Directed by Dwight H. Little, “Natty Knocks” is a 2023 horror-thriller starring Bill Moseley, Danielle Harris, Robert Englund, Charlotte Fountain Jardim, Thomas Robie, Neon Perej, Channah Zeitung, Amit Sarin, and more. This small-town thriller puts the audience into the shoes of the Henderson siblings, Julie and Wyatt, as they try to evade a serial killer who’s out to soak his knife with their blood. 

Natty Knocks (2023) Plot Synopsis & Summary:

The movie starts with a bone-chilling scene wherein Natty Knocks is forcibly pulled away from an intimate encounter. The town residents drag her out of the room, demanding answers about a certain black book, suggesting that surrendering the book is her only way out. Knocks, however, denies knowing anything about the book. In response, the townspeople lock Knocks in the room and set her ablaze.

In her final moments, Knocks curses them, vowing to return someday and make their life a living hell.  The film then fast-forwards into the future, introducing us to Britt (Charlotte Fountain Jardim), a young and striking babysitter trusted with caring for siblings Wyatt Henderson (Thomas Robie) and Jolie Henderson (Channah Zeitung). Their mother, Diane Henderson, is a broker in the highly competitive real estate industry and hence requires the services of a babysitter to tend to her children. 

Having recently endured a difficult divorce, Dianne finds it challenging to single-handedly care for her children. The painful separation weighs heavily on Jolie, and even young Wyatt grapples with the idea that their parent’s separation somehow might be their fault. At a tender age, Jolie struggles to understand the reasons behind her parents’ separation, while Wyatt can’t help but wonder if he played a role in the family’s upheaval. On the flip side, Diane’s husband will soon remarry and seems eager to cut himself from his children and ex-wife. Diane desperately implores him to remain a part of Jolie’s and Wyatt’s lives, but he staunchly rejects her pleas and abruptly exits the house. 

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Wyatt and Julie’s lives take a terrifying turn when they accidentally witness Abner Honeywell (Bill Moseley) attacking a young girl and dragging her to the basement. Fearing for their safety, the kids rush back to their house. But to their horror, the killer becomes aware of their presence. After some initial hesitation, Wyatt, Julie, and their friend Robby (Neon Perej) contact the police and report the heinous crime they’ve witnessed.

The Sheriff’s office swiftly dispatches a unit to investigate the house, but they return empty-handed, unable to locate any evidence of the crime. Unbeknownst to everyone, Abner Honeywell is a deranged, reckless guy with a disturbing obsession. By day, he wears the guise of a courteous cop, but as night descends, he turns into a serial killer. He frequently experiences visions of Natty Knocks, who asks him to kill people, and this time, she orders him to kill Wyatt, Julie, and Robby. 

What Happened at 715 Atkinson Street?

A still from Natty Knock (2023).
A still from Natty Knock (2023).

Wyatt and Robby find flyers plastered around town seeking information about a missing girl named Grace Kinsley. The photographs trigger a memory for Robby, who believes Grace to be the same young girl they had seen with Abner Honeywell. After digging further, they also uncover that the house Abner Honeywell is living in is facing foreclosure. Robby takes things into his own hands and threatens Abner, claiming he knows what he did to Grace. Robby even attempts to get Wyatt to convince Abner Honeywell to surrender so that they may collect some of the cash incentive offered by Grace’s family. 

Wyatt’s curiosity pushes him to probe further into the house’s history. He meets Mr. Meredith (Robert Englund), who informs him that the property has consistently proven to be a tough sell, repelling potential buyers time and again. There was a close call once when Diane came close to selling the house. However, the deal crumbled when the prospective owner discovered the house’s ominous past. In truth, the residence at 715 Atkinson Street had once belonged to a German couple with a daughter named Natty Knocks.

Natty’s parents had cast her out onto the unforgiving streets when they discovered her dalliance with a young man. Undeterred by this harsh expulsion, Natty set her sights on Hollywood, aspiring to become a star. Unfortunately, her destiny took a cruel turn, consigning her to roles in low-budget horror films, far from the glamorous stardom she had dreamt about.  As time wore on, Natty’s looks faded, further deteriorating her already struggling movie career.

