Kristen Stewart’s renaissance phase is no secret anymore, and the actress, whose intelligent selection of films along with her deep understanding of roles has been leaving cinephiles awestruck, will now be featuring in a survival thriller. The first Underwater trailer just went online and it looks to be inspired by Michael Crichton’s Sphere, following a crew of researchers who are trapped 7 miles beneath the ocean’s surface after an unexpected earthquake destroys their underwater laboratory. The film also stars Vincent Cassel, and the crew has to escape the ocean, before its horrifying and “breathing” secrets devour them.

The film was originally produced in 2017, but couldn’t manage a release, and will now be coming out in theaters on Jan 10th, 2020. Kristen Stewart has previously worked on action films, but nothing quite like the scale of ‘Underwater’. And she described the production as really hard, saying “The suits were really heavy. We couldn’t move around. I really don’t like being held down, I don’t like confined spaces, I’m not a strong swimmer. The reason that, like, huge f—ing surly dudes who typically do action movies do them is that they are actually really hard and scary and they hurt”.


She added, “I think none of us in the movie — except for maybe Vincent, who’s, like, a f—ing wild banshee — really knew what we were getting ourselves into. And that’s where there’s some comedy in the movie every once in a while; in the direst situations you kind of laugh in a funeral. That’s kind of what it felt like to make the movie as well. Like we were all dying!” Wow. That’s surprising considering the rigor she has put in emotionally devastated characters lately, you’d think an action film would be a piece of cake for Stewart.

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The trailer does make the film feel claustrophobic and scary, and Stewart reminds us of Ellen Ripley stuck on Nostromo, in Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’. Underwater thrillers have a history of poor reception from critics, and let’s hope this film could change that!

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