Netflix’s sci-fi thriller “Bionic,” helmed by Afonso Poyart, hooks viewers initially but falters as the plot thickens. The action loses its punch, and the story struggles to leave a lasting impression. The film explores a future where cutting-edge robotics have revolutionized athletics. Paralympic competitors, equipped with advanced Neural Interface Modules (NIMs) and bionic prosthetics, now dominate the games. These augmented athletes outperform even the most gifted humans in nearly every discipline.

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Bionic (2024) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

“Bionic” opens with Heitor’s brother making an entrance inside a bank with the intention of stealing some diamonds. Though he delivers the diamonds to Heitor, a desperate flight and heavy blood loss claim his life. So, Heitor comes back with the diamonds and after a thorough check by a youngster named Uncle Hard, he realizes that they need more to pay the hackers to fulfill their agenda.

Heitor has created his own world of athletes who are ordinary people who do not have bionic prostheses. Barred from competition and yearning for equality, Heitor has fostered a vast community where a revolution for their rights is brewing. Since Heitor’s plan to steal the diamonds fails, he plans to bring in another bionic who will help him with the community’s objective. Uncle Hard shows him the video of his elder sister practicing for high jumps, saying that she can be a candidate if pursued well.

How does Maria End Up with a Bionic Prosthesis Leg?

Soon after we meet with Maria, the protagonist of the story. She is frustrated with the arrival of the bionics, too. She is a very well-trained athlete who grew up being mentored by one of the all-time great athletes of the country, her mother. Maria’s sister, Gabi, unfortunately, was physically disabled. Therefore, she always had to endure the pain of watching her mother spend a great amount of time with her elder sister in training. But, when the bionic prosthesis arrives, the father decides to get it for Gabi, and she gets the upgrade she never had hoped for.

Now, with their mother dead and Gabi gaining an undue advantage, Maria totally disappears from the scenario because ordinary humans can never compete with a person with a bionic leg. Days go by, and Maria sees Gabi making new world records. Gabi gets all the big sponsors lined up for her, while Maria struggles to even get a chance to participate in the competition. Maria knows that she is far more talented than Gabi. Unfortunately, the reality does not comply with her thoughts.

Amidst such a situation, Maria meets with Heitor and learns about his movement. They become close pretty soon, and one night, while returning angrily from one of Gabi’s celebration parties, she falls victim to a road accident. Her right leg needs to be amputated because of the impact during the accident, so she is given a bionic prosthesis of her own. A NIM needs to be implanted inside the receiver’s brain so that it can capture all the impulses from the motor cortex and transmit them to the bionic prosthesis for absolute precision.

Can Maria Escape the Cycle of Violence?

After being done with the bionic leg, the first thing Maria does is put all her anxiety into the jump she is about to practice. However, Dario, one of the technicians, stops her from doing the jump because since Maria has too much anxiety, the NIM is receiving too much pressure, and if the chip dies inside her brain, she may go into a coma. Later that night, Heitor steals a truck filled with cash with the help of Maria and her leg, saying that this money is required for the movement he is planning.

Bionic (2024) Movie Ending Explained
A still from “Bionic” (2024)

Later, Maria realizes that her brother is also included in this plan, so she tells him to step aside from this as she has seen Heitor killing a police officer. In Heitor’s defense, the police officer has seen Maria’s face. Anyway, soon, Ricardo, the father of the sisters, comes up with the news that Maria can now participate in the race, and Gabi’s sponsor will sponsor Maria, too. Right after this, two things happen that change the course of Maria’s life forever.

Will Sisterly Bond Survive Betrayal?

The police learn about the thief with a bionic leg. Gabi starts seeing Maria as her utmost competitor, which basically makes her an enemy. The police understand that since Maria has recently been allocated a bionic leg, it must be her. Soon after, a detective starts following Heitor’s movements. They connect Heitor with the dead body they found earlier outside the bank. Also, they find a call recording from the night of Maria’s accident, which makes things more complicated.

The detective finds out that the call was made before the accident took place. This puts Maria in a position where it is not impossible to guess that she has planned everything only to get her bionic leg. When the detective hands over the recording to Gabi, she starts listening to it again and again and finally realizes that Maria has deliberately caused the accident to get the bionic prosthesis. The only reason Gabi can come up with at this moment is that Maria has always been jealous of Gabi, and so she wants to beat her with the bionic leg.

