[Watch] Zeroville Trailer: Get Onboard The Pineapple Express to 60’s Hollywood

Zeroville Trailer Featured

Zeroville Trailer: Get Onboard The Pineapple Express to 60’s Hollywood

James Franco’s ‘Zeroville’ looks to be finally getting a release, after being stuck in limbo for 5 years, due to distribution issues. The movie is a recreation of 60’s Hollywood, something akin to Tarantino’s latest feature, ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’.

The movie’s based on Steve Erickson’s novel of the same name, and follows a set builder’s venture into Hollywood, during a period where the industry destroyed itself from within to give birth to the New Wave, and the cultural shift that accompanied this metamorphosis.

The Zeroville trailer looks chaotically comical, a trait Franco-Rogen films strongly associate with, and it’ll be interesting to see how their approach carries the novel’s dark subject matter, which feels really Shane Black-esque. Franco plays a set designer, who’s borderline autistic and has a violent and compulsive nature.

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He sets foot in Hollywood, and meets an array of eccentric characters who’re equally unusual. Franco’s character seems to realize the Hollywood he idolizes is more about glamour and egos than cinema itself, and his love for the medium, evident from a tattoo of the film ‘A Place in the Sun’ on his shaved head, is seen as a gimmick, as in the case of everyone else.

There seems to be debauchery, shock and amidst all of that a mystery concerning a secret film that’s present in all of the films ever made, reminiscent of ‘Under the Silver Lake;. Though this Franco piece doesn’t look very promising, but his last feature ‘The Disaster Artist’ was positively received, and his unhinged approach with a similarly crazy ensemble does promise an entertaining dark comedy, insistent on setting the mythos of 60’s Hollywood straight, rather than diminishing it.

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