Lifetime’s latest thriller, “My Husband’s Killer Affair,” dives into a web of betrayal and deception. The seemingly perfect life of Michelle Clark crumbles when she hires a new nanny, Melissa Juneau. What Michelle doesn’t suspect is that Melissa is not just an innocent caregiver but has a shocking secret involving Michelle’s husband. The plot thickens as Michelle uncovers a more sinister plan orchestrated by her own brother-in-law, Carlton Clark, who is driven by greed and a twisted desire. Here’s everything we know about My Husband’s Killer Affair, including cast, plot, release date, and where to watch.

My Husband’s Killer Affair Cast & Characters Explained:

  • Kyana Teresa portrays Michelle, the seemingly unsuspecting wife whose world is turned upside down.
  • Kirsten Comerford takes on the role of Melissa Juneau, the new nanny with a dark secret.
  • Matt Wells plays Will, likely Michelle’s husband entangled in the affair.
  • Jinesea Bianca Lewis appears as a Nurse, potentially treating someone impacted by the events.
  • Isabella Astbury brings Lucy to life, possibly Michelle and Will’s child or someone close to the family.
  • Josh Bainbridge portrays a Bartender, who might be a source of information or a scene of a pivotal encounter.
  • Ash Catherwood assumes the role of Carlton, Michelle’s potentially dangerous brother-in-law.
  • Chris Farquhar is credited as Officer Eagan, likely investigating the unfolding drama.


A seemingly perfect life unravels for career-driven Michelle Clark when she hires Melissa Juneau as her live-in nanny. Unbeknownst to Michelle, Melissa harbors a dark secret: an affair with Michelle’s husband. But the web of deceit thickens as Michelle’s greedy brother-in-law, Carlton Clark, enters the scene, manipulating Melissa and setting his sights on both Michelle and the family fortune. As tensions rise and Michelle stumbles upon the truth, a desperate fight for survival ensues. Can she outsmart Carlton and protect her loved ones from his devious machinations before it’s too late?

Release Date:

The Lifetime release date for My Husband’s Killer Affair is set for June 6th, 2024.

Where to Watch & Stream ‘My Husband’s Killer Affair’?

Don’t miss the shocking premiere of “My Husband’s Killer Affair” this Thursday, June 6th, on Lifetime! Buckle up for a thrilling ride as a seemingly perfect life unravels with a web of deceit, a dangerous affair, and a fight for survival. Will Michelle Clark uncover the truth and protect her loved ones before it’s too late? Tune in and find out!

Looking for ways to watch? Most major cable providers and streaming services offer Lifetime. Check your provider’s listings for details.


A trailer for “My Husband’s Killer Affair” hasn’t dropped yet, but stay tuned! We’ll be on the lookout for its release and keep you updated. Be the first to see the explosive secrets and thrilling twists when the trailer hits!

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