working together to get Patrick Maguire out of prison. Leo worked to recover the money owed to him by his former employer while Daphne continued her pursuit of the Maguire Empire crown.

Now the latest episode (the penultimate episode of the first season of The Company You Keep) shows Emma and Daphne coming together to work on a common goal. The Nicolettis consider an exciting offer for their bar, whereas David Hill makes a major decision about his political career.

*Spoilers Ahead*

The Company You Keep (Season 1) Episode 9 Recap:

Episode 9: The Truth Shall Set Your Free

After some time apart, Charlie (Milo Ventimiglia) and Emma (Catherine Haena Kim) began to grow closer in the last few episodes. But it turns out they are not the only past lovers meeting each other. Birdie (Sarah Wayne Callies) met her ex – Simon (Geoff Stults), being truly apologetic for his past actions. Since he allowed him to be back in their lives, he now has started to hang out with the Nicolettis in their bar.

Besides, Fran also gets a visit from her ex, Frankie Musso (Tony Shalhoub). After talking about a friend selling her business, he makes an offer of $4.5 million for the bar. Besides Leo (William Fichtner), Charlie and Birdie are not into the idea of selling their place right away. They look at it as an institution and later contemplate what their lives would have been like if they didn’t choose to work in the family business. Since Ollie (Shaylee Mansfield) has also been asking to be a part of it, their contemplation also seems relevant.

Back in the CIA HQ, Emma learns that her investigation into the Maguires case has ruffled some feathers in the higher ranks. Since she hasn’t formalized who her asset is (Charlie), she considers it her secret weapon.

Meanwhile, Charlie rides his bike to the meeting between the Maguires and the new cartel associates. As always, Connor tries to demean Daphne (Felisha Terrell) in front of Patrick (Timothy V Murphy) to discredit her in his eyes. She still goes up to ask that she should handle the US operations now that she has successfully built it. She asks the father and the son to handle the Ireland business. Patrick agrees within moments, which shocks Daphne. She is clever enough to understand that he won’t give it away that easily.

Patrick says he will let her have it only after he and Connor get to meet Brad Wilford, i.e., the arms supplier, to talk about the deal. Daphne does not want that meeting to happen since she understands the risk involved. That’s why she asks Charlie not to let them meet Brad. Charlie falls into a conundrum since he was already told by Emma to be present in this Maguires-Wilford meeting. So, he plans to play it a different way to satisfy both ends.

Wilford decides to meet the Maguires on a train, probably because with more people around, he won’t need to be worried about his safety from them. In one carriage, Charlie and Leo pose as the Maguire father-and-son duo to meet the real Wilford. At the same time, Simon poses as Wilford and meets the actual Patrick and Connor (the Nicolettis sent Simon since he was ready to do anything for the family). Simon repeats what Wilford says, and Charlie and Leo do the same for Connor and Patrick.

Meanwhile, Fran and Ollie video-record these conversations from different ends, whereas Birdie makes sure that Emma sees it as a continuous video – believing that it is an actual meeting between real Maguires and real Wilford. Unfortunately, this neatly-orchestrated plan fails when someone knocks Fran’s purse with an attached camera down.

Emma notices the camera shake and realizes that the Nicolettis lied to her. While she is on her way to catch them red-handed, Birdie stops her since their entire family’s safety is at risk. One thing goes wrong, and the Maguires will end their lives. Emma senses how she is also trying to save her family, which brings us back to the Hills’ campaigning for David (Tim Chiou) in the election.

Joseph (James Saito) helps David be prepared for an upcoming televised debate with his opponent. Jennifer West (Andrea Cortés) is still with him because of her love for David. Even though she was hired by Claire Fox (Marin Hinkle), she is more committed to working for David without any prior motives. Suddenly, a campaign team member arrives in the room to share that something will be brought up in the debate against the Hills to make David look weak.

Grace (Freda Foh Shen) senses it is Joseph’s affair with Claire and decides to confront Claire about leaking it. She storms into Claire’s office, only to discover that Claire has no ill will towards them. Instead, she wanted to correct her past mistakes. She shares that there was a rumor of taking David out from running in the elections. She helped him get back on track.