With few options left, Natty eventually returned home and turned to prostitution to make ends meet. She also maintained a small black book, documenting the names of every man who had been with her. Unfortunately, the wives in town grew increasingly hostile toward Natty. They asked her to surrender the book, and when Natty refused, the townspeople set Natty on fire. With Natty gone, her only son, Nate, was institutionalized and later met a tragic end as well. 

However, there’s one detail that Mr. Meredith had been mistaken about. Nate is not dead, and he has been living in the town under the alias of Abner Honeywell all these years. In addition, Meredith decides against telling Wyatt that he used to be friends with Natty. Mr. Meredith visits the old house, possibly to reflect on past memories, and finds Abner. As their eyes meet, Meredith realizes that Abner is, in fact, Nate. Unfortunately, Abner’s anger boils over, and he kills Meredith, blaming him for not saving Natty Kocks. 

Natty Knocks (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

Is Britt Possessed?

During their conversation, Julie inadvertently spills the beans about Abner Honeywell and Grace to Britt. In response, Britt rushes to the police station to report the crime. Meanwhile, Robby opens up to Wyatt, explaining the reason why the police didn’t find any evidence in the house. He reveals that Abner Honeywell is a cop himself. Wyatt scolds Robby for taking such a risky trip to the house, fully aware of the potential dangers involved. In response, Robby confesses that he went to the house to gather evidence against Abner, hoping to turn it over to the police in exchange for the reward money. Robby is dead set on claiming the cash prize and believes that the five thousand dollars could be his ticket to a better life and a fresh start away from the god-forspoken town. 

Abner’s killing spree continues, and he ruthlessly takes the life of a fellow police officer who had uncovered his true identity. With a trail of violence behind him, Abner becomes more relentless in his pursuit of Robby. Tracking Robby to his home, Abner interrogates his mother’s boyfriend, Ajay (Amit Sarin), who eventually reveals that Robby hangs out with Wyatt. Abner then heads to Wyatt’s house, where he surprises Britt, incapacitating her with a taser and locking her unconscious body in the trunk of his car. He then takes Britt to his home, shackling her with Diane and Grace. Furthermore, he also forces them to watch Natty’s old movies.

Robby and Wyatt, aware of Britt’s dire situation, join forces and make their way to Abner’s house in a daring rescue attempt. Wyatt attempts to outwit Abner, questioning his sanity in an effort to provoke him. Diane seizes this opportunity and manages to free herself. In a desperate struggle, Diane wrests Abner’s guns from his grasp. As Abner inches closer, Diane opens fire and ends Abner’s life. As Abner falls, black fumes escape from his mouth, and within them, the face of Natty is discernible.

This eerie sight suggests that Abner was possessed by the Natty’s spirit all along. The cops swarm the place and whisks Grace to the hospital. Meanwhile, Britt returns to the house, where she observes herself in the mirror, emulating Natty’s style. To everyone’s surprise, she also conveniently locates Natty’s black book, hinting at the unsettling possibility that Natty’s spirit has been transferred to her. 

Final Thoughts:

In an unusual twist, “Natty Knocks” dares to blend both supernatural elements with the eerie allure of a serial killer voyeur. This unconventional fusion teeters on the edge of success, lending a peculiar charm to the narrative. Yet, the film’s downfall lies in its penchant for trying to juggle too many narrative threads simultaneously, unnecessarily muddying what should have been a straightforward and enjoyable experience. While exciting in concept, the supernatural and serial killer elements tend to clash rather than complement each other. 

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The convolution that arises from this ambitious merging leaves the audience grappling with an overload of themes and plots, diluting the potential for a truly engaging and immersive storyline. Simplicity could have been the film’s ally, allowing the unique combination of horror elements to shine and captivate the audience without overwhelming or confusing them.

At its core, “Natty Knocks” has the foundation for a fun and thrilling cinematic venture. However, in its endeavor to push boundaries and experiment with contrasting themes, it inadvertently loses sight of the balance required for a cohesive and satisfying viewer experience. Despite its missteps, the film presents a creative premise that, with a more focused approach, could have solidified its place as a standout horror offering. 

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