In My Happy Marriage (Season 1), episode 7, we see the aftermath of the Saimori house. We see that the Saimori are doomed and are scattered everywhere. We also witness Miyo and Kiyoko bonding, and an important step in their relationship is taken. We are introduced to Hazuki, Kiyoko’s older sister, and their characters’ stark contrast. Amidst the ruins, blossoming love, and a newfound purpose, a sinister figure named Arata Usuba enters the scene, foreshadowing potential turmoil and unveiling a darker underbelly to the story.

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My Happy Marriage (Season 1), Episode 7 “Glamorous Lady of Summer” Recap:

The episode begins with Miyo waking up after the tragedy in Saimori’s house. She asks Kiyoko if everyone in the Saimori got out safe. He assures her they are all safe but is angered as Miyo is concerned about them after they torture her. Yurie is glad Miyo is feeling alright. Kiyoko tells her that the Saimori house was completely burned down, and Miyo requests him to take her to see the house for the last time.

Miyo is sad to see the Saimori house destroyed. Kiyoko tells her that the Saimori were ruined, which wasn’t entirely their fault. They are to blame the Tatsuishi house. He reassures her that the Tatsuishi will be answering the Kudos moving forward. He also tells her that her father and stepmother had gone to stay in their countryside house. Miyo enquires about Kaya, and Kiyoko tells her that she had a job in a very strict household, which would benefit her as she needed life experiences.

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Kaya is looking at her family portrait and is emotional. Koji informs her that he is heading out but notices she has not packed much. He asks Kaya about it, and she throws a tantrum as usual. Koji tells her that they cannot give up, and together they can rebuild the Saimori house. Kaya tells him to go on his way and bids him goodbye. She gets emotional and starts sobbing, looking at herself in the picture.

Miyo sees the cherry blossom tree burned down. She tells Kiyoko that her mother had planted this tree when she married, and she always felt her mother’s call from the tree. She touches the tree and crumbles down. Kiyoko apologises to her because of his recklessness, but Miyo assures him that he needs to do what he had done that day for the greater good.

Kiyoko brings up their marriage and tells her he does not see a point in delaying it as the Saimori are scattered. Miyo asks him if she would meet his father, and he says he would. He also tells her that he would bring up marriage with any woman who is in her prime, which used to annoy him. Miyo asked if he was the one who had made this arrangement and if that is the case, she does not want to disappoint him. Kiyoko is confused, and Miyo explains that his father would have Kaya in mind for him. Kiyoko tells her that whatever the case is, he has made a decision and he should stay away.

They bump into Koji, and Koji thanks Kiyoko for helping the other day. He asks to talk to Miyo alone, and they go to their usual spot to chat. Koji tells her that this is the last time he would be in town as he has decided to start training seriously as he has realised how lacking his skills are. He is also sure that Kaya would give her best wherever she goes to work. Koji asks Miyo about the day he was apologetic to her, and Miyo does not seem to remember. Koji is hurt but tells her it is not a big deal and decides to start over.

A still from My Happy Marriage Season 1 Episode 7.
A still from My Happy Marriage Season 1 Episode 7.

Miyo and Kiyoko don’t have an engagement ceremony between the families, but it takes place in Kiyoko’s house with Yurie present. They sign the document, and it is official that they are engaged. Miyo asks Kiyoko if she could re-do her training as a lady. Kiyoko asks her if she is sure about it, and she says she is and that she would find a teacher and will not cause trouble. Kiyoko asks her not to be formal or bow to him. Miyo blushes and Kiyoko teases her, asking if she has a fever. Kiyoko tells her he knows someone who can come and teach her in the house.

Kiyoko’s sister Hazuki Kudo arrives at the house as Miyo’s teacher. Hazuki tells Miyo that her eyes resemble Kiyoko’s, and Miyo agrees. Yurie greets her, and Hazuki is excited to see her. Kiyoko sighs, saying she has not changed, and she asks him why he isn’t at work. He tells her it is his day off, and Hazuki is upset. She tells him he tends to suck the fun out of everything, and Kiyoko asks her to leave him alone. She asks Kiyoko if he has told Miyo that she would be her teacher, and Kiyoko has not, and Hazuki is not surprised. She is angry with him as he has not told Miyo about having an older sister. She tells Miyo that she will train her to become a lady. Miyo thanks her profusely.

Hazuki imparts knowledge of flowers to Miyo. She asks her what her favourite flower is from the garden and Miyo admits she doesn’t know the names of the flowers. She shows a tiny blue flower, and Hazuki tells her that every flower, even if it’s small, has a name and each one is beautiful. She tells Miyo that every time a flower blooms, it gives its best, just like humans.

Hazuki tells Miyo that she has taken etiquette lessons for many years and she would be able to teach her the basics well. Miyo thanks her and tells her that it is an honour to learn from her. Hazuki gets excited and hugs her. Kiyoko is standing outside the door listening to everything, and Yurie sees this and chuckles. Hazuki asks Kiyoko to take Miyo home as she would benefit better there, but Kiyoko firmly refuses. Hazuki tells him he would feel lonely if she took Miyo with her.

Hazuki tells Miyo that they should set a goal and work towards it. She mentions a party that Kiyoko and herself have been invited to, but Miyo could join. Miyo panics hearing the word ‘party’, but Kiyoko tells her that she can study theory all she wants, but it will only be useful if practised. Miyo agrees, and Hazuki tells her she will devise a plan and leaves for the day.

My Happy Marriage (Season 1), Episode 7 “Glamorous Lady of Summer” Ending, Explained:

In the aftermath of the Saimori House fire, what’s next for Miyo?

Miyo and Kiyoko hit the sack, but Kiyoko is awakened as he realises a gift-user is around. He rushes to Miyo’s room and sees her having a nightmare. He notices that nobody has entered the threshold and realises that there is only one way this could happen: Usuba. In another scene, we get to see scary rituals taking place. The defences they had put up using talismans are broken, and a rock breaks, and we see skeleton-like figures with red eyes.

Kiyoko’s superior visits him and tells him that they need to head into a meeting about Tatsuishi, but he also informs him that some people unsealed the grave, and he doesn’t know many details about it. Kiyoko is worried about it. In the last scene, we see Arata Usuba saying that it’s time and he is coming for Miyo.

In this episode, we see a few new characters introduced. We see Arata Usuba in the final scene; it looks like he is interested in Miyo, but for some sinister reason. He may also want to seek revenge on Saimori and Kudo family, but we have to see how things unfold. We also see the grave being mentioned, and in the previous scene, Kiyoko mentions Usuba for a certain type of magic. The ones who broke the grave may be the Usuba, which is part of a bigger plan. It will also be interesting to see how and what Hazuki can do in the future, as there surely is an important reason for the character to be introduced in the series now.

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