Seeing her being remorseful, Grace decides to join hands with her. Grace asks Claire to leak a few pages from her upcoming autobiography, where she becomes candid about Joseph’s affair. She speaks with her family about it only after the leak. She says since they shared this news, they can take control of the narrative. Although initially shocked, Joseph supports his wife’s clever move.

Meanwhile, Charlie meets Daphne to share a recording that shows how Patrick never really wanted her to be part of their family business. She finds it utterly predictable. Charlie empathizes with her and conveys she deserves better, someone who appreciates her. It warms her heart, and she approaches to kiss him. He stops her and says he should leave.

At the bar’s basement, Emma confronts him about conning her and doing things to Daphne out of love. He says how he risked his family’s life and shared the truth with her when he could have kept lying. He feels betrayed by her lack of trust in him and decides to leave her. Back at her home, she speaks with Grace about her past and about the decision to believe Joseph despite the affair. ‘Trust is a choice,’ Grace says. So, now it is up to Emma to decide whether she trusts Charlie or not.

On the other front, Emma decides to meet Daphne in person to reveal that Charlie is working with the CIA. This comes in the wake of a change in her senior management, which does not want to arrest Maguires but use them to learn about their suppliers. Emma is told that she should have worked for the bureau if she only wanted to convict criminals. Anyhow, after sharing Charlie’s involvement, she asks Daphne to join hands to take down the Maguire empire – knowing all well about the unjust treatment Daphne gets in the family. Daphne does not accept the offer right away. But she now knows that Emma is the ex-girlfriend Charlie spoke about as the one he struggled to get over.

The Company You Keep (Season 1) Episode 9 Ending, Explained:

The Nicolettis finally decides to invite Ollie to their family business. They allow her to come to the basement and see all that they stole over the years by conning others. Leo speaks with Fran about his deteriorating condition, which makes him think of everything – including selling a valuable asset as their bar in a broader perspective. Meanwhile, Daphne drops by their house to meet Charlie. She says that she knows he has been working with the CIA. Since Emma asked her to join hands, she tells Charlie to inform his ex-girlfriend that she wants to collaborate to take down the Maguire empire.

What major decision does David make about the elections?

On the other hand, in the televised debate, David gets asked about nepotism – whether it is appropriate for him to be running for elections since he is getting this opportunity because of this father. It is honestly funny how such things are asked of people from under-represented communities. David makes a case for his father, for how he came to the country and decided to work for it diligently out of respect for what it gave to him.

Nevertheless, David seems genuinely tired of explaining himself. He finally says – ‘Politics has just become about winning and telling people what they want to hear rather than doing what’s actually right.’ In the end, he says that he should not run and leaves the debate midway. It shocks and upsets the Hills but pleases Emma. She understands David’s want for freedom from this mess and offers her car keys for him to go away. David and Jennifer walk up to the car, exhilarated by what he just did, and decide to drive. Suddenly, Jennifer notices something suspicious and tells David that there is a bomb in the car. Within a moment or two, the bomb explodes.

Who bombed the car with David and Jennifer? Do David and Jennifer stay alive after the bombing?

Jennifer and David jump out of their seats just before the bomb goes off. So their fate is still unclear. Only the season finale can shed light on whether they are alive or not. Since it was Emma’s car, she was supposed to be the target and not this couple. Why? Because Patrick noticed her, i.e., the CIA agent who interviewed him in the past, walking away on the train platform. He threatened Connor to get the matter of Emma resolved, or his position in the empire would be in danger. So, Connor most likely put this bomb in Emma’s car to get her killed.

As per the episode’s title, will Emma decide to come clean to her family about her CIA job finally? There were other truth bombs in this episode, from Grace revealing the truth about the affair, Daphne realizing the truth about Charlie’s connection with the CIA, and Patrick’s realization that Emma is onto him. Hopefully, the next episode will be able to answer what Emma decides about hers.

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