My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 3: We are still in episode 3 of the 16-episode series, and the story is fast-paced in trying to piece together the mystery. Hopefully, until the end, the momentum keeps going. In this episode, the characters are still in 1987, but both Hae Joon and Yoon Young have started to take action to change their fate. Their actions lead them to take some dangerous paths, but this leads to solving many mysteries. The article contains spoilers.

My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 3 Recap:

“The secret you have”

The episode begins with Hae Joon and Yoon Young still stuck in the year 1987. Yoon Young informs Hae Joon that she wants to stay back and change some things. Hae Joon tells her that they need to get out of there first. At that instant, the car catches a spark, and they don’t have a choice but to stay another night. Yoon Young realizes that she never thought about the dark times her mother could have had, and she is determined to stay back and change things.

Hae Joon recalls his time in the year 2021 about his conversation with the murder accused. He tells Hae Joon that he recalls the other two suspects as it was a small neighborhood, and the one thing that connected them was a school. Yoon Young interrupts his thoughts by saying she wants to visit the school. Hae Joon is surprised. Meanwhile, police are offering cash rewards to anyone who would help catch the spy (Yoon Young- who was called a called spy as a joke in Moon Night bar).

Back home, Hae Joon tells Yoon Young that it doesn’t make sense for Yoon Young to join the school as a student instead of a teacher. He reminds her that she needs to remember that they are in 1987. Yoon Young reminds him that he had said earlier that having an identity helps keep them safe. The doorbell rings, and Hae Joon is surprised to find Detective Dong Sik at his door.

Dong Sik barges inside the house and asks Yoon Young to provide valid ID proof. She says she has lost it. He drags her out to take her to the police station, but Hae Joon intervenes and says that she has a valid ID and he can prove it. He says she is a senior in high school.

The next morning Hae Joon and Yoon Young walk together to school, and Yoon Young is extremely nervous. Hae Joon pulls her aside and reminds her of the dangers. They finally make a deal not to question each other’s reason for staying here and sort things out. Dong Sik brings his nephew, Hee Seop as a new transfer student to the chairman, and Hae Joon brings Yoon Young. When the chairman comments that they both look alike, out of annoyance, they deny startling the rest of them. Hee Seop realizes that he had bumped into Hae Joon and Yoon Young when they arrived in 1987.

Hee Seop and Yoon Young have a conversation where Yoon Young tries to remove her frustration about her father in 2021 Hee Seop. She twists his ear as Hee Seop starts to dream about Soon Ae. Yoon Young is introduced to her class, and a special warning is given to Kim Hae Kyung (Kim Ye-Ji), Lee Eun Ha (Kwon So Hyun), and Park Yu Ri not to bully Yoon Young. They were the same bullies who bullied Soon Ae. Soon Ae is happy to see Yoon Young. Hee Seop makes a friend with Yoo Bum Ryung (Joo Yeon Woo), who has the same interest in music as himself.

Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained

Hee Seop hopes his advice to intimidate anyone who tries to fight with her is useful. Hae Kyung tries to intimidate Yoon Young, but the trick Hee Seop taught her comes in handy. As they are about to start a fight, Mi Seok stops them. Yoon Young is observing the power dynamics among all the students. Soon Ae tells Yoon Young that Hae Joon’s nickname is five-second-prince because, after five seconds, he starts nagging them about things not to do. Mi Sook thanks Hae Joon for appreciating her writing homework and reconfirms with him if he thinks she can be a novelist, and he confirms. Yoon Young overhears this.

Soon Ae is asked to edit Mi Sook’s writing, making it better, revealing to Yoon Young the fraud. Yoon Young confronts Mi Sook and drags Soon Ae to take her to the teacher’s office. Mi Sook starts screaming, and Soon Ae rescues her saying she did it out of her own will. As Yoon Young waits for Hae Joon, Mi Sook warns her to watch herself around here. Hae Joon is asked to attend the get-together with the principal, but he leaves anyway. Yoon Young follows Mi Sook and tells her she will no longer let her do such cowardly acts. Mi Sook’s brother tells Yoon Young to know her opponent before she fights them.

Bum Ryung, from inside the washroom, is talking to Hee Seop about his crush on Yoon Young. Hae Joon overhears and gives him his number, and asks him to call him if he misses Yoon Young. As it starts to rain, Mi Seok’s brother drops Yoon Young home, and on the way, she asks him what he meant when he says know your opponent. Mi Seok’s brother reveals Mi Seok’s secrets about how she attacks her opponents. When asked if it was okay to talk about her sister like that, he says that she was in danger and that anytime you try to attack only the target, you fall for a trap. This statement is when Yoon Young realizes she is in a trap with Mi Seok’s brother, and he attacks her.

Mi Seok’s brother tells her that Mi Seok may be turning a blind eye to his behavior, and now that Yoon Young realizes he’s not a first-time offender, she starts to get nervous. As the door knocks, Yoon Young attacks him with a whiskey bottle. Hae Joon breaks in and attacks Mi Seok’s brother. Mi Seok’s brother turns out to be the same person in prison for serial murder, Ko Min Soo (Kim Yeon Woo). Hae Joon warns Min Soo that he will pay for his crimes. When he utters his name Min Soo gets scared, asking who he is.

When Yoon Young asked Hae Joon how he knew she would be there, he recalled the prime suspects of Hee Seop, Bum Ryung, and Min Soo. Those were the three people she had met on her first day of school. Hae Joon gives Yoon Young the Bong Bong Teahouse box, and the episode ends.

My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 3 Ending, Explained:

The episode finally revealed the identity of the serial killer in 1987. This revelation makes us ask a very important question after Min Soo was charged with his crimes, will Mi Seok become a murderer? The novels she wrote in 2021 were they based on her life? Or were they her brother’s crimes that she turned into a novel?

It will also be interesting to see how Yoon Young and Hee Seop’s relationship will develop. It is yet to be revealed why Soon Ae is afraid of Mi Seok and is her brother the reason for it. Seeing Mi Seok in action is going to be interesting. After realizing their intertwined fates, how will Hae Joon and Yoon Young work together to change the course of history? The story gets interesting with every new episode. We have to wait and watch for what more exciting things await.

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