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The 3 Best Netflix Original Series For Students 2021

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The 3 Best Netflix Original Series For Students 2021

Netflix Students

It is difficult to imagine our lives without Netflix. When you are a student, you are so busy with numerous activities, that you need to get distracted, relax and freshen up your mind after a long day. What can be better than watching interesting and catchy series in the evening? There are many entertaining and educational series for all tastes. With the distance learning curriculum, Netflix is one of the most popular websites among students in the world. Permanent lectures, classes, tests, exams, and writing assignments can have a bad impact on the overall well being which leads to stress and depressions. Therefore, here we have gathered 3 of the best Netflix Original Series for Students that will hold your interest and attention and help to get rid of stress.

The Queen’s Gambit

An amazing story tells about a little orphaned girl with a specific introverted personality who discovers the game of chess and becomes the best player in the USA in the second part of the XX century. The difficult path and her brilliant abilities catch the viewer’s attention. Beth Harmon with her unique skills and imagination perfectly shows the bright chess play and makes the audience love this game that is actually a sport for our brain. Many young people and students all over the world started to read books and learned to play chess after the production of this film which is a good sign. This series motivates watchers to study more and work harder to achieve the goals.

House of Cards

American political thriller series with dramatical elements tell the story of Frank Underwood, a Democrat from the congressional district, his withdrawal from the “game”, and revenge on those who betrayed him. Within the six seasons, the students can closely watch the political system of the United States. Of course, many events are shown aggressively, but we should understand that it is also adapted for better perception and scenarists make it a little bit more entertaining and interesting for the audience. All students who are interested in politics and law, should watch these series and analyze how main characters resolve problems and find alternative escapes from predicaments. Discovering new opportunities and thinking out of the box is what the House of Cards can cultivate among the audience.

How Netflix helps students to study and get rid of stress?

According to statistics, 9/10 American college students use Netflix. This indicator is totally obvious as many students are struggling with depression or anxiety. Such a way to relax influences the steadiness of the mind under stress. Everyone will agree that we are more productive when we feel comfortable. Writing academic papers will be successful only when we get rid of this brain tension. All of the series provided above discuss the social issues, politics, law, interesting personalities, which in turn attract our attention and make us more concentrated. It is a great way for your brain to take a break from the study while an expert from Writix.co.uk will take care of your assignments while you will be watching compelling episodes. It helps us to thrive off of new information and develops the ability to analyze and interpret information by finding new ways out. So with watching such episodes, we can stimulate our brain and establish the balance between health and academic progress.

The Next, is The Crown

The historical drama describes the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and her difficult path that changed the United Kingdom in the second half of the XX century. The ups and downs of the royal dynasty were reflected in this film memoir and we find out more about the Queen’s love for family and country. The scenarists showed the road to becoming a monarch, the difficult relations with husband and children, mother, sister, Parliament, and the other political actors in a live manner. The storylines are interwoven throughout the 4 seasons and show the complicacy of being a hostage of your responsibilities to the country. The interesting plot seems to be very real and shows the different sides of monarchy and family values. Of course, many moments are over dramatized but it catches our attention and shapes our vision of the Royal family and government.

It is a great idea to watch Netflix instead of writing essays.

The average student spends around 50 hours per week in the class and at a workplace reading, learning, and completing numerous assignments. Education is an important part of our lives, but it is really difficult to study under pressure and complete numerous essays. That is why it is a great idea to try the Edubirdie service for students and spend valuable time watching interesting series. Netflix offers students an escape from the stress and their busy academic lives and is a kind of relaxation. Also, we forget that there are a number of educational and documentary shows that can give us a deep knowledge of different subjects.

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Netflix has become something that affects many lives in many areas no matter who you are. It has a huge impact on culture and the way people receive and create content as they have a choice of what to view. Watching new original series is a kind of hobby for students in the time free of study and numerous assignments. We never think that we can take advantage of interesting and fascinating shows and learn something new. The constant flow of new shows helps to alleviate stress from a long hard day at work and study. Students often gather and pick random shows to watch and then discuss, so it actually influences socialization. Among the communities, the people who watch Netflix are way better with social interactions as they are always involved in different conversations. It empowers their productivity and creativeness and reduces stress and negative emotions.

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