My Policeman (Prime Video): Movie Ending Explained – My Policeman is the story of a policeman, a teacher, and a museum curator set in a bygone era, presented a glimpse at the evolution of acceptable societal norms with a present-day setting. Harry Styles from One Direction, Emma Corin (Diana Princess of Wales- The Crown Season 4), and David Dawson played pivotal roles.

Prime Video’s My Policeman had the names behind it, but the adaptation of Bethan Roberts’ novel fell flat. Why? It just didn’t click. Was it because the ending seemed expected? Or was it just film fatigue? Some may or may not have liked this film, but the ending does need some explanation. 

My Policeman (2022) Movie Recap

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Prime Video films have a thing for the waves. Based on the synopsis, it seemed as though the currents represented the repressed feelings of remorse experienced by Marion. Meanwhile, the shore represents Tom’s mindset as, despite everything lashing at him, he remained firm in his commitment to Marion and to Patrick; the latter being extremely problematic at the time.


Prime Video’s My Policeman began with an old Patrick Harrison arriving at Tom and Marion’s house. She tried to care for him, but he kept telling her to leave and expressed his frustration at her to the best of his abilities. Marion then picked up a diary and allowed the story to go into flashback, showing us that Patrick, Tom, and she were quite close in their 20s; almost 40 years ago.

Initially, Patrick and Marion seemed close, but neither Patrick nor Tom made any advances. Marion attributed it to Tom being a gentleman, and Tom didn’t make a move as he assumed she was into Patrick. However, once Tom summoned the nerve and proposed, he tried to break free of his equation with Patrick. This proved unsuccessful, leading to Marion feeling left out and sidelined in her marriage.


The subsequent jealousy, frustration, and retrospectively misdirected emotions led to the destruction of three separate people in Prime Video’s My Policeman.

My Policeman (2022) Ending, Explained 

The ending saw Marion pack her suitcase and inform Tom of her decision to leave. He assumed it was for a bit before she communicated some information that made it apparent that it was more of a permanent move. Tom seemed appalled and was curious about what triggered this. He received a reply that she never really had him and decided to take firm steps to act upon her regret for her actions from when Patrick and Tom were in Venice.


The end showed Tom approaching Patrick, but director Michael Grandage stopped short of showing them reconnecting after all those years. This is left to the audience’s imagination. Marion sat in a taxi and looked relieved, as though a huge burden was off her shoulders. 

Who complained about Patrick’s true nature to the authorities?

Patrick worked as a museum curator, and, in the eyes of Marion, he was a sexual predator. This idea, and feeling of resentment, emerged after she saw him with her husband in their shed as they passionately kissed.


These tensions increased when Patrick roped Tom into his Venice trip. A postcard from there to Marion turned out to be the last straw, and she wrote a letter warning the museum of their employee. This emerged over 40 years later when she came clean to Tom about the reason behind her decision to get Patrick to their house. 

Why did Marion decide to care for the aged Patrick?

My Policeman commences with Patrick Harrison’s arrival at Tom and Marion’s abode. The man has just suffered a stroke and needed care throughout. He needed his food to be cut into small pieces or mashed before he could consume it. This was quite a tedious task, but Marion elected to do it herself. Her husband also seemed quite perplexed and even refused to interact with their guest. So why did she get him in?

The answer to this question is guilt. Marion, as a wife, felt spurned as her husband’s desires were kept around with Patrick’s presence. She could sense that he wasn’t into her, even in bed, and Tom had no inclination to put his foot down and commit solely to Marion. After she reported Patrick, she felt instant remorse- Right from the moment when she dropped the letter into the postbox. Hence, Marion even spoke in favor of Patrick at the trial. 

In the present-day scene, she revealed Tom was always distant, never around, and she never really had him to herself. This was evident in the scene where Tom burned his police uniform and tried to embrace Marion. It didn’t really feel wholesome and audiences may have gauged an invisible wall between them.

To repair the damage, Marion decided to house an ailing Patrick under their roof and sow the seeds for him and Tom to reunite. 

Why did Marion decide to leave Tom? 

The aged couple went shopping, and Marion spotted Tom crying in the car when she returned. This, combined with her reading Patrick’s journal firsthand, showed her the deep love the museum curator had for her husband. His passionate description of ‘My Policeman’, the ones the lawyer refused to read as they bordered on “obscenity” gave Marion a clear picture. The details of Patrick getting thrashed in prison, but not spilling the beans on Tom further showed her the bond the duo shared. 

Tom refused to meet Patrick, leaving him in Marion’s care. As she was always lonely, and her husband was always distant, Marion felt alone. When she tried to reconnect with the duo, she noticed that Tom could avoid meeting Patrick. Hence, she decided to leave and ensure her absence freed Tom from his self-imposed prison, where he had to restrict himself to maintain a face before society. She claimed it was to save herself, which is true. Marion opted to depart to free herself of someone loving her in the name of duty and vow, rather than for who she was.


What was Marion’s request to Tom before she left?

Marion requested Tom to not send Patrick to a home but to care for him himself under their roof. She may have done so, as this decision would help repair the damage her letter to the museum had caused. By spending time together, Patrick and Tom would be able to repair old wounds and perhaps start afresh.

Would Tom and Patrick have rekindled their romance? 

Tom, though dutiful, remained distant from Marion throughout. Patrick didn’t spill the beans on Tom’s homosexual tendencies and let the narrative remain that he had trapped Tom. The ex-museum curator didn’t even break into the prison and silently bore the brunt of the punishment (thrashings from cellmates).

They were never the same after that. Tom, for his deep desire being taken away, and Patrick, for his wish to not see Tom suffer the same fate he did. Patrick did seem hurt when he heard Tom voicing his disapproval at Marion’s decision to house him, proving that some affection still remained.  

Hence, one can safely assume that Patrick and his ‘My Policeman’ would have rekindled their romance with Marion having exited the scene.

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