4 Movies Like Uncharted (2022) That You Should Watch

4 Movies Like Uncharted (2022) That You Should Watch: Since the opening of the theaters, there has been quite a crowd of big-budgeted action-adventure films. Uncharted, directed by Venom fame Ruben Fleischer has been one of them. The film is based on the video game franchise of the same name, which was developed by Naughty Dog and Sony in 2007. Starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in leading roles, the film follows the street-smart Nate and Victor Sully. The duo race against corrupt billionaire Santiago Moncada and a mercenary leader Jo Braddock. This they do to locate a fabled treasure.

While its worldwide box office collections will tell you otherwise, Uncharted is actually one of the most mediocre films from the first half of the year. There’s a lot of scope to adapting a video game into a film and fleshing out the characters and situations. However, the writing is as soulless as it gets. It comes off as overcooked whenever it genuinely tries to wake up to life. Also, it suffers from the forgettable performances by each cast member. The editing, in particular, is terribly flashy. Overall, it’s another American adventure trying to bank upon the budget spent on visual effects.

However, video game fans might find themselves represented on-screen through this film. Additionally, it will work for you if empty action entertainers are totally your thing. So, if you liked Uncharted, we recommend four similar films to you.

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Uncharted 2022 01 Raiders of the Lost Ark

This action-adventure by Steven Spielberg marked the debut of Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones on the silver screen. Not only was it the highest-grossing picture of 1981, but also critically applauded. The fans of the film hail it as a fresh and contemporary take on the serialized pictures of the early 20th century. Several years later, Raiders of the Lost Ark is still considered a classic.

Dr. Jones is basically a professor and a revered archaeologist. And the film follows him as he does what the Government has hired him to do- locate the legendary Ark of the Covenant. However, he finds himself pitted against the harsh Nazi regime in doing so. Of course, there’s no other option but to fight back.

Raiders of the Lost Ark follows most of the genre conventions from its era. This is also why the film is highly campy and has its own specific pleasures. However, it is not without its smarts. The film intelligently references a lot of American cinema classics and some of the best adventurous fables. Also, the core narrative works as a decent critique of fascist forces and their rejection. However, it must be watched with caution and discretion in these times because it’s a dated celebration of white hyper-masculinity.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

If you liked Uncharted, you must be one hell of an adventure film aficionado. And if so, the first Pirates of the Caribbean film is just for you. Starring Johnny Depp in the titular role of Jack Sparrow for the first time ever, the film follows him as he helps a blacksmith Will Turner. Together, they help rescue Elizabeth Swann, the latter’s lover.

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Gore Verbinski’s swords-and-boats film was the first film to be released under the banner of Walt Disney Pictures. To date, it is one of the most identifiable mainstream franchise pictures from the Hollywood oeuvre. And the reason for its massive pop-culture appeal was its sparks of brilliance and conviction despite occasional stumbles and silliness. It’s a literal theme park movie and a rather promising one. If you enjoy good old-fashioned fantasy storytelling, let the first of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies be your Bible.

3. Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw

One is likely to picture a poster or a scene from one of the Fast and Furious films if they hear ‘car chases’ and ‘family values’ in the same sentence. While these are not especially memorable films, with set-pieces and gripping action sequences their only highlights, they can be enjoyable occasionally. And this 2019 spin-off film directed by David Leitch works as a fine example.

US Secret Service Agent Luke Hobbs and lawless mercenary Deckard Shaw are an unlikely pair. Most certainly, they don’t gel well with each other. However, when a cyber-genetically enhanced terrorist, Brixton threatens the future of humanity, they battle him along with Shaw’s sister Hattie.

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The film mainly benefits from the sometimes light and funny approach pursued by Leitch. The presence of Idris Elba and a sexy Vanessa Kirby further elevates the experience. Even though the action isn’t all that immersive, “Hobbs and Shaw” tries to make the most of its unusual duo. If you were entertained by the chemistry of Holland and Wahlberg, the chances are that you’ll love Johnson and Statham.

4. Spider-Man: No Way Home

Uncharted 2022 04 Spider Man No Way Home

One of the reasons I didn’t like Uncharted was its mediocre acting. None of the involved actors leave a substantial mark. However, if there was one actor who tried to deliver a committed and sincere performance, it was Tom Holland. So, if you liked Tom Holland in Uncharted, you must watch him as the latest Spider-Man in Jon Watts’ massively successful installment of his Spider-Man trilogy.

No Way Home follows Peter Parker and his inability to separate his superhero identity from his original self. Things are not getting difficult just for him and the others associated with him. And when he asks for help from Doctor Strange, the stakes get even more challenging. This is a film playing with the multiverse concept in the MCU realm. Additionally, it has nostalgia as a thick covering, given that it has the previous Spider-Men and antagonists together. The visual effects are a big-screen treat. There’s also the trademark humor and silliness.

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However, in many ways, it’s a lot more mature film. It introduces a rather charming and sometimes emotional coming-of-age story for Peter. His innocence, instead of being played for laughs, is challenged repeatedly. It has a minuscule approach to the big-budgeted happenings, making it all the more comforting. This is also a great alternative to Uncharted, a lesson in thoughtful franchise filmmaking without getting too dark or inaccessible.

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