Can Determination Overcome Technology?

As the competition finally arrives, Maria beats everyone while Gabi continues making new world records as she is more committed than ever. Gabi knows the truth about Maria. However, she has not told it to anyone because she wants to prove that even with the bionic leg, she is superior to Maria. Maria is a very tough competitor because even without the bionic leg, she has always been one of the prime athletes in the country. So, now, with the bionic legs on, she is quite simply unstoppable.

When the last round arrives and Maria beats the world record that Gabi has created, Gabi feels more anxious than ever. Dario checks on her vitals and tells Ricardo to stop her from going for the jump. Gabi says that she can still make it, as Maria also begs her not to jump. Gabi asks her whether she would remove herself from the race, but this is the first time in a very long time Maria has seen the opportunity to become a champion. Maria does not remove herself from the competition as Gabi takes the jump with the intention of making it her longest ever.

Will Maria Save Gabi or Unleash Her Revenge?

Gabi’s NIM is overcooked, resulting in serious damage to her mind. In the hospital, Gabi finally tells Maria that she knows everything about how she intentionally planned her accident. Later, Maria’s brother gives her something inside the drink that momentarily stops her movements for a while when Dario’s men kidnap Gabi, making Ricardo seriously injured. Maria is asked to steal the NIMs that are to be delivered (as told by the hackers; Maria and Heitor stole money only to pay these hackers to know the location where the NIMs will be so that they can steal it).

Bionic (2024) Movie Ending Explained
Another still from “Bionic” (2024)

Heitor promises that if Maria steals the NIMs for him, he will let go of Gabi without causing any more trouble. Maria makes one of her longest jumps from one building to another, steals the NIMs, and meets with her brother at the delivery spot. However, she runs over him, thinking of him as Heitor because he is wearing a helmet. Maria wants to kill Heitor for all the trouble he has caused. Unfortunately, she runs over her own brother, Uncle Hard.

Bionic (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

Is Heitor Dead?

Maria sees Heitor meeting with an old guy who will buy the NIMs from him in exchange for millions of dollars. She has always thought that Heitor is stealing the NIMs to implant them into the athletes so that they, too, can have bionic prostheses. Now, she realizes that it was always about the money. Maria destroys the NIMs by kicking them out of the box. Later, along with Gabi, she kills Heitor’s men one by one.

In the middle of this, Heitor stabs Maria in the back and almost kills Gabi by choking her. But Maria somehow manages to gather her strength and puts her bionic leg on Heitor’s head first, which saves Gabi from his clutches. Later, she puts her leg on Heitor’s back, probably breaking his back completely. Heitor is surely not dead. He might return in the sequel with more advancement in his body as he, too, will have a bionic upgrade for sure.

Who is the Third Bionic?

In the end, we see Maria trying to escape from the police while the detective tells her that he is only trying to stop the killing and wants to help her in the situation. Maria fails to run away because her bionic leg is stuck against the steel of the boundary gate. She detaches the leg and lets herself fall from above but somehow survives the impact. Gabi suddenly arrives with a car before the police get to Maria, and together they run away from them.

At the end of the film, we see that Maria and Gabi are still not found by the police, whereas Maria is seen practicing with young kids for the Paralympics. They all have bionic prostheses. Dario is also helping her and Maria for the greater cause. Later, we see Maria and Gabi meeting with the same dealer Heitor was meeting to sell the NIMs. They tell him that he does not need an army of bionics. He only needs three of them. Two being Maria and Gabi themselves, the old man wonders who the third bionic may be.

Then enters Uncle Hard, brother of Maria and Gabi, with a cyborg-like structure and demonstrates that his upgrade can calculate the opponent’s actions as well. Right after his accident, Uncle Hard is upgraded in the lab to a whole new level, technically even more gifted than most of the bionics out there. In the sequel, we are definitely going to see an all-out attack between the bionics as Heitor himself will surely find some NIMs inside that building in good condition. He will plan his revenge on Maria and Gabi. Unbeknownst to him, the sisters have a backup plan ready for him… Uncle Hard 2.0.

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